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Compiled by Alexia Dellner

New York City is one of the culinary capitals of the world, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the Big Apple’s tasty delights.

We asked 50 of the best food and travel bloggers about their top tip on where to eat in New York City and boy, did they deliver!

From pies near South Street Seaport to falafel in Midtown to wontons in Flushing to fried anchovies in Brooklyn, there are cheap eats for every taste.

Check out our map of places or scroll down for their tips!

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Blogger Tips

1. Dave from EatingInTranslation

Pie Corps display at New Amsterdam Market

“Each week the New Amsterdam Market gathers a dizzyingly diverse array of bakers, butchers, cheesemakers, fishmongers, and foragers. Free tastings abound. If samples of grilled sausage, pickled vegetables, and homemade preserves don’t fill you up, then maybe barbecue, or fresh-shucked oysters, or shaved ice will do the trick. It’s an ideal spot for refueling before or after a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.”

2. Wilfred from At the Sign of the Pink Pig

calexico cart

“The city streets are littered with anonymous Mexican food carts serving dried-out tacos. For the good stuff, I hit the Calexico Cart on 25th and Broadway, across from the Flatiron building. Chipotle pork, pollo verde–it’s hard to go wrong–the tacos are over-filled and juicy, and $3 is a steal.”

3. Han & Diana from Han + Diana Eats!

Lamb skewers Xinjiang BBQ Cart

“There’s nothing better than pulling hot, tender, flavorful chunks of meat from a skewer with your teeth. $1 gets you choice of chicken, beef or lamb from Xinjiang BBQ Cart in Flushing. Lamb is my personal favorite, with bits of melty fat woven masterfully between the meats, especially spiced up with their addictive, cumin-laced rub.” The cart is located at 39th & Main St in Flushing, Queens.”

4. Angel from

L'arte del gelato

“You cannot visit Chelsea Market NYC without stopping by the authentically Italian ‘L’Arte del Gelato’. Upon visiting you will be overloading your mouth with an orgy of flavors and delightful pleasures. You have a massive variety of gelatos to taste and choose from, and who DOES NOT LOVE DESSERT!”

5. Jeffrey from Jeffrey Tastes

Tortas Neza

“Roosevelt Avenue in Queens is full of great, homestyle food vendors, but my favorite has to be Tortas Neza on 111th St (NE corner). The man is a legend not only for his cooking prowess and personality, but for his tremendous tortas – highlighted by the massive Puma (named after his favorite Mexican football team). His tacos could also compete for best in the city.”

6. Alex from Chekmark Eats

Amy's Bread

“My favorite food area is Bleecker St. where Amy’s Bread, Murray’s Cheese and Rocco’s Pastry Shop are located. I love Amy’s cake and cookie bars, Murray’s for entertaining and hostess gifts and Rocco’s for M&M cookies, tarts and pie. Essex Street market in the Lower East Side is also eclectic with Brooklyn Taco Company, Meats, Fruit and Cookies and Chelsea Market in Meatpacking is a site to see with all kinds of food vendors and located below the Highline.”

7. Ben and Luke from Luke’s Lobster

Luke's Lobster

“A year and a half after opening their first restaurant, Luke’s Lobster hit the streets of New York with a mobile food truck, selling the city’s best lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls with pure, sustainable Maine seafood. The Luke’s Lobster Truck, also known as the Nauti Mobile, is Zagat’s highest-rated food truck with a food score of 27, and when it’s not at its regular midtown NYC haunts, it’s catering weddings or feeding the masses at concerts like NYC Governor’s Ball. Find the truck by following its Twitter @LukesLobster.”

8. Robyn from The Girl Who Ate Everything

Saxelby Cheesemongers

“I’m not a huge fan of straight-up cheese (that is, cheese that isn’t melted, or deep fried, or spread on something), so I foolishly never paid close attention Saxelby Cheesemongers in Essex Street Market. Until I found out they make epic grilled cheese sandwiches. Their classic grilled cheese sandwich is a thing of beauty, featuring thick, generously buttered bread toasted to a golden crisp, filled with a sort of disgustingly awesome amount of molten cheddar cheese.”

9. Mel from Food and the City

Cupcake Crew

“If your sweet tooth comes aknockin’, you have to check out the awesome mobile dessert truck Cupcake Crew! Their Mexican Hot Chocolate and Red Velvet cupcakes are sure winners and cannot be missed! The best part? They are always in a new location! You can check their Facebook page to see where they will be that day!”

10. Todd from Foods of New York Tours

Chelsea Market

“Our favorite market is the Chelsea Market, a historic building saved from demolition and converted to a premier food market. From chocolates and cupcakes, from Italian cheese and sausage to Australian meat pies, from sushi to sandwiches, there is something for everyone at Chelsea Market. And Foods of New York Tours is the official Food and Culture Tour of the Chelsea Market. Our 3-hour walking tour also includes the nearby High Line and Meatpacking District for a unique New York experience.”

11. Liza from food curated

2012 Vendy Awards Finalist: Tortas Neza from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

“For the biggest, baddest, most unbelievable to the human eye, authentic Mexican Tortas, head over to Corona, Queens to the famed Tortas Nezas food truck. Order up a $14 PUMA Torta. It’s as thick as a dictionary and so full of ingredients you won’t know what to do with yourself. When I asked the owner how to eat it, he just said: good luck. He’s only known 2 people to ever finish this torta alone. It’s tasty, exciting and well-worth a trip to queens!”

12. Perry from New York Street Food

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

“Desserts are not be missed, and some of the best are the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (who now have 2 stores), Coolhaus (ice cream sandwiches), Wafels & Dinges (waffles), Wooly’s Ice (Taiwanese shaved ice), Kelvin Natural Slush (slushies), Treats Truck (baked goodies) and Cupcake Crew (Cupcakes).”

13. Nicole from Bitten by the Travel Bug


“If you want a great tasting food truck experience in New York look no further than Mexicue. Think Mexican food infused with barbecue flavours from the South, and at US$3-4 for a taco it’s decent value for top quality food. Top picks are their Smoked Short Ribs and Burrito with paprika lime rice – yum!”

14. Mijune from Follow Me Foodie

Yonah Shimmel Knish Bakery

Yonah Shimmel Knish Bakery is a total dive, but an institution known for “the best knish in New York”. A knish is a Jewish baked bun filled with potato stuffing and wrapped in a flaky pastry dough. They offer a variety of sweet and savoury flavours and for $3.50 for one, you can splurge on dinner! PS: Don’t forget the mustard.”

15. Stephanie from NYC Tastes

Solber Pupusas

“If you’re looking for a delicious unique eat head out to the Red Hook Ballfields for a taste of El Salvadore at Solber Pupusa. The crackly grilled cakes literally ooze with fillings of gooey cheese, succulent pork and moist chicken. Don’t let the other carts fool you… Solber is the best. Just head to the cart with the longest line and thank me later!”

16. Rosemarie from Cheapeats

Dos Toros Taqueria

“When I’m in the mood for a taco, I head to Dos Toros. Dos Toros Taqueria was started by two San Francisco brothers who moved to New York and couldn’t find a decent taco. So what did they do… open up their own Taqueria. Mexican food can be heavy and filled with trans-fat, but theirs aren’t. They use local antibiotic free meats. Local beans. They composte their kitchen waste. Use non-toxic plant based cleaners. Reclaimed wood tables. Renewable energy and all their packaging are biodegradable. Good for my belly, the environment and my wallet. You get all this for under $4. Folks…..however long the line is, WAIT. The prize at the end is so worth it.”

17. Joe from Chopsticks + Marrow

duck from Corner 28′s

“Downtown Flushing’s Chinatown is teeming with cheap tasty street food. Perhaps none is cheaper—or tastier—than the $1 Peking duck sandwich at Corner 28′s streetside window. The pillowy bun enfolds a bit of roast duck blanketed by hoisin and topped with green onion. Best of all it won’t spoil your appetite for any of the neighborhood’s other delicacies.”

18. Mike and David from New York Food Journal

Korilla BBQ

“For something completely different, catch one of Korilla’s roving trucks of Korean tacos and burritos — the seemingly unusual combination packs in a lot of bold flavors; don’t forget to ask for their bacon and kimchi fried rice and spicy “k-illa” sauce.”

19. Sarah from Fritos and Foie Gras

Popsicles from People's Pops

“For the best icy treats in the city, head to the Highline near Chelsea Market where People’s Pops sell gourmet popsicles and shaved ice all spring and summer long. With flavors like spiced rhubarb and organic lemon, you might gobble these down so fast that you get brain freeze. Don’t worry, it’s worth it.”

20. Joyce from Chasing James Beard


“You must eat where the locals eat in NYC’s Chinatown. That means sitting down at Big Wong King for BBQ Chinese pork, hot noodles and yes, they even have hanging ducks in the windows. $10 will get you a full meal, leftovers and includes tip.”

21. Malini from The Restaurant Fairy

Hester Street Market

The Hester Street Fair is is modeled on the Brooklyn Flea. At this hip little market on the Lower east Side of Manhattan, one can find everything from macarons to men’s shirts! One of my favorite foodie finds at Hester is Luke’s Lobster which is sure to satisfy any seafood craving. Their lobster, crab and shrimp rolls are made with a hearty helping of seafood on a buttered roll and topped with a flavorful seasoning. It really hits the spot.”

22. Dara from The Skinny Pig

Roberta's Pizza

“The Beesting pie at Roberta’s Pizza truck – tomato sauce, cheese, spicy soppressata, and honey. Spicy, creamy, sweet – an amazing combination. And what makes it even better? It’s a personal pie and it’s $9! This will do the trick without breaking the bank, I promise.”

23. Yvo from The Feisty Foodie

White Bear in Flushing

“The best Sichuan wontons can be found at White Bear in Flushing: no more than a few tables jammed into a tiny storefront, the owner stands there making the wontons by hand all day long. Incredibly delicate skin housing flavorful pork, topped with pickled mustard greens and a slick of chili oil, you won’t be able to stop eating until the entire order of 12 is gone. For those who don’t speak Chinese, no worries: it’s #6 you seek.”

24. Keith from Milk Truck

Milk Truck Jr. Classic

“We make artisanal grilled Cheese sandwiches and other new American comfort foods. Now lots of cultures have their version of grilled cheese. In Italy it’s a panino. In London, it’s a toastie. Here in New York, It’s Milk Truck. We’ve been voted top 5 food trucks by Refinery29 & Thrillist and won the best breakfast sandwich cook-off on Good Morning America.”

25. McKenzie from The MMMguide…

Fried Anchovies at Smorgasburg

“You can’t come to NYC and NOT go to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. Held every weekend from April-October Smorgasburg operates Saturdays on the Williamsburg waterfront and Sundays on the DUMBO waterfront with unbelievable views of Manhattan. At Smorgasburg you will get an one stop shop for all things delicious. You can find nearly all of New York’s food culture here from macaroons to mustard, BBQ, pretzels, doughnuts, uttapams and pickles. But my favorite thing to eat are the Fried Anchovies with spicy mayo and pickled carrots at Bon Chovie. They are fried just right with a crispy, dark outside and hot and delicious inside. Make sure to get them “Jersey Style” with the head on!”

26. Jean-Philippe from I Just Want To Eat


Martin’s Pretzels in The Union Square Greenmarket serves Pennsylvania Dutch–style pretzels that are very comforting. They are crunchy and can be bought with or without salt, regular or whole wheat… It is the perfect snack when wandering around in the market and you will probably regret not buying a bigger bag!”

27. Ashley & Carolyn from the lazy travellers

Madison Square Eats

“Twice a year, 26 NYC restaurants bring the best of their best to Worth Square for the extravaganza that is Madison Square Eats. Though the stands change each time, past highlights include pizza from Roberta’s, crepes from Bar Suzette, and lobster rolls from Red Hook Lobster. The very best part? Most offer craft brews or a sampling of their wine list, making it the perfect place to daydrink and mingle with your new foodie friends.”

28. Gabrielle from

NY hot dog

“What would be a trip to New York without a good old Hot Dog? I know it sounds cliché but that’s my favourite street food to have whenever I find myself in the Big Apple. The competition for the ‘Best Hot Dog in New York’ title is tough, but to me it goes to Gray’s Papaya on 72nd Street or West 8th Street, a classic! I also love Asia Dog (66 Kenmare Street and various pop-ups) which serves Asian-influenced hot dogs and even veggie hot dogs.”

29. Aaron from Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures

Seoul Food Truck

“One of my favorite food trucks in the city is the Korean-inspired cuisine on the Seoul Food Truck, taking Korean BBQ to a new level with their burritos and tacos, as well as Korean favorites like Bimbimbap or Banh-Mi sandwiches. While they roam the city, they can frequently be found by Union Square at 14th Street and Union Square West.”

30. Sophie from Wafels & Dinges

Wafels and dingles

Wafels & Dinges brings back the authentic Belgian waffle! With trucks and carts in some of the most quintessential NYC locations, a “Wafel of Massive Deliciousness” (the WMD) makes the perfect accompaniment with which to tour The Big Apple. Try a Brussels or Liege wafel with toppings like Belgian chocolate fudge, fresh cut fruit, mountains of whipped cream, or the signature Spekuloos spread. Round it out with a rich hot cocoa or an ice cream with Hoegaarden white beer & honey. The staff is notoriously friendly & funny, and they just want to make your day sweeter! Allez Dinges!”

31. The Taïm Mobile from Taïm Falafel

Taim Falafels

“International visitors to NYC have fallen in love with Chef Einat Admony’s gourmet take on traditional Israeli street food. Using fresh, high quality ingredients, Taïm’s vegetarian falafel is consistently voted best in the city. The creative menu includes a harissa falafel, quinoa salad fresh herbs and lemon-mint dressing, or fries served with saffron aioli. Wash it down with a signature smoothie like the popular date-lime-banana or a homemade fresh ginger-mint lemonade. The Taïm food truck travels Manhattan — check the @taimmobile Twitter account for it’s location, or stop by either of Taim’s two restaurants in the West Village and Nolita.”

32. Elise from Hungry Hungry Hippie


“I love the Chelsea Market and Eataly. Both are great places to stroll, eat, shop, and take in the market scene in NYC.”

33. Jennifer from Moi, mes souliers

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

“It’s more dessert than food, but I’d definitely recommend the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, in particular the Salty Pimp!”

34. Giovanna from

NY Dosas

On the corner of Washington Square Park lies NY Dosas Cart, serving up freshly made Indian food that is completely vegetarian and vegan. The dosas – vegetarian crêpes from South India – are good but the samosas are even better. Get it mild or spicy, but don’t skimp on the coconut chutney!

35. Sarah & Gan from yaokui

Shake Shack

“Head to Shake Shack at Madison Square Park for the ultimate NYC burger experience; nothing beats enjoying a good burger at one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Be sure to also order their fries and milk shake, they’re amazing! Luke’s lobster is another must try, their lobster roll is to die for!”

36. Erin from The World Wanderer

The Halal Guys

“If you are looking for great Middle Eastern food in Midtown Manhattan, look no further than The Halal Guys at 53rd and 6th. Get the chicken and rice platter with white and hot sauce, which is even better after a night out on the town.”

37. The Crepes Truck

Le Triomphe crepe

“All of our crepes from The Crepes Truck are made fresh to order. We have a large selection of sweet & savory crepes. There is a difference in each type of batter since savory batter has buckwheat flour mixed in. Some of our most popular crepes are: The New Yorker (Beer Stewed Chicken, Swiss Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Tomato, Spinach, Shallots, Fresh Cracked Pepper & Herbs) and The Pompidou (Raspberry Jam, Sliced Strawberries & Balsamic Reduction).”

38. Jodi from Legal Nomads

Otafuku in East Village

“I am a huge okonomiyaki fan, and Otafuku never disappoints me. Though it’s essentially a food stall with no seating, I usually camp out on one of the many stoops lining East 9th street and happily chow on my Japanese pancake. The sauces are excellent, the bonito flakes are soft and light and the food is always delicious. Opt for Combo B, the okonomyaki and takoyaki combination plate.”

39. Victoria from NYC Foodie Girl

Mexicue truck

“If you’re looking for a spicy bite, run, don’t walk -to  the nearest location of the Mexicue truck. They travel throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn everyday of the week. Get a sample of wow and a little zing in a slider or taco filled with their various versions of pulled pork, shredded chicken or go vegetarian with their smokey BBQ beans. You can even get one of each and not feel like a complete glutton. Exact details on Mexicue’s locations are on their home page  under the “Twitter” section.”

40. Teresa from Travelicious Me

Rickshaw Dumpling Truck

Rickshaw’ Dumpling Food Truck: Nice dumplings! If you’re getting stares, he’s probably looking at your dumplings: Rickshaw’s Dumplings to be exact. Whether you fancy Chicken & Thai Basil or Peking Duck- one thing is for sure- these dumplings are not for sharing! Dumplings are also served with delicious dipping sauces you’ll want to bathe in.”

41. Anne and Clare from City Spoonful

Roosevelt Ave

“Vegetarians often struggle to navigate the Latin American street food vendors along Roosevelt Ave. in Jackson Heights/Elmhurst, Queens. El Coyote Dormilon is a happy exception. The meaty fare at this sidewalk cart is excellent (try the quesadilla de chorizo y patata — Mexican sausage and potatoes), but the vegetarian options are even better. Don’t miss the quesadilla de flor de calabasa (tender pumpkin flowers) or the quesadilla de huitlacoche (pronounced “wheet-laa-COACH-ay” — earthy corn mushrooms). El Coyote Dormilon serves up some of the most authentic Mexican antojitos (snacks) in a neighborhood with no shortage of good Mexican and South American food.”

42. James from Real Cheap Eats

Lamb Noodle Soup at Nutritious Lamb Noodles by James Boo

Flushing’s Golden Mall — a labyrinth of food stalls serving cuisines from all corners of China — is a cult dining destination for adventurous eaters. Head to the back of the top floor, where a sign marked “LAMB SOUP” leads the way to a bowl of hand-pulled noodles, wood-ear mushrooms, well-done lamb and a pinch of cilantro in an intoxicating lamb broth.”

43. Christine from

Roasted Chesnuts

Roasted chestnuts: this iconic street food bite is best enjoyed around Christmas but you can find them from November until June. So small and simple, but so delicious. Try the ones on Main Street between 41st Road and Sanford Avenue, Flushing, Queens, a Chinese variety with a smoky-sweet flavour. Grab a quarter-pound bag for $3 and for the ultimate roasted chestnut experience, listen to Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song (open daily 10am–9pm).”

44. Robert from The Brooklyn Glutton

Pickles in Smorgasburg

SMORGASBURG – an eclectic bazaar of gluttony! Experience Brooklyn’s food obsessed culture up close as you join the throngs of locals to feast on a wide array of delicious offerings from all over NYC. Try a freshly made Lobster Ceviche or a Red Hook Lobster Roll; stuffed Indian Parantha bread or artisanal pickles; gargantuan doughnuts from Bed-Stuy or a refreshing People’s Pop, made with fresh, local fruit. Now in DUMBO on Sundays as well!”

45. Charu from Butterfly Diary

Cinnamon Snail truck

“I adore the vegan Cinnamon Snail truck which features tasty vegan snacks all over NYC and ‘dirty Jersey’.”

46. Charles from United Nations of Food

Cambodian Cuisine truck

“Get your lemongrass fix at the canary-yellow Cambodian Cuisine Torsu truck, usually parked near Washington Square Park in Manhattan.  Read owner Jerry Ley’s gritty story while you wait for your meal; try the karry tuek (spicy Cambodian curry), the Cambodian spring rolls, or the tofu in “creamy hot spicy galangal lemongrass sauce.”

47. Amy from amy hit the atmosphere

King of Falafel

“Perfectly cooked oblong falafel, nicely charred shawarma chicken (or lamb) and crisp pickled turnips imported from the West Bank make The King of Falafel and Shawarma on the northwest corner of 53rd and Park one of the best quick cheap bites in midtown – if you get there early enough, you might even get some of the kefta kebab hiding in the bottom of the cart.”

48. Karen from Markets of New York City

Brooklyn Flea Market

“The tastiest, most innovative foods are coming out of the Brooklyn Flea. Rightfully situated downstairs in an old bank vault at One Hanson Place, the food vendors sell their tasty treasures: lobster rolls, tacos, ramen, oysters, donuts, cupcakes, pies and so much more! Come hungry, bring a friend, and share as many things as you can!”

49. Jeremy from Living the Dream

Mamoun's Falafel

“If there is one place I can recommend as being the best street food stall it would be Mamoun’s Falafel in Greenwich Village. Unknowing to us we stayed above this falafel and shwarma stall when we were in NYC and every night there would be a line out the door and dozens of guests eating their delicious wraps.”

50. Lee from

Calexico Cart in Soho

“My favorite street food in New York City is the Calexico Street Cart in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan; it is a bit pricey for street food but not only does this cart have the best carne asada burrito I’ve ever had-it’s the best Mexican place in all of New York!”

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