9 Best Budget Travel Guides for 09/09/09

The Internet is all a-buzz with excitement: today is the 9th day of the 9th month, 2009. This rare anomaly of the calendar is being hailed as a special date around the world for every reason from the mathematical and apocalyptic to the downright bizarre.

So here’s our very own celebration of 09/09/09 – a round-up of our nine most popular travel guides from the last 9 months!

1. Fancy a Scottish city break at the end of summer?
Here’s a list of the top 10 things to do in Edinburgh on a budget.

2. Stressed in September with the back to school/back to winter blues?
Take a moment to relax on a cheap spa break or yoga retreat.

3. Need to know it all on Eastern Europe?
This look at where to backpack in Eastern Europe is perfect for gap year students and end-of-summer interrail travelers.

4. Want more on London life?
Our local top 10 cheap things to do in London, plus tips and advice from backpackers in the capital.

London5. Need more backpacking tips for Europe?
Here’s 10 things to do in pricey Paris on a budget.

6. Looking to catch the last of the summer sun?
Head for some island hopping in Croatia and discover great wine, great beaches and great scenery.

7. Exploring Glasgow?
Like our popular Edinburgh guide, this article tells you what to do in Glasgow on a budget.

8. Fancy a pint, or three?
Check out the list of top 10 London pubs we put together – and let us know your favorites so we can do some more ‘research’!

9. And finally… how about a gambling spree to beat the recession?
Here’s 10 free things to do in Las Vegas

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