50+ Travel: Guide to Choosing Accommodation

Cool hostel for 50+ travellers

At 50+ I’m guessing when you’re choosing your accommodation you don’t want some party hostel filled with 18 year olds. It’s good to know HostelBookers has a range of apartments, B&Bs, guesthouses and hostels, as well as loads of luxury hostels that are even better than hotels.

You can also search by private room price and check out the room type to see if you have an ensuite bathroom, if that’s what you want. You can also book private dorms – perfect if the family have come for a visit. We’ve got a whole series of blog posts on family-friendly travel in hostels if you need help on that front.

To save money travelling, stay in hostels and look for keywords like ‘calm’ ‘friendly’ and ‘friendly atmosphere’ in the profile description – if that’s what you’re after.

Stay in a cool hostel

Wayne Dunlap @wdunlap

We’ve stayed in scores of hostels all around the world. Some favorites come to mind: Hostel Mostel – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria; Ginger Monkey – Zdiar, Slovakia; Tiger Tim’s Place – Budapest, Hungary; Kismet Dao – Brasov, Romania; Little Castle – Vina del Mar, Chile; City Lodge – Auckland, New Zealand; and Miami Backpacker Hostel – Miami, Florida.

cool hostels

Today hostels have a higher standard of comfort than a generation ago. Some are located in prime areas. Although the average age of hostel regulars do tend to be in their twenties, people of all ages use hostels (like us!). We do not consider them an inconvenience now. In fact, we often prefer staying at a nice hostel.

One time when we were searching on the internet for lodging for our next destination, we found an upper scale hotel on sale. I mentioned to my wife I was just about to book it, but heard nothing back from her. I said it again and received the same nonresponse. When I asked her what she was thinking she told me, “I like staying at hostels so we can meet more people.”

The young people make us feel younger and we meet fellow travellers of all ages and share stories of travel around the world. Sometimes we pop some microwave popcorn to share and we are instant celebrities.

Think about your priorities

Barbara Wiebel @holeinthedonut

I’m looking for four things:

  1. Price
  2. Central location within walking distance of the major tourist sites
  3. Safety
  4. In-room Wi-Fi access

The map function on HostelBookers I search HostelBookers.com for those that fit my criteria, using their built-in maps to make sure of the location and reading the reviews of people who have stayed there before.

Frankly, I love staying in hostels, especially in the dorms, where I often get great tips on what to see and do from other travellers. Most hostels these days are sparkling clean and NOT filled with drunken kids who party till dawn.

Many offer private rooms in addition to dorm rooms too.

Book a private room for privacy

Doris @boomertraveling

I usually book a private room in hostels—they’re almost always as good as hotel rooms—and whenever I can I also get an ensuite bathroom. For the extra $2-5 it’s far better than sleeping in a dorm, and for an older couple it makes all the difference for a good night’s sleep.

Cool private rooms at hostels

Sir Tanus, Catania, Sicily

I also recommend to travelers who value sleep over partying that they consider booking hostels further from the centre of town as these usually attract people who want to hit the bars.

Also, look at the hostel ratings and review comments in the online booking section to determine whether the atmosphere of the hostel is family friendly rather than party central.

Try something new

Evelyn Hannon @journeywoman

I’ve stayed in some pretty small hotels and B&B’s [HostelBookers has lots of cheap hotels and B&Bs too!], but never in a hostel.

Funny you should ask that question, because it’s on my bucket list for 2013. I want to stay only at hostels as I make my way across Canada. I plan to carry my best tuna casserole recipe and share my dinner and stories with all the other travellers, young and older, I meet along the way.

cool hostel in poland

Lemon Hostel, Krakow

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