Seriously Cheap Flights in Europe!

iStock_000003798262MediumWe simply had to share the genius of Germanwings with the world…

Basically, unlike those “budget’ airlines Ryan Air and easyjet who charge extra for everything from checking-in and using a card (how else do we pay, eh?) to going to the toilet, you actually can get a cheap flight in Europe with Germanwings.

It costs €19.99 each way . If you’re backpacking or holidaying on a shoestring, it’s ideal – these low prices include tax, and they are guaranteed!

Destinations include: Ibiza, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona, Athens, Lisbon, Stockholm, Split, Sarajevo, Vienna… and the list goes on to cover most major cities in Europe.

Inevitably, though, there are a couple of catches. First off, this is (as the name suggests) a German airline – your departure options are limited to Stuttgart, Berlin and Cologne. Secondly, you can only book last-minute (up to about 2 months in advance).

But it’s also blind booking… So you won’t find exactly where you’re headed until after you book. We think that sounds pretty fun for everyone who’s a bit flexible or has a sense of adventure! After all, you can still select the type of destination you would like – you choose a theme from party, culture, city or beach. And as soon as you have paid for the flight, they reveal the destination so you will have plenty of time to book yourself a hostel

Overall, a great way to travel on the cheap!

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