Once in a Lifetime Adventure Trips

Fancy a truly unique holiday this year? Sometimes a cultured city break or a few weeks lazing on the beach just isn’t enough, and even if you end up going on a gap year or a career break, you can find yourself doing the same stuff as everyone else.

Hungry for some real adventure, and a really ‘out-there’ travel experience, we asked Paul Bell from www.YouGoDo.com, the World’s biggest activities and experiences website, to give us some inspirational ideas for a once in a lifetime trip.

Andes Cycle tour1. Cycle Tour Across the Andes: For those that like cycling, and I mean really like cycling, how about a 132 day cycle ride across the Andes? That’s 11,000km of climbs and descents covering almost the full length of South America – remember your bicycle clips!

2.World’s Longest Bus Trip: If you prefer a little more comfort, you could always take the bus – but this is no ordinary bus trip. This 13 week scheduled bus service runs from London to Sydney on the other side of the world!  Hope you get on well with the person who sits next to you!  A 95 day London to New York service through to Russia also starts in 2010.

3. Around the World in 80 Pubs: This epic pub crawl crosses 9 cities in 4 continents – you’ll need to pack a few headache pills!

antartica sailing trip4. Sail Away: For life on the open seas, you can sail around Cape Horn or to Antarctica. Or why not take a 15 day cruise on board a nuclear powered Russian ice breaker to the North Pole, and become one of the privileged few to have stood on 90 degrees North?

5. Dive In: Pretend to be Leo DiCaprio and take an expedition down to the wreck of the Titanic, a 14 day trip starting from Newfoundland and ending up at the RMS Titanic at the bottom of the Ocean, before heading back.

6. Climb Everest: If you’ve got a head for heights, why not climb to the peak of Mount Everest,and take a 65 day trip to the roof of the world!  Other options on YouGoDo take you even higher – with several Space Missions on offer.

7. Extreme Golf: Even keen golfers can test their endurance with a four day trip to play the 18 hole, par 72 1,365,00m (yes 1365km) Nullarbor Links course in Australia.

All these unique travel experiences and more can be found on YouGoDo, from long term Volunteering options in less developed countries, to Camel Trekking across the Sahara Dessert, Horse Trekking the Cowboy Trails in the United States and Motorcycle tours through numerous destinations including Afghanistan and South America.

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