Tips on Finding Secret Bars in Paris

Want to find a Paris drinking den off the tourist trail? Then look beyond the obvious – head down basement steps and through hidden doors to find these five fabulous secret bars in Paris…

1. Le Ballroom du Beef Club

Find this club by walking to the address provided below then looking left. The black door marks the entrance of this cool bar. Head down the stairs to enter a snug bar serving Demory beer and sexy cocktails. With vintage-style wallpaper, velvet seats and a decorative ceiling, it feels like a speakeasy from the 1920s.

58, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Les Halles

2. L’Étage at Les Jalles

Looking for a Prohibition-style cocktail bar? Enter restaurant Les Jalles then head upstairs to find a cosy, intimate and very secret-feeling bar. l’Étage has soft lighting, low leather lounge chairs and unique cocktails, taking you back to the early days of Parisian bars. A singer also performs here several times a week.

14 Rue des Capucines

3. Les Étages

Les Étages’s Marais branch has three floors, red walls and is lit by colourful paper lanterns. There’s incense in the air, vintage festival posters on the walls and the menu is handwritten. At the bar, highball glasses stand waiting to be filled with cocktails or strawberry and raspberry mojitos.

35, rue Vieille du Temple, 4th

4. Moonshiner

Enter the glaring light of busy pizza parlour Da Vito and walk directly to the refrigerator in the centre of the room. This is the entrance to the Moonshiner, Prohibition era-inspired bar decorated with Chesterfields and old books. Cocktails are served in vingtage flasks or poured into Mason jars. Smokers can pop into a fumoir, with its own safe – guess the combination and you win a prize.

5, rue Sedaine

5. Le Très Particulier

l’Hotel Particulier’s bar Le Très Particulier is a real hidden treasure. To gain entry, you must ring a bell at the black iron gates, then say you want to “boire un verre.” Once you gain permission to enter, you will pass through the gate and gardens into a salon softly lit by candles. Whatever sophisticated cocktail you desire, including the perfect Martini, you will find here. Take it out on the terrace and enjoy.

23 avenue Junot Montmartre

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