Play the Tube Game on London Underground’s 150th Birthday

The Tube Game - London Underground 150th Birthday

Happy birthday London Underground, you’re 150 years young!

And isn’t she wearing it well? The oldest subettarnnean rail network in the world is also one of the busiest, ferrying 1,107 million passengers a year. Despite Londoners’ grumblings about signal failure and upgrade work on weekends, it’s as much a part of life as Beefeaters at the Tower and Sunday fry-ups.

That’s not to say your journey won’t have its own, ah, idiosyncrasies from time to time. We can relate. Play our tube game to score your journey…

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The Tube Game - London Underground 150th Birthday

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A quick office poll revealed there were far too many typical tube happenings to fit on one image. Here are some more things that make us love/loathe our journeys…

  • Rucksacks hitting you on the head.
  • Feeling dizzy and weird when you walk up escalators that aren’t working.
  • When your Oyster doesn’t work ‘cos you kept it close to your phone.
  • People fighting in the carriage right next to you.
  • Nearly falling over when you haven’t got a pole to grab onto.
  • Actually falling into someone’s lap when the train jerks suddenly.
  • Tube gets stuck in the tunnel for 20 minutes.
  • Leaving your gloves and umbrella on your seat.
  • People’s bags, coats and even heads getting stuck in the doors.
  • Missing your last connect train and having to get on a nightbus.
  • 15 school group teens standing in front of the east/westbound platform signs at the bottom of a narrow flight of stairs.
  • Spotting celebrities.
  • Getting excited when there’s a dog on the train.
  • The smug satisfaction of living within zone 2.
  • Spotting the tube mice.

Can we make 150? Tell us more in the comments…

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