Where in the World are All the Hot Men?!

Where in the world are the hottest men?

You may have already checked out the results of our Women Travel Survey – apparently you girls are an adventurous bunch – most of you travel alone at least once a year, would visit cosmopolitan cities like London and Paris solo, and are even willing to sleep in a mixed dorm in a hostel!

But the most ‘useful’ info we found out from you girls was a little less serious – we wanted to know where in the world you can find the hottest men (what can we say, we’re a girly office)!

Latin lovers

Well you girls more than delivered, and it turns out the ‘Latin Lover’ stereotype rings true – Italy is where you’ll find the world’s hottest men! Alot of you were fans of Aussie surfer dudes though, with Australia coming in at a close second. Those Sexy Spaniards came third – we knew there was a reason why so many of you wanted to go to Europe!

So if you’re looking for a hot holiday romance, you better book a backpacking jaunt around Europe, or maybe head over to Australia for a few weeks of fun in the sun!

But after carrying out such useful ‘research’ (that we will be testing thoroughly!!), we got thinking about how useful it was to have a girl’s view of the world. Sometimes it’s nice to get a more girly perspective on a destination,  beyond the serious safety tips for women you get in your guide book. So we’ve scoured the web for a lighter take on women’s travel, from women who have been there and done it themselves.

Where in the world are all the hot men?

The best female bloggers

One of the best ways to read up on a  travel destination is to check out a women’s travel blog before you go, and see what they made of your chosen destination. A few of our current favourites are written by career women who sacked off the 9 to 5 to go traveling – the LL World Tour, and the Lost Girls World are invaluable guides to swapping hand bags for backpacks! For even more women travel stories, check out The Women Travel Blog network of women travel writers, or our own articles on women’s travel.

If you’re more of an outdoorsy type, the Hiking Lady will help adventurous girls tackle the great outdoors, with trekking itineraries and advice galore.

Eco-chicks and earth warriors never have to worry about packing again with the ‘Girls Travel Club’ – this useful website is packed with ‘natural travel products’, with useful stuff like moneybelts thrown into the mix.

We’ve always wanted to find a travel magazine aimed at girls, and Go Galavanting is just that – we love the style section, where you can send in pictures of stylish buys from around the world.

And finally, if you are still worried about being safe abroad, Safe Travel 4 Women is an invaluable directory of female friendly travel resources.

Thanks to tmarsee530 for the excellent images from Flickr! Please note, all images were used under the Creative Commons License at the time of posting. 

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