Festivals, We Love You, But….

hero shot

By Manita Dosanjh

Festivals, we love you. We truly do. But sometimes you test our patience. Sometimes, you just make us want to ask…

Why does everyone need the toilet at the same time?

Portaloo Queue

And when you’re finally the one who is next up, the girl in front of you insists on taking 13 minutes…

What is she doing in there?

And we have to know: why is it that no matter how hard you try to look shabby-chic/cool/dignified/ festival-king-with-face-paint-feathers-and-glitter…

it always ends like this?

Muddy man

There are just never enough baby wipes, and 13 minute girl takes even longer in the portable shower…

Speaking of showers, why do they always happen to you when you least expect it?


Surely it’s reasonable to expect full visibility when you go to see your favourite band.

And even if the weather does clear up…

Why is there always an over-keen Instagram addict ready to block your view?

Blocking instagramers

Not cool.

Another thing. Notting Hill Carninval (or any festival with food, really) we love you but…

How exactly is it reasonable to charge £9.50 for one piece of chicken?

Jerk Chicken

Are jerk spices really that expensive?

There’s always one person who takes the costume thing a bit too far…

Ladybird Costume

Why a ladybird?

And if it’s not the costume, it’s the face paint…

Panda Face Paint


Why is it that out of all of your friends, nobody knows the proper way to start a fire?


And why does the person who is prone to over-excitement have to be next to you?

Overexcited Guy

There has to be one group who are a little bit, um, over-committed.

Too Committed

It’s impossible to find your tent once you’ve left it…


And is it really necessary for people to use the space outside your tent as a urinal?

Forgetting the toilet

Not even one at a time, it’s a buddy- up tradition.

Sometimes it can all get a little bit too much to handle…

Passed Out

But we’ll never stop doing it.

Fun Crowd

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Thanks to jaswooduk, vintagedept, blitifender, cowbite, OUTography, Eva Rinaldi, mrmanc, namestartswithj89, Shane Kelly, russeljsmith, Venturist, Artep,  emilydickinsonridesabmx for the images off Flickr. Please note, all images were used under the Creative Commons License at the time of posting.

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