Backpackers! Scared of reality yet?


So you’re travelling, and it’s amazing, but at some point (and we hate to be the ones to tell you) you’ve got to go home. Can you get through this post without getting scared of life going ‘back to normal’?

At home, these things will happen…

Your alarm will go off at 7am

Alarm clock 7am

And not because you have a flight to Buenos Aires/ski lift up the Blue Mountains to catch. Because you are going to work.

You will have too many clothes


Clothes that need to go on hangers. Clothes that need washing, and drying, and re-hanging on the hangers. Clothes for a plethora of situations that don’t involve jungle trekking, beach parties, desert camping or long-haul flights – like your office job.  Clothes.

There is going to be more shaving/brushing/scrubbing…

…before you can actually leave the house and avoid strange looks.

vanity kit

You will use public transport to actually commute

You will use public transport at its busiest time every day. You will avoid eye contact. You will not smile. You will still see things you never wanted to see…

Public Transport

 Pic: inappropriate-instagram

This is the law of commuting.

And instead of potential new friends…

Tourists will become the source of all irritation


It’s 9.45. You’re late. You’re boss will kill you. Why did she have to take the photo now? I mean, really?!

At the office, people will have ‘their’ wacky mugs

Moustache mug
Pic: toynk

It’s a risk- and effort-free way of denoting your laidback yet edgy personality. On a mug.

‘Office:All’ emails will make you laugh and cry inside

All Office emails


The only thing worse? Somebody else replies all.

You’ll have sandwiches for lunch again

Pret and Eat

Get used to the choice and variety.

And somebody WILL make fish

Fish for lunch

You’re welcome.

Bills are insane


Gas. Electricity. Water. Rent. Groceries. Toilet paper. And that yoghurt you used to really like has gone up by like 60p. WTF. Just insane.

“Remember when…” chats are all you’ve got with some friends

Conversation with friends

Because hey, you’ve changed and you didn’t even know it ’til now.

You will have zero tolerance for pointless TV

Soap Magazines

Travellers only concern themselves with real world.

Dress-codes/the weather requires you to wear actual shoes


While your trusty sandals grow sad in the under-stairs cupboard.

One real-world item = three weeks of travel budget

For the same price as a great time in a hostel, an elephant ride, a trip to some ancient ruins and a few amazing nights with cocktails and new friends, reality can offer you…

Expensive Clothes

A brown skirt.

And your tan-lines will fade

Tan lines

Yeah, all of them.

Feeling the fear? It’s ok, we have a solution…


I choose travel - HostelBookers

 Thanks to Trekking Rinjani, tenz1225, C. Maxwell Horn, Alan Cleaver, Lara604, oatsy40, tracitodd, markhillary, Benson Kua rick and love Maegan for the images off Flickr. Please note, all images were used under the Creative Commons License at the time of posting.


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