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The great thing about traveling in countries like Argentina, China and India is that you get so much more for your money. By paying less for your night in a hostel, you can spend that little bit longer on the road, and really get under the skin of the country.

The hostels featured here are certainly cheap… and, for the traveler, extremely cheerful!

There are loads of other equally cheap hostels, guesthouses and even hotels on the site. But we’ve picked ten places that we felt offered that little something extra.

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Silvery Moon Bungalow, Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

Put your feet up after the Full Moon Party

Put your feet up after the Full Moon Party

Koh Pha Ngan is Thailand’s most hedonistic island and one of the most famous party destinations in the world. Every month, thousands of travelers come to Haad Riin for one of the biggest and
wildest celebrations – the Full Moon Party.

After the mania of a Full Moon party, take a gentle stroll along the beach, and recharge your batteries in the most idyllic of settings. Thailand hostels tend to be pretty cheap, but here beds in a beachside bungalow amongst the palms start at a sensational €2.34.

A guest writes: ”The food was amazing, and it is so nice to be on the beach, with just forest behind you, no noise from roads, bars or people to hassle you. Eating coconuts that have been picked from the trees and drinking a beer at sunset, superb!!” (Posted on 9th June)

Check prices at the Silvery Moon Bungalow


Meandering through Michoacan

Instituto J.F.K., Contepec, Mexico

Michoacan is one of the most beautiful (and least visited) of Mexico’s provinces. And the area surrounding Contepec boasts great hiking and stunning scenery. Its surrounding mountains and forests are also home to one of nature’s great spectacles – the migration of an estimated 60 million Monarch butterflies.

Whilst it might seem a bit off the beaten track, Contepec is actually just a couple of hour’s journey from Mexico City. And this little gem of a hostel offers volunteer schemes, ecotourism opportunities and simple, basic facilities all for a staggering €0.66 a night!

(This hostel is new to the website and yet to be reviewed)

Check prices at the Instituto J.F.K.

Hostel ELF, Prague, Czech Republic

Street art at Hostel ELF

Street art at Hostel ELF

European travelers flock to Prague in the run-up to Christmas, with the arrival of the colourful Christmas Markets. Because of its higher visitor numbers and myriad attractions, Prague hostels tend to be a bit more expensive than the rest of the Czech Republic.

That’s why Hostel ELF is a real bargain. Just a brisk walk from the bus station, it has  a lively atmosphere, and beds starts at only €9.36!

A guest writes: ”Good atmosphere, lots of fun people and definitely a good place to meet people and spend some of your free time!” (Posted on 18th February)

Check prices at Hostel ELF

Bag a bargain at Baluch Backpackers

Baluch Backpackers, Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba, nestled into the foothills of the Sierras Chicas Mountains, is Argentina’s second city. Its old streets are lined with colonial architecture whilst its world-renowned, UNESCO protected ‘Jesuit Block’ is worth the trip from Buenos Aires alone.

Cordoba backpackers hostels are also excellent, and a bed at Baluch Backpackers only costs around €5 a night. The hostel is set in a charming old property, with elegant balconies giving out on to the street, and a top-class roof terrace to chill out on.

A guest writes: ”I came for the weekend and stayed for the next one as well! Great fun in surprisingly cheap prices. A great place to meet friends to keep on traveling with…” (Posted on 3rd June)

Check prices at Baluch Backpackers

Goodbye Lenin Hostel, Zakopane, Poland

A typically inviting room at the Goodbye Lenin Hostel

A typically inviting room at the Goodbye Lenin Hostel

The town of Zakopane is Poland’s outdoor activities capital, and in winter offers some of the cheapest skiing in Europe. A little bit more expensive than the others – but still under €10 a night! – the Goodbye Lenin Hostel is the perfect place from which to explore some of the country’s unspoilt wildernesses.

A guest writes: ”The staff were really friendly and helpful and recommended places and things to do while you were staying in Zakopane, and even how to get your next train to your next location , again, so nice and helpful. The hostel is so cute and quaint, and has a really relaxing atmosphere.” (Posted on 28th July)

Check prices at Goodbye Lenin Hostel

Cosy Guest House, Jodhpur, India

6_jodhpurCrowned by the amazing Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur is one of India’s most striking cities. Known as the ‘Blue City’ because of the bright, cobalt color of many of the houses, it’s Rajasthan at its most ravishing.

There are actually cheaper Jodhpur hostels – prices even go as low as €2.00 a night. But with a bed in a single room starting at €4.50, and an excellent 90% overall guests’ rating, Cosy Guest House is particularly attractive. Just check out that view! A guest writes: ”The owner Mr. Joshi is fantastic. Their kitchen is amazing, ate nearly every meal there and it wasn’t out of laziness (ok maybe a bit). Great patio for lazy days, location is a bit tough (steep uphill climb from the road) but the views make it worthwhile.” (Posted on 23rd March 2007)

Check prices at the Cosy Guest House

Wildebeest Camp, Nairobi, Kenya


Your tent is ready, sir!

Many travelers come to Nairobi to climb the nearby Mt Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa), or see some of Kenya’s fantastic wildlife. But with its excellent transport links, Nairobi is a great starting point for striking out across the continent.

Wildebeest Camp has a laidback vibe, ideal for getting a bit of rest before heading off into the heart of Africa. They’ve also got an onsite travel office to help guests with any arrangements they might need to make. A bed in one of their groovy looking safari-style tents is great value at €5.50.

(This hostel is new to the website and yet to be reviewed)

Check prices at the Wildebeest Camp

Petra Gate Hostel, Petra, Jordan


Discover Petra for €8 a night

Petra has been described as “one of the most precious properties of man’s cultural heritage”. Normally, the closer you get to a world famous historical site, the more the prices start to rise.
Not so in Petra.

Prices at the Petra Gate Hostel start at about €8… That’s Petra for €8 a night. But that’s not all the Petra Gate offers. Great meals, Bedouin dancing extravaganzas and their shisha pipes count amongst the place’s highlights.

A guest writes: ”Excellent – Fed meals, given great advice, and got us a taxi for cheaper than you can get on the street. Highly recommended.” (Posted on 5th August)

Check prices at the Petra Gate Hostel

Have you stayed in any cheap hostels that you’d like to tell us about? Let us know.


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