The Best Travel Blogs and Posts in June

The best travel blogs in June

– Written by Victoria Philpott

It’s been a miserable June weatherwise in England, although I wouldn’t know as I’ve been in Africa, woo! If you’re sick of the rain then getaway and book a holiday in our big summer sale today.

As for the month’s news there’s been warnings on using credit cards abroad (I was charged £5 a time for taking money out on mine) and coaching in looking into changing your currency online to save up to 10% a time.

In other news tourists are stealing parts of Ancient Rome, 50+ travellers account for more than half of all foreign holidays and in the Bahamas, renowned freediver William Trubridge of New Zealand dives to 125m below the surface on a single breath of air. Crazy, I panic after about 2 metres.

Not cool.

But someone who is cool is our…

Blogger of the month

Blogger of the month June Megan from is cool. Her trendy take on travelling is what I like to see and maybe one day I’ll be considered cool enough to be a boho traveller just like her. Of course her website is beautifully designed and great to use, but that goes without saying. But there are a few more things we like about this bohemian traveller too.

5 reasons why we love Megan…

  1. She seeks out the ‘hipster’ beyond the usual tourist traps…. Feeling Hipster in Helsinki
  2. She’s been to some really cool places… Local Guide to Jerusalem
  3. She has great guest posts… Defending Hostels
  4. Plenty of useful information… How to Ride a Camel and Look Like a Pro
  5. She’s been to some amazing places… Booze Your Way Through South America

June’s best articles

SWEDEN: I’m not good with heights and Cheating Death on Stockholm’s Rooftops definitely got my stomach in anxiety knots. Suzy from went on an ‘alternative tour’ of Stockholm’s rooftops, all in the name of a good story, of course.

THAILAND: Simon from discusses where to get the cheapest accommodation and pints in Thailand in Thailand Backpacker Budget: Mainland vs Islands. According to him, it’s not as cheap as it used to be so take heed of his advice.

Thailand's most impressive island? Koh Tao

CAMBODIA: The psychology behind ‘Dark Tourism’ is weird. Why do tourists flock to where thousands of their fellow people were grossly murdered? I’m guilty too, but it’s weird, don’t you think? The Globetrotter Girls wrestle with this is Bargaining for a Tour of Murder in Cambodia – a review of the famous Killing Fields.

phnom penh killing fields storage room

SCOTLAND: It’s always nice to read about somewhere you’ve never heard of, especially when it’s so close to home. Jedburgh in Scotland is one of these places and Paul from has got some great pictures of the  history and architecture in A Jolly Jaunt to Jedburgh.

GERMANY: My mouth is watering – I love sausages and had a brilliant time in Berlin sampling the fare, but Sherry from is Breaking the German Food Stereotype. If you want more from your trip to Berlin than wursts, check this post out.

Sauerbraten, red cabbage, and potato dumplings

What about us?

We’ve literally gone London crazy this month. Time Out shared our hipster graph and we’ve got 7 new blog posts on the London boroughs of Hackney, Shoreditch, Notting Hill, Soho, BrixtonIslington and Camden courtesy of So if you need any tips on London this summer, or need some advice on London accommodation hit us up and we can definitely sort you out.

London area map 600px London by Locals: Hipster Graph + 7 Street Guides

We’ve also been chatting to our travel blogger friends to find out what makes them so great. We’ve ended up with 69 Travel Blogging Tips From the Top Travel Bloggers. Make yourself a cup of tea and grab the packet of biscuits, it’s an epic post. And if you have any biccies left check out our 21 Ways Travel Addicts Can Use Pinterest too.

One last blog post of joy…

WORLD: Micheal from touches on a thorny subject here: he’s a snorer and proud. In How To Stop Snoring in a Hostel Dorm he says it’s not his fault and that he shouldn’t be hated at breakfast, but that everyone should put up with his foible. Not sure I agree to be honest – what do you think?

(Check out this disturbing video while you make up your mind.)

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