7 of the Best Beaches in Central America

Today’s guest blogger Marina K. Villatoro is an ex-pat who’s lived and travelled around Central America for over 10 years. You can read all about Central America travel on her blog, Travelexperta.com. But for now, check out her tips for the best beaches…

The Central American countries are surrounded by the Pacific and Caribbean oceans. So you can imagine how many beautiful beaches there are in this region. After travelling a lot through the area I have fallen most in love with these beaches…

1. Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

This is a beautiful white sandy beach located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica (pictured above). Manuel Antonio National Park, which holds the three most beautiful beaches of the area, is best known for the non-stop wildlife viewings and close encounters. The best part is that this beach is super easy to get to. By cab it’s just 10 minutes from any hotel in the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area. Plus, they have one of the safest and cheapest public buses that stops right in front.

2. Roatan, Honduras

This is the largest of  Honduras’ islands. The sand is so white and the water so pure that the ocean has a turquoise color. At one point Roatan was considered to be the best priced diving destination in the world. It’s still extremely affordable, and so worth it! Where else can you dive 5 feet off the coast  on the second largest coral reef in the world?

But if you’re not a diving fan, simply sitting on the silk-like beaches watching the bright colors of the water play with the sun in my opinion is the definition of  paradise! The only way to get to Roatan would be either by plane or boat from the mainland of Honduras.

3. Ambergris Caye, Belize

This is also an island and the biggest of its country. Ambergris sits on the second largest coral reef in the world. The town offers a relaxed Caribbean ambiance with breathtaking views and unbelievable diving, cruising, snorkeling and even caving. The way to get to Ambergris is either to fly domestically in Belize or take a boat from the mainland or Caye Calker.

4. Playa Tunco, El Salvador

The secret of Central America. This black-sanded, volcanic beach is extremely popular among surfers because it offers great year round breaks and few surfers to compete over them with. It is also a great place for beginners because of the amount of surf schools that can be found.

Don’t surf? No worries, you can spend hours enjoying the peaceful atmosphere at one of  the many beachfront bars. This beach is super easy to get to. It’s walking distance from any hotel in the area, since most of the hotels are on the beach itself.

5. Monterrico, Guatemala

This is a black sanded, volcanic beach located on Guatemala’s Pacific coast and is the most popular beach of the country – mainly for beach bumming and surfing due to the strong tides. However, you also get the chance to seeing endangered sea turtles nesting and hatching. Once you’re in Monterrico the beach is literally parallel to the town and your hotel can either be on the beach or across the street from it.

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6. Bocas del Toro, Panama

This is a relaxed beach town located on Panama’s northern Caribbean Coast. It offers a beautiful archipelago and all the activities that you could imagine around them like: snorkeling and cruising. The crystal clear waters keep you in a calm, paradise trance the whole time you are there. Bocas town is so small that no matter where you are, you’ll be able to be a few minute walk from the gorgeous beaches.

7. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

This is a white sanded beach located in Nicaragua’s Southern Pacific coast. It’s known as a great spot for surfing and sport fishing. In the area you can also visit the ruins of William Walker’s fort. It’s without a doubt the most touristy area of Nicaragua, but if you come during the off season, the beaches are all yours and so are the waves!

The whole town is revolved around the beach action. You’ll find the best hotels and restaurants right on the beach itself. Or you can find a better budgeted place less than a five minute walk.

As you can see Central America has absolutely amazing beaches for every taste. So don’t you dare to miss it!

Thanks to Nodnarb TrukAdalberto.H.Vega, cloud2013, over_kind_man, Bruno Girinsanberdoo and jeffr_travel for the excellent images from Flickr!

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