The first question on many travelers’ lips may well be: What is flashpacking? Who are these mysterious flashpackers?

Flashpacking is really just a (new-ish) term used to describe a fairly old way of traveling.

Many flashpackers are actually just the growing number of ‘techno-travelers’ out there. They’ve got iPods and digital cameras. They’re traveling with their laptops. They want to blog and broadcast live video streams of their travel experiences, so they need free WiFi at their hostel.

While technology is a key element of flashpacking, though, it’s not the whole picture, by any means. A flashpacker is essentially just the usual backpacker or independent traveler, looking for something a bit more upmarket from their digs.

They want all the flexibility of the independent traveler – the unfixed itinerary which allows you to think on your feet and go wherever the fancy takes you – yet they also want (just a little!) of the look and feel of a boutique hotel.

But they don’t want your standard budget hotel: rather, they’re after the advantages of a good, old-fashioned cheap hostel, with just a bit more, well, luxury.

And even the most hardcore backpackers among us can do with a bit of luxury from time to time…

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