The 10 Most Colourful Chinese New Year 2014 Celebrations Around the World

2012 is the Year of the Dragon

Get ready for the Chinese New Year on Friday January 31st 2014. According to the Chinese Zodiac 2014 sees the turn of the Horse to mark the next 365 days. The transition will be celebrated with parades, fireworks, lanterns, dragons, firecrackers and marching bands across the globe.

This is your year if you were born in born in 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930 or 1918, so make the most of it!

At HostelBookers, we can really only see one solution to this predicted fizzle… host a Chinese New Year celebration that will provide just enough spark to light up the next twelve months.

And so, while we’re stuffing our faces with Chinese food in the office, here’s how the rest of the globe will be celebrating the horse’s arrival…

1. London

London’s Chinese New Year celebrations are the biggest in the world outside of China! The parade takes place on Sunday February 2nd, so make sure you book your London hostel and head to Chinatown for the requisite dose of dim sum.

2. New York

Bring on the floats, marching bands and dragon dances galore on Sunday Feb 2nd! More than 5000 people will march in New York City’s 14th Annual Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade & Festival.

3. Penang, Malaysia

As home to the oldest Chinese community in Malaysia, Penang is a great place to welcome in the New Year! With light-footed lion dances, firecrackers and an excess of lanterns in George Town, expect the parties to continue for up to two weeks or more after the initial party day on February 2nd. Book your hostels in Penang now.

4. Paris

Head direct to the 13e neighbourhoods, the Marais and Belleville, for your dose of dragons dumplings in bon Paris on Thursday February 9th. Expect a colourful parade featuring giant serpents, firecrackers, music, dancing and marching bands.

5. San Francisco

Chinese New Year in San Fran means everything from a Flower Market Fair to a Chinatown Run, a Miss Chinatown Pageant and the famous Parade. The fun goes down on Saturday February 15th 2014. Book your San Francisco hostels, and watch out for the dragon – it’s over 200 feet long and always features as the grand finale!

6. Washington

Book a Washington hostel and mark your calendar for the Chinese New Year Parade held on February 2nd. Expect traditional dragon dances, Kung Fu Demonstrations, live musical entertainment… and some unique human-size bunny rabbits.

7. Vancouver


50,000 spectators are expected to descend on Vancouver’s Chinatown for the New Year parade, held this year on February 2nd. The largest gathering of lion dance teams in Canada put on a spectacular show through the streets, plus you can head to the International Village Mall for more music, stalls and food. Book a Vancouver hotel for somewhere to crash afterwards.

8. Sydney

There’s not much that can rival the Chinese New Year celebrations in Sydney between 24 Jan to 9th Feb 2014. Think traditional dragon boat races, oriental markets, workshops, entertainment and a New Years Twilight Parade from Sydney Town Hall to Chinatown! Grab your Sydney hotel for somewhere to stay now.

9. Hong Kong

The Hong Kong skyline will be cluttered with lanterns throughout the Chinese New Year celebrations. Head to Tsim Sha Tsui East on New Year’s Day for a calvacade of decorated floats, dragon dancers, street entertainers and performers from all over the world.

10. Shanghai

Did someone say… COLOUR?! Shanghai explodes with vibrant light displays during Chinese New Year! A plethora of lantern shows, dragon dances, outdoor bazaars and incessant firework displays will culminate with the Lantern Festival on 6th February. Book your Shanghai hostel now and watch it first hand.

And then, of course, there’s the remains… paper from A LOT of used fire crackers in Shanghai…

Thanks to Paolo Camera, Christopher Chan, harezou, lloydi, th.omas, kryptos 5, davidyuweb, Ted Drake, vpickering, Dicktay2000, fras1977, triplefivedrew, scazon and 2 dogs for the images off flickr.

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