Eurovision Song Contest Drinking Game

Eurovision song contest 2013

Written by Alexia Dellner

It’s that time of year again for embarrassing outfits, awkward dancing, geopolitical alliances, bad singing, pointless pyrotechnics, and cheesy presenters.

Yes, that’s right – the greatest show on earth is back… It’s Eurovision time!

The rest of the world may think that it’s completely bonkers, and well… they’re right.

But it’s hard to fault a show that’s in its 57th year and introduced the world to Domenico Modugno’s Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu also known as Volare (1958), Buck’s Fizz (1981), Celine Dion (1988), and of course, the legendary pop group ABBA (1974).

This year you could moan about the ridiculousness of the world’s kitschiest song contest, OR you could get into the spirit of things with our Eurovision Drinking Game!

All you need is a beverage of some sort (Swedish vodka perhaps?) and a couple of people around you to join in on the fun…

(Trust us, you’ll need a drink to get through the two Semi Finals on Tuesday, May 14th and Thursday, May 16th and then the Grand Finale on Saturday, May 18th…)

Take a sip

– If an act says “I/We love you Europe”

– If an act makes a peace sign to the camera

– If someone wears an all-white or all-leather ensemble

All white ensembles at Eurovision

Image source: Loadtr

– Anytime there is glitter on stage

– Every time a wind machine or pyrotechnics are used Wind machine in Eurovision song contest

 Image source: Eurovision 

Take a gulp

– Every time ABBA is mentioned by the hosts or commentators

– If there is an onstage mishap (see UK’s Javine’s wardrobe malfunction in 2005 or stage invader Jimmy Jump during Spain’s 2010 entry below)

Jimmy Jump stage invador during Spain's Eurovision song

Image source: TopEurovision

– If there is a political message behind the song (I’m looking at you this year, Finland)

– If an item of clothing is removed on stage. Take two gulps if it is removed by someone else…

– If performers wear outfits that have nothing to do with their country or the song (see Denmark’s “Should’ve Known Better” entry below from 2012 wearing some sort of naval costume)

Weird outfits at EurovisionImage source:

And chug your drink…

– If a country is represented by a singer from another country (see Canadian Celine Dion’s 1988 win for Switzerland or Katrina and the Waves win for the UK in 1997, also Canadian)

– If an act sings in rap

– If a country does not reward its closest neighbour 8, 10, or 12 points

– If anyone mentions that the United Kingdom have been “Holding Out for a Hero

– If the United Kingdom wins

Can the UK win Eurovision

Enjoy! And don’t blame us for the hangover you will no doubt suffer if you follow these  rules properly…

Can you think of any more Eurovision drinking game rules? Let us know in the comments below…

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