The 5 Coolest Hostels in Berlin

Circus Hostel Chillout

Looking for a cool hostel in Berlin? No worries, we have five of them! Starting from just €13 a night, too…

1. Jetpak Alternative

Going for the, ah, riskier approach to selling themselves, Jetpak Alternative proudly state “Warning. Not for the faint hearted: graffiti, dog shit, rats and punk rock clubs” at the beginning of their marketing blurb. Good, that’ll keep those non-cool folks out then! (By the way, they’re talking about ‘edgy’ ol’ Kreutzberg rather than the hostel itself. Which, as you can see, is lovely…)

Jetpak Alternative

If you look past the posturing you find Jetpak Alternative’s got genuine cool in spades. iPhone docking stations, free Wi-Fi, a location within stumbling distance of Kreuzberg’s hipster-pleasing coffee shops, dive bars and concept stores – everything you want for hedonistic times on the cheap.

Prices from €19pppn | Book now

2. Circus Hostel

The party doesn’t stop at Circus, which sits opposite Rosenthaler Platz U-bahn in Berlin’s central Mitte. Design’s as whimsical as its name, with graffiti art gracing the bar and heritage pieces like chandeliers and leather armchairs placed against brightly-painted walls.

Circus hostel Berlin

The hostel has free Wi-Fi, and breakfast is served til 1pm.

Prices from €23pppn | Book now

3. Heart of Gold Hostel

Themed around the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Chesterfield sofas and all), Heart of Gold in Mitte has a bar, biergarten and eclectically-decorated rooms.

Heart of Gold hostel in Berlin

Department store turned gallery Tacheles is round the corner.

Prices from €13.50pppn | Book now

4. Design Hotel DDR

Styled up with genuine GDR-era wallpaper and furnishings (including an old wireless in the lobby), Design Hotel DDR preserves a slice of East Berlin history.

DDR Design Hotel

It’s 100m from main station Ostbahnhof and is round the corner from clubbing Mecca Berghain/Panorama Bar.

Prices from €15pppn | Book now

5. Baxpax Kreuzberg Hostel

A shabby-chic bar, acid-bright ‘60s lounge, country-themed dorms (UK, Italy etc) and a room in a pink VW Beetle should give you some idea of Baxpax Kreuzberg’s kitsch design credentials.

Baxpax Hostel Berlin

Kreuzberg’s main drag Oranienstraße is close by, with grittily stylish bars, shops, restaurants and museums galore.

Prices from €13pppn | Book now

Tell us in the comments: where do you like to stay in Berlin?

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