Flashpacking Hostels

With arty decor and fancy facilities that would put a hotel to shame, there are some seriously upmarket hostels out there.

Catering to ‘flashpackers’ (see our separate Flashpacking article) or budget travelers with a bit more money to burn, these properties are smarter, snazzier and more stylish than your average hostel.

From the ultimate in city chic to the serenity of a spa, here’s some of the flashest boutique hostels around:



Probably the artiest hostel in the world…

The Boutique Hostel: Daddy Long Legs, Cape Town, South Africa

A guest writes: ”The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. Also, the design of the hostel with its arty ethos and low key vibe was wicked!!!” (Posted on 24th August)

Check prices at the Daddy Long Legs



Baxpax: One for the techno-traveler


Baxpax Downtown Hostel Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Baxpax and state of the art just seem to go together so effortlessly. Its brightly colored bedrooms, hip, ultramodern feel and a consideration for all of the needs of the modern backpacker
mark Baxpax out as a techno-traveler’s dream.

Among the gadgets, gizmos and funky facilities there’s internet (of course), big-screen movies and sports screenings, and a lavish roof terrace with a dipping pool and a sauna. Baxpax isn’t so much a hostel as a sort of lavish, futuristic backpacking dream.

A guest writes: ”It was a big hostel so there was so much stuff available. The staff were very helpful and approachable. The location was great, very central and easy to reach. Oh, and the luggage room actually had lockers, finally I could leave my laptop somewhere safe!” (Posted on 15th September)

Check prices at Baxpax Downtown Hostel Hotel



Rustic chic at the Centre Ecologic Ilmena

Cel – (Centre Ecologic Ilemena) Hostel, Girona, Spain

The Eco Hostel: Cel – (Centre Ecologic Ilemena) Hostel, Girona, Spain
Away from the unceasing activity of Barcelona, rural Catalunya is absolutely stunning. Also just a stone’s throw from Gerona, ecotravelers and the environmentally-minded will definitely be interested in the perma-cultural experiments going on at this hostelling Eden.

The hiking in the surrounding area is absolutely fantastic, and after a hard day in the great outdoors, lush bedrooms and delicious, home cooked organic meals await.

A guest writes: ”The friendliness of the staff, the ecological environment, the swimming-pool, the food (homemade and fresh), the well water, the medieval type of building, the mosquito nets, the free internet…” (Posted on 19th September)

Check prices at the Centre Ecologic Ilemena



‘A life on the ocean wave’ in Stockholm

The Cruise Ship Hostel: Rygerfjord Hotel and Hostel, Stockholm, Sweden

Fancy spending a night on a cruise ship but without any of the seasickness and terrible entertainment? Then the Rygerfjord Hotel and Hostel is just the place. Naturally, being in Stockholm, there’s hardly a cheesy, cabaret-style club in sight, just cutting edge design and über-cool nightlife.

A fantastic boat hostel, the Rygerfjord Hotel and Hostel is a genuine one-off. Its luxurious top deck bar boasts views across Lake Mälaren while, below deck, cozy cabins with free WiFi make it almost as self-contained as being at sea!

A guest writes: ”Its atmosphere is unique! If you use your imagination just a little bit, you can think you’re on a sea cruise.” (Posted on 20th September)


Check prices at the Rygerfjord Hotel and Hostel


The Luxury Spa Hostel: Mikuniya Ryokan, Kinosaki Spa Resort, Japan5_Spa

Japan may not be the cheapest travel destination in the world, but what it does so well is peace, calm, more than just a little luxury… And wonderfully relaxing hot springs!

With its Japanese-style rooms, fusing traditional architecture with an achingly chic, modernist feel, the Mikuniya Ryokan guesthouse is one of the very flashest of flashpacking hostels. Then there are the hot springs and the nearby temples to explore… Hostelling really doesn’t get much better than this.

This property is new to the site and is yet to receive a guest review.

Check prices at the Mikuniya Ryokan


Have you stayed in any fantastic, flashpacking hostels that we missed? Let us know.

See a video of some of our flashpacking hostels.


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