Travel Bloggers of the Month: July “Getting Real” Edition

Travel Blog of the Month July 2013

By Isabel Clift

And so we say goodbye to July, a month that had travel bloggers getting real with talk about living under the threat of terrorism in Saudi Arabia, taking drugs in south east Asia and being dirty all over the world. Read on to discover our blogger of the month, the best blogosphere posts and what we’ve been getting up to this sunny July…

Blogger of the month

AmandaAmanda of A Dangerous Business

A girl from Ohio with huge wanderlust, and a key player in the #WeGoSolo movement, Amanda’s travelled to Europe and New Zealand and road-tripped the USA. Her Getting Started page is a fantastic resource for anyone considering RTW travel. Here’s five reasons we love Amanda:

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The best travel blog posts in July

WORLD: This Battered Suitcase tells us Why You Shouldn’t Travel (And Why I Don’t Believe You)

FINNISH LAPLAND: Boots and a Backpack has an amazing experience Bashing Through the Ice in a 3500-Ton Ship

Sampo Ice Breaking

SE ASIA: Be My Travel Muse gets real with Stoned, Drunk and Drugged in Southeast Asia

SAUDI ARABIA: Flights and Frustration gets even realer with the hard-hitting My Life As An Expat In The Face Of Terrorism

MEXICO: Homeless and Confused makes a list on Mexico: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


WORLD: Wandering Earl wonders about Travel Hygiene: Are Travelers Dirty, Dirty People?

WORLD: Paper Planes reveals the darkest depths of her suitcase in 10 Random Things I Always Travel With

What about us?

We started a kickass Pinterest competition for you and a friend to win a trip to Paris. Enter now!

 Win a Trip to Paris

Royal Baby George being born was a perfect excuse to dig up our article on Quirks & Perks: 16 British Royal Family Facts, and we celebrated Bastille Day with 10 Best Things to Come Out of France

Alexander Koval gave us some awesome tips on How to Take Great Photos in Terrible Weather, and Laurence Norah showed us 8 Foods to Try in Thailand. Mm-mmm.

One last blog post of joy

15 Things I Learned About Wine After a Year in France by Ashley Abroad.

Wine in Paris

One of the best things about living abroad is finding out all sorts of things you never even considered looking in to before. Case in point: this post from American-expat-in-Paris Ashley. It’ll have you reeling off wine tips like a true Frenchie. Bonne. Consider us educated!

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