The 4 Coolest Clubs in Washington DC

Clubbing in Washington DC

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It’s Friday night in DC, but your go-to bars and pubs just aren’t scratching that itch. The beers, the casual guys in hoodies, and the girls in flip-flops aren’t doing it for you.

You’re craving something glamorous. Somewhere where you can dress up and have a cocktail. And music, you want loud pounding music with dark floors full of dirty dancing and beautiful bodies.

You need a club. But New York City is so far away.

Big deal.

The Big Apple might be the capital of the Northeast high-end scene, but don’t go booking that two-hour train ride to Manhattan just yet. Here are four clubs in DC that prove that you don’t need to be in NYC to get crazy in da club.

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1. Midtown

Midtown is an upscale nightclub tucked away in Dupont Circle of Washington, DC. Its four stories of space, fashionable crowds, and energetic dance scene attract an international mix of young clubbers – and the busty cocktail waitresses in tight corsets don’t hurt either.


The best way to avoid the weekend lines into this exclusive club is to reserve a spot on the guest list online. When the snazzy neon-lit first floor heats up and the music starts pumping, a penthouse upstairs makes for an ideal place to relax and hear your own thoughts.

There’s even a rooftop patio to catch some air or light a cigar. But don’t waste too much time up there, because the real action is downstairs on the dance floor.

2. Barcöde

The umlaut in the name should hint at the ultra-cool vibe of this Dupont Circle club. Barcöde is trendy yet unpretentious, with a chic interior and enough well dressed patrons to pass for the most upscale of clubs, but the drinks are cheap and the crowds are raucous.

Barcode (DC Clubs)

The spacious interior brings in throngs of young professionals and students looking to dance to the sounds of top-notch DJs. Those looking to flirt and mingle without judgment can’t go wrong with Barcöde.

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3. Josephine

For those that want to see and be seen, Josephine might be the best-dressed drinking destination in Downtown, DC. If you can get yourself passed the velvet ropes, you’ll descend into a spacious 5,500 square foot venue with glimmering chandeliers, glowing pillars, and plush furnishings.


The twirling go-go dancers and the fishnet-clad bartenders set the mood for the crowded sunken dance floor, where DJs and live-performances play to the sultry decadence. Make sure you’ve broken in those pumps or oxfords, because Josephine is all about looking good on your feet.

4. Fur

Grab your glowsticks and your best fist-pumping gear and head off the beaten path to DC’s best DJ nightclub. Near Capitol Hill, Fur is a massive venue that can pack over 2,500 people into its four dance floors, various lounges, and two balconies.

Fur Nightclub

It’s only open on Friday and Saturday nights, but fills the house by bringing in world-class DJs and electronic artists like Tiësto and Benny Benassi. The cavernous main room has thirty-foot ceilings, barely clothed dancers, and enough LED screens, lights, and laser technology to make MIT jealous.

Although there are plenty of smaller and secluded areas in this labyrinth, Fur is all about raging with a sea of crazed dancers all screaming and jumping and of course fist-pumping to the epic music.

If you’re trying to go to a big show, check out the website beforehand for passes and discounts, and arrive at the door early, otherwise you might find yourself using those glowsticks to guide your walk back home.

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