EatWith: Come Dine With Me meets Travelling


Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it can be impossible to avoid the tourist traps when you’re travelling. Maybe you don’t speak the language, maybe you’re just lost and scared… whatever the reason, we’ve all been tempted to flock to that restaurant or café that has the most tourists and the least amount of authenticity.

Enter EatWith.

EatWith is a brand new global foodie community that connects passionate cooks with hungry travelers looking to experience the local culture through food. It basically combines the holy trinity of travelling: a real cultural experience, the chance to make new friends and great food. Sorted.

Here’s a sneak preview into just some of the EatWith experiences on offer around the world:

1. EatWith Alex in Barcelona

Alex paella

Learn how to cook a traditional Valencian paella (based on grandma’s recipe). Meet fellow seafood lovers and EatWith Alex, a Spanish entrepreneur!

Looking for somewhere to crash after all that eating? How about a nice hotel in Barcelona?

2. EatWith Rocio in Argentina

Rocio in Argentina

Practice your Spanish, meet new people and devour some delicious cakes at Rocio’s EatWith language exchange in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Browse our hotel listings for the perfect place to have post-cake fun in Buenos Aires.

3. EatWith David in New York

David Pizza

Experience pizza night in David’s Brooklyn backyard. EatWith a music lover and get an insight into life in NYC. EatWith David in Brooklyn, New York.

We also have some great New York hotels for you that won’t break the bank.

4. EatWith Zhanna in Russia


Taste a real Russian borscht, experience life in St Petersburg and have a totally unique foodie experience, EatWith Zhanna in Russia.

And why not relax in one of our cool hotels in St. Petersburg after your meal?

5. EatWith Benjamin in Berlin


Meet a Berlin guy into the local startup scene, get some local tips for what to see and do in the city and Eat like a Berliner! EatWith Benjamin in Berlin.

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This article was written by Katie Erica from EatWith. So try new dishes, meet new people and experience the hottest new trend in foodie travel.

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