Cheap Travel Tips

The words ‘cheap travel’ can conjure up nightmare images of unreliable tour packages and cowboy hoteliers. And, for the unwary, this could indeed become reality, but it really needn’t be the case for travellers on a budget!

Cheap travel tipsWith a little forward planning, you can find that less can indeed be more in the world of cheap travel; a bit of extra cash in your pocket can mean another week (or even two) of travels and adventures.

First of all…

The number one rule when it comes to cheap travel is to do some homework and plan ahead. The biggest costs of traveling will be transport and accommodation, and it follows that this is also where the biggest savings can be made.

Booking in advance with budget airlines can save huge amounts, as can checking dates (and times) around your preferred time of travel to find the cheapest; airlines adjust prices due to demand and flexible schedules can be a great way to find a great deal.

Lub d Bangkok SilomAccommodation prices are also often subject to variation; particularly considering where you book. HostelBookers allows travellers to compare hostel prices quickly and find the best value options for cheap travel. Moreover, there’s no additional booking fee charged on the price of a bed!

Hostels and cheap hotels can change their prices at any time so it can pay to book early, especially during the peak season. Conversely, prices can drop at the last minute, but usually only out of season.


And once you’re there…

Cheap travel tipsHowever, there’s more to cheap travel than booking and research from home! Once on foreign soil, the best bet is to find some local secrets, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. Don’t be afraid to ask friendly locals, other travellers or the staff at your hostel for tips – your credit card will thank you for avoiding the tourist prices.

Sticking to a budget on your travels needn’t hamper your trip; in fact, it can be an advantage. Instead of staying around the spots geared towards tourism (and paying for the guidebook’s ‘top’ attractions) can mean missing out on a real, authentic taste of the country or city where you’re traveling. And stepping off the beaten track to find those low prices can be both exciting and rewarding!

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