The Top 10 Free Hostel Breakfasts

Not quite had your fill of breakfasts just yet? Check out our beautifully visual list of the 30 best breakfasts from around the world. Plan your next culinary adventure or just get a little adventurous with breakfast at the weekend.

A few weeks ago we asked you guys to tell us which hostels you thought served the best free breakfasts and you, being the excellent people that you are, gave us an overwhelming response. Now we obviously can’t leave this important information floundering on social media. This is important information, folks. How is a traveller supposed to explore on an empty belly?

So, to make sharing this information a little easier, we’ve decided to put together a little list. Not only have we gathered all your best picks, but we’ve added a few of our own too. To ensure you are sufficiently nourished on your travels here are the top 10 free hostel breakfasts as voted (mostly) by you.

1. Adelaide Hostel, San Francisco, USA

Adelaide Hostel San Francisco breakfast table

They claim to serve the best free breakfast in San Francisco and, well, it’s kind of dispute. Every morning their breakfast buffet table is piled high with fresh fruit and bagels, along with every filling and topping you could wish for including, of course, the traditional cream cheese. They also serve homemade oatmeal, made to order by the hostel staff.

2. Travellers Hostel, Prague, Czech Republic

Travellers Hostel Prague

The Traveller’s Hostel in Prague seems to have gone down the stodgier, carb-heavy route, but that hasn’t lost it any points with its patrons. In fact, the mixture of fresh bread rolls and cereals, along with yogurts and a great selection of jams go down a treat. Anyway, who’s going to complain about stodge when they’re trying to travel on a budget?

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3. Reggae Mansions, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Raggae Mansions

The Reggae Mansions are another place that doesn’t short change on selection. Their breakfast buffet is a hybrid of the full English breakfast, mixed with continental and American offerings. So essentially what you get is frankfurter sausages, Canadian bacon, scrambled and fried eggs, all tied together with baked beans and toast. There’s also plenty of pastries, breads, jams and yoghurts too if you want to avoid the protein overload.

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4.     Cheers Hostel, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish breakfast

The Turkish breakfast is an incredibly refreshing and pretty perfect for the climate. While it’s not too stodgy, being packed with plenty of salads and vegetables (cucumber, tomatoes and olives) there’s enough bread, eggs and meats (cold ham and garlic sausage) to see you through the morning. The food is varied and fresh, so there’s no danger of being short changed here.

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5. IHSP, Santa Barbara, USA


Ok, the selection might not be the most varied in the world, but waking up to a big bowl of pancake mix and a hot griddle isn’t too bad. Simply ladle out a few scoops, then slather in a topping of your choice (and they provide plenty to choose from) and enjoy.

They always over-do the batter, so you can fill up, no problem. Then go lie out on the roof deck, because it’ll be a while before you want to waddle down to the beach.

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6. Traveller’s Inn, Quito, Ecuador

Traveller’s Inn, Quito, Ecuador

Again, these are guys that don’t scrimp on selection. You can find pretty much anything you’d ever want on their buffet table, with plenty of eggs and cold meats, soft rolls and fresh fruit to choose from. Wash it all down with a cup of that famous South American coffee or a glass of ice cold juice.

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7. Greg & Tom Hostel, Krakow, Poland

Greg & Tom Hostel breakfast

Not only do the Greg & Tom Hostel serve guests their breakfast as part of their room price, but their dinner too. And we’re not talking about a skeleton dish of crusts and slop, no. What you get here are two full buffets that you can pick at, at your leisure. Between these two meals, it’s unlikely you’ll even need lunch.

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8. Traveller’s House, Lisbon, Portugal


The signature over at the Traveller’s House is the freshly made baked eggs, finely flavoured and enough to cater for all. Pop some fresh bread into the toaster, grab a cup of fine Portuguese coffee, a little fresh OJ and set to work – a fine way to start the day.

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9. Riverhouse Backpackers, Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff The River House Backpackers breakfast

Not surprisingly, the speciality breakfast here is Welsh cakes and mighty good they are too. They’re similar to scones, only cooked on a griddle, spiced with a little cinnamon and nutmeg and dusted with caster sugar.

If Welsh cakes aren’t really your thing, then you can always go down the Continental route. Tuck into their generous selection of croissants or pan au chocolat, or simply settle for a bowl of cereal or a comforting portion of porridge.

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10.  Sunflower, Hoi An, Vietnam

Sunflower Hoi An

Travellers have raved about this breakfast all over the internet and it’s easy to see why. The Sunflower doesn’t hold back when it comes to breakfast, laying out a formidable free buffet every morning for their guests. You’d have to be very fussy indeed to not find something you like on the table. There are hot and cold meats, breads, salads, cereal and the odd fried dumpling too. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of delectable delights all included in the price of your room.

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Where was your best free hostel breakfast? Let us know in the comments section below…

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