Top Events Happening in June

Events in June

Written by Alexia Dellner

June is just around the corner, which means that summer is almost  here (incidentally, could someone please tell that to the UK…) and there’s a slew of exciting festivals, parties, and celebrations coming up very soon!

Check out our pick of the 10 best June events happening around the world…

1. El Colacho Baby Jumping Festival

What: A bizarre tradition dating back to 1620 where men dressed as the devil jump over infant babies who are lined up on mattresses in the middle of the street.

Where: Castrillo de Murcia in Burgos, Spain

When: Sunday, June 22nd 2014

More info: Check out a video of the baby jumping below:

2. World Naked Bike Ride

World Naked Bike Ride

What: Every year people ride bikes naked to celebrate cycling and the human body. The ride also aims to expose the dangers faced by cyclists and pedestrians and is a protest against car culture.

Where:  Worldwide – Over 70 cities in 20 countries around the world take part in WNBR, including Chile, Brazil, Australia, USA, Mexico, Spain and the UK.

When: Saturday, June 14th 2014

More info: Visit the official World Naked Bike Ride site.

3. Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival

What: This traditional Chinese festival celebrates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan (Chu Yuan). Participants eat rice dumplings (zongzi), drink realgar wine (xionghuangjiu), and of course – race dragon boats! Also known as Double Fifth and Duanwu.

Where: Since 2008,  Duanwu has been celebrated not only as a festival but also a public holiday in all of China.

When: Monday, June 2nd, 2014 

More info: For more information about the history of the festival, click here.

4. Stonehenge Summer Solstice

Stonehenge Summer Solstice

What: Thousands of people gather at Stonehenge every year to celebrate the summer solstice with singing, dancing, prayer and reflection.

Where: Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England

When: From 7pm on Friday, June 20th until 8am on Saturday, June 21st 2014

More info: Click here for information about access, facilities and how to get there.

5. Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

What: The Coney Island Mermaid Parade takes place every year as a celebration of the beginning of summer. Billed as the largest art parade in the United States, expect music, floats, family friendly entertainment, and a whole lot of marine oufits.

Where: Coney Island, New York, USA

When: Saturday, June 21nd 2014

More info: Visit the official Mermaid Parade site.

6. Festa de São João do Porto

What: Every year Porto celebrates Saint John the Baptist with a night of music, dancing, beach parties, fireworks, bonfires (and people jumping over them), eating grilled sardines and meat, drinking wine and hitting each other with leeks and plastic hammers (why this is I do not know…).

Where: Porto, Portugal

When: June 23rd -24th 2014

More info: Not many people outside of Portugal know about this crazy night of festivities, but you can find some basic info here and check out a video of one reveller’s experience below:

7. Inti Raymi, Festival of the Sun

What: The Inti Raymi (“Festival of the Sun”) was an Incan religious ceremony to  honour the Sun god, usually involving mass sacrifice. Today the ceremony is re-enacted (without the ritual sacrifice) at Sacsayhuamán, home to ancient and mysterious stone ruins.

Where: Cuzco, Peru

When: Tuesday, June 24th 2014

More info: Check out a video of the festival below:

8. Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival

What: The world’s biggest and best music festival. This year’s line-up includes Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones, Mumford & Sons, Dizzee Rascal and many more…

Where: Glastonbury in Somerset, England

When: From Wednesday, June 25th – Sunday, June 29th, 2014.

More info: For the full line-up and information about how to get there and where to stay, click here.

Not going to Glastonbury? Check out our Festival Accommodation Guide for some great deals on places to stay near some of the biggest music festivals throughout Europe this summer.  

9. Tour de France

Tour de France

What: The world’s greatest bicycle race for professional cyclists in the world that lasts three weeks and covers 3,360 kilometres. This year marks the race’s 100th anniversary.

Where: The 2013 Tour will be the first tour completed soley on French soil since 1988, and will take place all around the country culminating in Paris.

When: July 5th  – July 27th, 2014

More info: To see the route and stages of the Tour, go to the offical Tour de France site.

10. Gay Pride

Gay Pride

What: June is Gay Pride month and major cities around the world commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Manhattan and celebrate the LGBT community with parades, concerts, events, and parties.

Where: All around the world, baby! Zurich and Tel Aviv kick off the celebrations in early June, and London, San Francisco and New York celebrate at end the month.

When: Events and parades occur throughout June and into the remaining summer months.

More info: For more info on when and where parades are happening around the world, click here. Or check out our guides to Gay Pride in London, Barcelona, Munich, Amsterdam, Berlin, and   NYC, LA, San Francisco & Washington.

Need a place to stay? Check out our Gay Pride Parades Around the World Accommodation guide…

Tell us which of these events you’d most like to go to, or what other June events should be included in our list in the comments below…

Thanks to Todd Huffman, grahamhills, NickFitz, PaulSteinJC, fussy onion, Wyll Photographie, Guillaume Paumier and ddd for the images off Flickr. Please note that all images were used under the Creative Commons license at the time of posting.

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