Top Places to Watch the World Cup 2014 Final in Berlin

Fan at the fan mile

It’s not going to be hard to find a bar somewhere in this vast city that will be devoting it’s Sunday evening to cheering on Germany to victory. In fact, Berlin is another city well known for what some would consider ‘football overkill’, and this Sunday 13th July, everything will be coming to a head as Germany takes on Argentina in the World Cup final.

Yes, Berlin is another football obsessed city. But that’s not surprising really, I mean, their team actually has a shot at winning. After Germany’s total annihilation of Brazil, let’s face it, watching the final in Berlin might just be your chance to experience the final in the winning nation…pretty special right?

In a city that shows such appropriate dedication to the sport, you’re going to be spoilt for choice. So here is our guide to the best places to watch the World Cup  Final 2014 in Berlin...

Big Screens and Street Parties

Fan mile

There was a bit of a debate on whether or not public screenings would happen this year, what with the time differences and late kick-offs clashing with Germany’s Pollution Act, but it the Federal Environment Minister has given it the green light.

For those of you who aren’t in the know, public open air screenings are known as ‘fanmeilen’ (fan miles) in Germany. The first date back to the 2006 World Cup and have turned into a tradition for each World Cup and Euro competition ever since.

While most gather a few thousand fans, the biggest and most awesome (and I mean awesome in its purest sense) is the one at Brandenburg Gate. Right in the heart of the city, screens are raised up around this already incredible historical landmark, attracting several hundred fans for the biggest games – definitely worth a look. Thousands gathered here for the semi final last night, so expect the crazy to be turned right up this Sunday.

Apparently they’ve managed to deem each fanmeilen as ‘sport facilities’, meaning the city can contravene regulation. Barbara Hendrick’s, the Minister for the Environment was quoted as saying “For such an occasion a noise control exception is justified”. It’s a testament to how a little inventiveness and a touch of common sense can be used to overturn restrictions…and little did Ms Hendrick know, it was 100% totally worth it now that Germany have made it to final.

Maybe if Boris had let London do the same, England’s fate would have been different…thanks for that Boris.

Berlin Bars

If the city is happy to pack out its biggest architectural attraction with cheering football fans, you can bet that the bars will be happy to share in the revelry. Berlin, like Amsterdam, is a great city for watching football at any time, but it really kicks-off during the big competitions. They haven’t been selfish either; they’ve been showing international games throughout the competition and such selflessness has officially paid off with their own home-grown talent in the final.

Bar 11, Wiener Strasse 21, 10999 Berlin

Bar 11

This is a cool, rustic bohemian nightspot that’s perfect if you want an atmosphere that’s lively but not quite to the point of raucous. It’s decked out in modern art and funky chandeliers with a laid-back alternative crowd, kicking back in comfy chairs and lounging on sofas.

The bar is surrounded by big screen TVs that are usually tuned to football anyway. There’s also DJs at the weekend and the odd night of live music during the week. Definitely a highlight of the city’s drinking scene, so it’s worth checking out.

Oscar Wilde Irish Pub, Friedrichstrasse 112A, 10117 Berlin

Oscar Wilde Pub

If you’re looking for an English speaking crowd, you’ll most definitely find it in this traditional Irish Pub – the first to open in Berlin’s ‘mitte’ district. Popular with expat clientele, you’ll find English ales and bitters, as well as Irish stouts.

This is another bar that’s pretty much always showing the football (or any current big sporting event really). You can enjoy the matche in style on the Oscar Wilde’s mammoth projector screen.

Belushi’s Sports Bar, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 41, 10178 Berlin

Berlin Belushi's

Well, there’s a Belushi’s in pretty much every party city in Western Europe, so there’s no way that Berlin was going to be left out. As per usual, the bar will be decked out with both widescreen TVs and mammoth projector screens giving everyone a front row view of the action.

Like all the other Belushi’s, it’s attached to the city’s St. Christopher’s Inn hostel. So if you’re a guest at the Inn, you can probably expect a few drinks deals.

Bar Dello Sport, Eisenacher Str. 23, 10781 Berlin

Bar Dello Sport

With at least one giant ‘Maxi Screen’ alongside three HD TVs employed at all times, the Bar Dello Sport gives its clientele maximum coverage of all the major sporting events – and the World Cup  Final will be no exception. It can get a little crowded, so you might want to reserve, but the selection of food and beer is spectacular, so it’s worth it.

The Harp, Giesebrechtstraße 15, 10629 Berlin

The Harp

Another favourite for English speakers, this Irish pub will be another good spot to catch some expat banter. On top of a good selection of Irish and British ales and stouts, you’ll also find a fine selection of German beers and, well, if you haven’t gone to Germany to sample the German beer, then surely you’re not a beer drinker at all.



What’s a trip to Berlin without a stop at one of the city’s legendary biergartens (or beer gardens for the English speakers)? While a British beer garden has its charms and are especially sort-after real-estate on those rare sunny summer days, biergartens are a much more serious affair. They are a big part of what the German beer festival season is built around and it’s where you can find tradition beer grub like ‘wurst’ (sausage) served with the infamous 2 litre beer steins, filled to the brim with the finest German bräu.

Generally they are huge and establishments in their own right, as opposed to being attached to a pub or bar that acts as the main attraction. That’s what makes them so perfect for a bit of football. Surround it with a few oversized TVs, pack in the fans, start serving those steins and you have one hell of a party on your hands. The three that have the best reputation amongst footie fans are…


The Kulturbrauerei (literally translated to ‘culture brewery’) is an old beer brewery that spans 25,000 square metres, with a giant central courtyard surrounded by pubs and bars. You guessed it, this Sunday will mark a colossal courtyard gathering as people come to gather to cheer on Germany. Entrance will set you back  €3, but it’ll be totally worth for that unforgettable atmosphere. Visit their website for more info. 

To give you a little taste, the whole ordeal will look a little something like this..



Beach Bars

Beach bars

There are beaches in Berlin? Yeah, it shocked us too, but hey it’s true! Places where you can kick back in a deck chair with the sand between your toes, pair of sunnies balanced on your nose and chill out with a beer as you take in the game with your fellow football fanatics.

Of course, the city has no coast line to call its own, so rather they are beer gardens covered in sand that’s been trucked in from afar. Come on, it’s the modern age. Why should people have to travel to the coast to chill on the beach? The best of the bunch are…


You can reap one of two benefits by booking yourself into a football friendly party hostel during the heightened excitement of World Cup Final weekend. If the hostel itself has its own bar and projector screen, then there’s no need to brave the crowds in the crush to find a bar downtown. Alternatively, if your hostel is attached to one of those downtown bars, then you’ll most likely be showered with drink and food deals galore, which can only make your match experience all the more enjoyable. Here are the best Berlin hostels for those looking for the ultimate Germany vs Argentina experience…

St. Christopher’s Inn

St. Christopher Inn

This like in most cities, Berlin’s St. Christopher’s Inn is attached to the local Belushi’s bar, and by attached we mean it’s downstairs. Belushi’s, as we mentioned before, is one of Berlin’s premier sports bars, decked out with countless big screens for your football viewing pleasure. You’ll also no doubt be treated to countless drink and food deals, as well as what is considered the best Jaeger Bomb in all of Berlin. Not too bad, really, especially as the perfect compliment to a potential World Cup victory.



These guys take football seriously, so much so that they’ve recently installed Sky TV to ensure they get all the games from every European league. These aren’t the sort of guys that are going to lame out on the World Cup Final. In fact, they have a Sky Sports schedule up on their website to prove their dedication.

HI (Hostelling International) Berlin


These guys have both a bar and a TV room that guests can use to tune into the football. This is an ideal hostel if you want somewhere to chill out during the match or if you want a break from football on the bar scene. Probably one of the most popular hostels in Berlin, the HI chain never seems to disappoint.

Of course, this is Berlin, so there are countless hostels besides these. Check out HostelBookers’ full range of accommodation and book your World Cup Final 2014 trip to Berlin now!

Want to learn a little more about the host nation? Check out Lonely Planet’s Celebrate Brazil Mini-Guide to find out what the amazing Brazil has to offer (besides just the football).

Been to Berlin before? Let us know the best places to watch the football in our comments section below…

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