Customer Service Week 2011

Meet the team behind your cries of help to HostelBookers. In the past year these guys have answered 16,000 phone calls within two rings, replied to 140,000 email enquiries from customers, properties and partners, and processed 200,000 customer reviews. All this on 364 days a year – yes, we let them relax with the turkey at Christmas.

They don’t do answerphones, oh no. And there’s no unnecessarily long holds with annoying muzak or complicated switchboards to navigate your way around. We have real people with a real passion for their job. So, time to meet the mystical and heroic customer services team, drum roll, please…

The HostelBookers customer services team is multinational, of course. We’ve got talent from Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary, South Africa, Mauritius and England. They’re from a wide variety of work backgrounds including a wealth of experience in the travel and customer service industry including, airlines, hostels, tour operators, theatres, theme parks and hotels.

Between them these global explorers have travelled to Canada, Australia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Greece, Spain, Madrid, France, Amsterdam, Portugal and New York, to Thailand, Costa Rica, Argentina,  Finland, Tahiti, Russia, Croatia, Cyprus, Belgium and Austria.

Thanks from the boss

As Head of Customer Service Carol cracks the metaphorical whip… “I’m very proud of my team and their achievements. We strive to be number one in our field and this can only be achieved through hard work and committed staff.

The team is led by Tiggy, who’s supported by two of my team’s more senior members, Nicole and Balint.

We’re the best in the business – the high volumes of enquiries we’ve efficiently dealt with over the last year prove it. I’m looking forward to another great year where you’ll see the Customer Service Team going from strength to strength.”

Why do the team love HostelBookers?

For Team Leader Tiggy, the best thing about her job is the people. She was lucky enough to be here for the birth of the HostelBookers website and went to the launch party in New York City. She’s proud of the fact that the team go out of their way to answer queries the first time around so there’s no need for customers to wait or write again.

Paul enjoys dealing with the variety of issues and communicating with people from all corners of the world. He loves it getting positive and grateful feedback from customers and properties. He says, “HostelBookers offer the best service because of the fantastic team who genuinely care about their job and the customer experience. We are positive, pro active and passionate about delivering excellent customer service. We have great communication and leadership.”

Sandrine loves finding solutions to make people happy. Her favourite moment was winning a chocolate Champagne bottle for receiving the most thank you emails. She thinks HostelBookers are the best because we reply to emails with 24 hours, 7 days a week. Julian’s (right) also proud of this, and the fact the company is a multicultural organisation – we’re from everywhere!

Donatella says she’s still waiting for her best moment, but is proud she’s part of a dedicated team always providing satisfying answers to every question and following up issues.

New recruit Flavia likes helping everyone, from customers to property owners. She enjoys the passion at HostelBookers and the fact that the customer services team genuinely try their hardest to sort out any issues.

Nushra also loves the team spirit at HostelBookers, and the fact that her colleagues care about how she’s doing and encourage her to do the best she can. She thinks the team is the best because they pride themselves on answering queries as soon as possible and there is always someone there for customers to talk to.

Balint’s favourite part of the job is the versatility, international nature, helping people and the challenging cases. He says HostelBookers are the best because, “we’re the champions”.

Arantxa enjoys the friendly and relaxed atmosphere best but also loves the chocolates when it’s someone’s birthday – she’s excited about burrito day coming soon.

For Nicole it’s simple – ‘We’re the best people in the WORLD!!!”

Thank you Customer Services!

The Customer Services team work hard to make sure you get the excellent hostel and hotel experience you deserve, and to keep you happy and holidaying. But now it’s time to make them happy – with a word of thanks from the rest of the HostelBookers team (below!) and a celebration of Customer Service Week 2011!

What is Customer Service Week?

It’s the world’s largest celebration of customer service and in 2011 it takes place from 3-9 October. It’s an international event recognising the efforts of those who work at the frontline serving and supporting customers. The week was started by the International Customer Service Association in 1988, and is today celebrated by businesses (including HostelBookers!) across the globe.

Thanks to Dimitri N. for the excellent images from Flickr.

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