Five reasons travelling with friends is better than solo travel

Guest blogger Anita Dykstra is a travel writer from New Zealand. You can read her great blog on her website.

Travelling with friends and travelling solo both have its advantages and disadvantages. But, as they say, two’s company and three’s a party! Grab your best friends, book the first flight you see and pack your bags because you’re going to have the holiday of a lifetime. Here are five good reasons why travelling with your best buds is better than flying solo.

1. You get to share those special moments

Five reasons travelling with friends is better than solo travelOne of the best things about travelling the world is experiencing beautiful moments where you just think to yourself, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I’m here’. As a solo traveller sometimes all you want to do is tap your friend on the shoulder and share that point in time. That is why it’s a blessing to have your friends with you at those special moments. Those are the times that you will remember forever, so it’s nice to have someone else to talk to about it.


2. Taylor Swift-like impressive squad selfies

Five reasons travelling with friends is better than solo travelNow that you have your ‘squad’ you now have the perfect recipe to make that incredible group selfie. Put on your best outfit, gather your posse, assemble in line and strike a pose. If you’re looking for inspiration all you have to type into Instagram is #Squad and an abundance of group pictures will appear. So what will it be? Will you go for a cheesy group picture or the famous Kardashian ‘sitting-on-the-edge-of-a-pool-in-a-bikini’ look? Whatever you choose, it’s bound to look cooler than your friends who are sitting at their work desks.

3. Everything is a cheaper

Five reasons travelling with friends is better than solo travelWhen travelling with a group of friends it often works out to be a lot cheaper because you can share costs with accommodation, transport and food. If you have enough people you can even book out a whole dorm room to yourself! That way you get privacy for a very reasonable price, too.

As well as this, a lot of attractions do group savings so you might be able to score yourself a free pass into something. Not to mention, you may even save on a baggage fare, too. When you’re with your friends you can share beauty products, clothes and whatever else they have packed with them. Share a bag, share products and you could save yourself some dollars because you then don’t have to carry the cost of a whole piece of pesky check-in luggage. Another advantage to take into consideration is that sharing a taxi will be much cheaper if there are a bunch of you to split the fare!

4. It’s less stressful

Five reasons travelling with friends is better than solo travelIt’s often said that travelling with a group is less stressful because you’re not the only one organising everything. So because you’re a group you can now share the jobs around. One friend can be in charge of the directions and another one can be in charge of booking your hostel. When you’re with a few other people you quite often have different skills you can bring to the table making it a lot less stressful than if you were travelling solo. Not only that, but you also have the security when travelling with a group so you can feel a little less afraid about walking in the dark and travelling into the unknown. Who knows, you may even be able to relax a little bit with all this extra time you have not organising absolutely everything!

5. No more asking strangers for photos or balancing your camera on a post

Five reasons travelling with friends is better than solo travelProbably one of the best advantages of travelling with friends is you can actually get nice photos of yourself to add to your travel album! We are all a little embarrassed when we have to go up to a total stranger and ask them to take a photo of you at the right angle you want it. It’s even more embarrassing when they don’t take it properly and you have to ask them to take yet another photo. Well, if you travel with your friends you can just boss your pals around so you can get the perfect one! Plus, no more switching your camera onto a self-timer praying it won’t fall of the ledge—or trying to get an awkward selfie in a busy environment.

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