40 Bizarre Pizzas Around the World

Written by Isabel Clift

Pizza’s one of the easiest and cheapest things to whip up in the hostel kitchen and eat on the go – as demonstrated when we made pizza for backpackers at Clink78.

But what if you’re bored of same-old mozzarella and blah-tomato?

We had a snoop for bizarre pizzas all over the world and found a load of specialist restaurant pies to try and recipes to make yourself while travelling. Feast your eyes on the list below…

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1. Crocodile Pizza | Sydney

Crocodile Pizza

Tuck in to this saltwater crocodile pizza speciality at the Australian Hotel at the Rocks, Sydney. Photo: fboosman

2. Pizza in a Jar

Pizza in a Jar

The perfect backpack snack! (Just don’t forget your spoon.) Recipe & photo: 1 Fine Cookie

3. Blackberry & Fennel Pizza

Blackberry and Fennel Pizza

Toppings free and forageable if you’re in the countryside – but remember what you mum always said: pick the high-up ones out of the line of fox pee fire. Recipe & photo: Scaling Back Blog

4. Lollipop Pizza

Pizza on a Stick

How is it possible for pizza to be this cute? Recipe & photo: Artisan Bread in Five

5. Cicada Pizza | Missouri, USA

Cicada Pizza

Another pizza topping you can catch for free (in hot places,) um… cicadas! Apparently they taste “nutty”, but the legs tickle on the way down. Photo: Columbia Missourian

6. Baked Beans Pizza | UK

Baked Beans Pizza

This would only happen in the UK. I think I’m showing my true Brit status here by thinking “Hmm, that doesn’t actually look too bad.” Recipe & photo: Heinz Beanz UK

7. Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

With a side of tomato dipping sauce. Recipe & photo: Lick the Bowl Good

8. Pizza Fries

Pizza Fries

You want pizza, you want fries? You can have them AT THE SAME TIME. Mind is blown. Recipe & photo: Pretty Girl Food

9. Pizza Courgettes

Pizza Courgettes

Adding a thin veneer of healthiness to this pig-out snack means you can eat twice as much. Recipe & photo: Kalyn’s Kitchen

10. Pizza Dip

Pizza Dip

A hot ‘n’ cheesy dip with bread on the side – just add your favourite topping and get dippin’. Recipe & photo: Closet Kitchen

11. Pizza in a Cone | New York City

Pizza in a Cone

A pizza in handy ice cream form, sold by the K! Pizzacone food truck in Midtown. Photo: Gothamist

12. Calzone Pizza Omelette

Pizza Omelette

Fits in your pocket and will quite possibly fill you up ’til next day. Recipe & photo: Priyarao’s Recipes

13. Grand Prix Cookie Crust Pizza | South Korea

Grand Prix Cookie Crust Pizza Topped with Shrimp and Potato

Made by South Korea’s Mr. Pizza company, this totally non-insane pizza has cookie dough in the crust and a topping of prawns and sweet potato, plus blueberry dipping sauce on the side. Photo: roboppy

14. Cheeseburger Pizza

Cheeseburger Pizza

Dress a pizza base with cheesy sauce, ground beef, bacon, pickles, lettuce and tomato and what do you get? Basically a flat cheeseburger with its top off. Recipe & photo: Blog Chef

15. Meat-za


What makes a pizza a meat-za? Swapping the doughy base and crust for bacon and ground beef. And your arteries will never be the same again. Recipe & photo: Real Deep Dish

16. Banana Curry Pizza | Sweden

Swedish Banana Pineapple Pizza

A Swedish twist on the Hawaiian with curry sauce, banana and pineapple rings. Hats off: people hate Hawaiians anyway – those ballsy Swedes are just putting a red rag to a bull with this. Your Daily Pizza

17. Taco Pizza

Taco Pizza

Two beloved fast foods come together in this meeting of pizza base and taco seasoning mix, ground beef and jalapenos. Recipe & photo: Real Mom Kitchen

18. Mizza Ricecake Pizza | South Korea & Taiwan

Mizza Rice Pizza

The Mizza has a rice base instead of dough – weird, but hey, why not? Try it at Pizza Hut Taiwan and South Korea. Photo: BFeedme

19. McDonalds Pizza

McDonalds Pizza

If you are mad, drunk, clinically addicted to fast food or all of the above, you might possibly attempt this. And I am scared for you. Recipe & photo: Yanyanxu

20. Pizza Bread

Pizza Bread

No snarky comments here, pizza bread looks lovely and delicious and should be tried by everyone. Recipe & photo: Ivory Hut

21. Patriotic Pizza

Italy Shaped Pizza

Win friends and influence people in Italy by whipping up this, your patriotic pizza secret weapon. Photo: L’Isola dei Faziosi

22. Clooney Pizza

Clooney Pizza

Isn’t he delicious? Even more so with diced ham for a face. Photo: A Hetedik Sor Kozepe

23. Chocolate Pizza | UK

Chocolate Pizza

With a Belgian chocolate base and milk chocolate covered honeycomb balls, white marshmallows and white chocolate curls, this is basically a pizza-shaped chocolate slab – but who’s complaining? Not me. I’m too busy salivating. Photo: Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co.

24. Cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza

Crown Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut Abu Dhabi unintentionally shows the US how their cuisine is seen by outsiders with this Frankenstein’s monster of a fast food creation. Photo: Food Beast

25. Bubble Up Pizza

Bubble Up Pizza

Puffy, airy and best served with a big salad: biscuit dough is used to create the ‘bubbles’. Recipe & photo: Pass the Sushi

26. Tropical Pizza

Goodfella's Tropical Pizza

This tropical pie by Goodfella’s was named World’s Best Pizza at the Las Vegas International Pizza Expo 2012. It’s made with asiago and mozzarella cheese topped with shrimps, lime and fresh mango salsa, resting on a pineapple cream sauce infused with Patron. Photo: Yahoo Shine

27. Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Caulifower Crust Pizza

A way to eat pizza for low-carb fanatics. I’ll be over here with my extra big dough crust and herb dip. Recipe & photo: Eat Drink Smile

28. Whole Shrimp Cheese Bite Pizza | Japan & South Korea

Whole Shrimp Cheese Bite Pizza

Plain ol’ crust is obviously too boring – Pizza Hut Japan and South Korea serve a pizza with a crust made of cheese bites topped with prawns. Photo: Supersized Meals

29. ‘Let’s Pizza’ Vending Machine | Europe & US

Let's Pizza

Let’s Pizza vending machines rolled out their first models in the US this year after conquering university halls of residence all over Europe. For $5.95, the machine will turn out a freshly-made pizza of your choice in 2.5 minutes. Photo: Digital Trends

30. Nutella Pizza

Nutella Pizza

Simple as making a mud pie: pizza base, slathered with Nutella, topped with chopped banana and strawberry. Photo: Tutto Gratis

31. Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza

My stomach hurts looking at this. It’s made by sandwiching a giant beef patty, Colby cheese and Pepper Jack Cheese between two cheese stuffed crust pizzas. Recipe & photo: Infobarrel

32. Pizza Burger | New York

Pizza Burger

Created by Burger King in 2010 for its flagship Whopper Bar in NYC. It clocks in at over 2500 calories, just over the daily allowance for men. Photo: Telegraph

33. Cat Pizza

Cat Pizza

Amuse a small child (or, who are we kidding, yourself) with a cat-shaped homemade pizza. Aww, special. Photo: Gusto Blog

34. The World’s Most Expensive Pizza

Caviar Pizza

Auctioned as a one-off for $2400, this bling pizza was topped with lobster marinated in cognac, caviar soaked in champagne, Scottish smoked salmon, venison medallions and edible 24-carat gold flakes. Er, you could recreate it if you won the lottery? Photo: ZME Science

35. Ricotta Spinach and Broccoli Pizza Pie

Ricotta Stuffed Spinach and Broccoli Pizza Pie

Ok, back to reality. Healthy, affordable broccoli and spinach reality. Recipe & photo: Picky Palate

36. Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Pepperoni Rolls

Super simple: made with bread dough covered in pepperoni and cheese, rolled up and baked in the oven. Recipe & photo: What About Pie

37. World’s Largest Pizza

Largest Pizza in the World

Yaaay! This pic is full of win. It’s the Guinness World Record-breaking largest pizza in the world created in Johannesburg, South Africa 1990 and still in the record books today. It was made by piecing loads of smaller pizzas together: get inspired and make pizza for your whole hostel. Photo: Supersized Meals

38. Spider Pizza

Spider Web Pizza

I love me some novelty Halloween food. This spooky pie uses black olive tapenade for the background, and mozzarella for the web. Spiders purchased separately. Recipe & photo: She Scribes

39. Full English Breakfast Pizza | UK

Full English Breakfast Pizza

Ever had cold pizza for breakfast? This is the next level version of that. Inevitably, only attempted in the UK. Recipe & photo: Instructables

40. Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

These dinky deep dish pizzas are dangerous. You can easily eat a whole batch in one go. Recipe & photo: Martha Stewart

Phew! I’m fully aware this is the tip of the bizarre pizza iceberg. Tell me the weirdest pizza you’ve ever eaten in the comments.

And if you’re travelling right now or are inspired by this post to go on your own pizza-sampling odyssey, we’ve got plenty of cheap hotels and luxury hostels for stays along the way. Happy eating.

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