50+ Travel: The Best Baby Boomer Travel Bloggers to Follow

Baby boomer travel

If you’re planning on taking a year out in your 50s/60s, or you’re looking to travel more now you’re retired, it helps to have the love, support and guidance of a few folks who’ve done it before. That’s why I’ve enlisted the help of six of the best baby booomer travel bloggers… in the world!

Over the next few posts they’ll give their tried and tested tips and advice on:

So visit the blog every Wednesday for the latest post, but for now, here’s a little introduction to whet your appetite…

Wayne and Pat Dunlap

Plan Your Escape Now! Wayne Dunlap and wife Pat blog about their adventures at unhooknow.com. You can buy their book Plan Your Escape, Secrets of Traveling the World for Less Than the Cost of Living at Home at planyourescapenow.com.

Wayne and Pat are originally from Del Mar in California. They’ve been travelling for two years, visiting 51 countries. Wayne’s a former Economics Professor at the University of California and Pat is a former winner of Entrepreneur of the Year for San Diego. They met at a Make-A-Wish dance 25 years ago and love travelling the world together.

unhooknow.com and planyourescapenow.com | Twitter | Facebook | Book

Doris Gallan

50+ Travel GuidesDoris Gallan travels with husband Jacob Frank and blogs at babyboomerstraveling.com. In 2006 they decided they’d had enough of their desk jobs and crazy commutes and gave them up to go and work on a wildlife preserve in South Africa. At 58 they spent a month bottle-feeding and caring for orphaned baby baboons – and it was a good five years until they returned home travelling the world inbetween.

babyboomerstraveling.com | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Book

Evelyn Hannon

Evelyn Hannon is a proud traveller at 72. It was 30 years ago now that she decided to pack up her bags and get out on the road. She felt inspired by all the other women who wanted to get out on the road and do what she was and so created journeywoman.com, the first site to inspire other women to travel safely and to connect female travellers around the world. She says she was once known as ‘The Mother of Women’s Travel’ and is now happily growing into ‘The Grandmother of Women’s Travel’.

Travel bloggers over 50

journeywoman.com | Twitter | Facebook

Barbara Weibel

Best baby boomer travel bloggers Barbara Weibel is filling her life’s purpose through her travels. Following a diagnosis after years of illness she decided that was the time to get out and see the world through photography and travel. After travelling a few months at a time and having a base in Florida, she decided to travel full time in 2009 and has been on the road ever since staying in destinations for a month at a time.

Her blog holeinthedonut.com is named after how she felt before her life of travel – solid on the outside, but empty on the inside. Now she says, and I quote, “I love every minute of my life these days”.

holeinthedonut.com | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Donna and Alan Hull

Donna Hull loves a good jeep adventure in Canyon de Chelly [had to Google that one, it’s in Arizona!] or a luxury cruise above the Arctic Circle. She enjoys active boomer travel and writing about it for her blog myitchytravelfeet.com. Alan Hull takes the video and photos for the site while all the words are her own.

If you’re thinking of an adventure involving cruising, hiking, 4-wheel drive adventures and off the beaten path adventures Donna and Alan are your travel blogging couple to follow.

Baby boomer travel bloggers

myitchytravelfeet.com | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Pinterest

Janice Waugh

Baby boomers travellersJanice Waugh is the original Solo Traveler. An empty nest and a personal loss inspired her to travel in 2009 and start her blog. Her blog solotravellerblog.com is a mix of personal tales and top tips weaved together to inspire her readers. She’s the author of The Solo Traveler’s Handbook and the publisher of Solo Traveler – as you can tell, Janice knows her stuff when it comes to travelling alone.

She’s also not one to shy away from a bit of yoga in India, or an epic mountain hike in Patagonia, make sure to check out her site for the pics…

solotraveller.com | Twitter | Facebook

Thanks to the bloggers for the images. We love you. 

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