The Best Travel Blogs and Posts in August…

– Written by Victoria Philpott

The best travel blogs leave you inspired to explore the world and experience what you’re seeing others enjoy internationally. Or, even better, to top the adventures you read about and have your own bragging stories to tell the folks back home.

My job is hard, I’m not going to lie. Spending all day reading about travel and admiring the stories of my fellow bloggers but not being able to join them at the drop of a hat is hard to deal with. Poor me. Like everyone else I spend a lot of the year living vicariously through the likes of August’s bloggers of the month et al.

So, who’s been making all this vicarious living a joy this month…

Blog of the month

In August I’ve really been enjoying the work of Jeremy and Shirlene from Even just a quick look at the homepage introduces you to stunning images from their recent travels. The monkey in Nagano, Tokyo, is adorable and the glacier in Alaska, stunning. The layout is simple and effective and their stories and photos allow you to really get to know them, and the places they visit.

Why we like it…

  • Informative and qualitative updates
  • Beautiful layout and use of professional looking images taken by them
  • You can tell through the writing they’re both really passionate about travelling, and about relaying their adventures to their friends and audience
  • Top tips on how to take the best photos. I love the latest article – If nothing else take these 3 photographs on your travels.

August’s best articles

The spotlight’s been on London for us this month, although not always in a good way what with riots, looting and the like, but now’s not a time for dwelling on sad times. This article from The Londonist on the Top 10 London Annoyances gets a collective smirk and nod from all the Big Smoke residents.

Awww look at the ikkle penguins waddling about in See, Swim With Penguins (Not in Antarctica) on the travel section of I didn’t know the Falkland Islands were inundated with the wee beasties, might have to pop up there sometime soon in my best tuxedo.

Every Action Counts is a lovely article from Kent and Canaan at They sponsor a little girl in Africa and recently posted an update on how she was doing. This provoked a huge response from their readers and sparked Every Action Counts. Recent events in their lives have tested their positive attitudes, but they have a few methods to looking on the bright side of life and helping others to do the same.

What about us?

A Slice of London Pie launched this month. It’s a fortnightly series dedicated to unlocking the best of London. We’ve gone underground, overground and round the ground to find the most unique and exciting events in the Big Smoke. Sign up to the HostelBookers newsletter or like us on Facebook and you’ll be the first to know about the best events.

We’ve literally gone cycle crazy. You can win a bike and accessories worth €350 – check out the most bonkers bikes in the world too. After saddling up pedal your way down The Danube, across Tuscany, through Wales and around Spain with our help. Read our interview with aka Eric Benjamin. He cycles a ‘light’ 40-mile ride every night. Wow.

The spotlight has been on America this last week too. We’ve been Celebrity Spotting in Miami, finding 7 Cool Things to do in Washington DC with Jillian Tobias from and lazing on the 7 Best Beaches in Central America with Marina K. Villatoro.

A little something for September

If you’re after an armchair challenge follow Chris Richardson of The Aussie NomadMichael Hodson of Go, See, Write and Jeannie Mark of Nomadic Chick (and a few others!) in the Ultimate Train Challenge. They’ve been preparing to travel from Lisbon to Saigon in 30 days. Travelling separately they can take whichever route they like, but the winner is whoever arrives in Saigon with the highest mileage after following all the rules. We’re sponsoring their hostel sleeps. Should be good fun to follow!

One last blog post of joy

10 Menu Mistakes That Will Crack You Up by Katie at the Tripbase blog. She’s collated 10 of the funniest spelling errors, or just complete misunderstandings, seen on menus around the world. You should never mock someone having problems with a different language, but in this case you can laugh all you like…

Personally, I can’t decide between Sweat and Sour Chicken or Steamed Crap with Ginger.

Thanks to Martin Kliehm, Jeremy Ng, Eric Benjamin and Paolo Camera for the excellent images from Please note, all images were suitable for use at the time of publication according to the Creative Commons License.

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