Your Guide to the Southeastern States

Southeast States

Written by Alexia Dellner

In the Southeast of the USA,  you can be sure to encounter plenty of southern hospitality, rich history and delicious home cooking.

The weather can be humid, but with pristine beaches like Hilton Head in South Carolina or South Beach in Miami, you’ll find somewhere to cool down. Visit a modern metropolises like Atlanta, Georgia, an old colonial town like New Orleans, Louisiana or a historical city like Montgomery, Alabama. If you want to get out into nature, Mississippi’s wide-open spaces or Arkansas’s hot springs will do the trick.

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Alabama takes two things very seriously and that’s freedom and football. This is after all where the Civil Rights Movement began and where the state motto is “we dare defend our rights.” Highlights include the many civil rights museums and monuments, white-sand beaches and the world’s largest museum dedicated to space.

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Beautiful Alabama

Beautiful Alabama

Thanks to Janet for the beautiful Alabama images.


Perhaps best known as Bill Clinton’s birthplace, Arkansas is filled with state parks, mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers and forests. Some may call the state boring, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find variety of outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, hiking and camping, as well as more unusual pursuits like hot springs, diamond mines, caves and a thriving music scene.

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Beautiful Arkansas

Beautiful Arkansas

Thanks to Michael for the beautiful Arkansas images.


Florida is the place to be for year-round sunshine, with glitzy hotels lining miles of white sandy beaches. Orlando is a popular destination for families eager to see Disney World while Miami is known for its South Beach and nightlife. Adventure lovers head down to the Everglades to paddle past gators and other wildlife in the massive National Park.

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Beautiful Florida

Beautiful Florida

Thanks to Jeremy for the beautiful Florida images.


Immortalised in the classic film Gone With the Wind, nowadays Georgia is a mix of old fashioned southern values and new modern metropolises. Savannah’s colonial houses and oak trees contrast with Atlanta’s high rises and shopping malls, but both cities are worth a visit. Mountains and rivers can be found inland while the coast features resorts and nature reserves.

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Beautiful Georgia

Beautiful Georgia

Thanks to Brett and Mary for the beautiful Georgia images (seen above and also in our hero shot).


Filled with charm and mystery, Louisiana’s largest city New Orleans turns into the “The Greatest Free Show on Earth” every Mardi Gras season. But beyond the vibrant metropolis lie murky bayous, wetlands and swamps. You won’t be able to avoid the famous Southern hospitality or the strong presence and Cajun and Creole culture, but why would you want to?

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Beautiful Louisanna

Beautiful Louisanna

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Often overlooked, Mississippi is a beautiful state with wide-open spaces, friendly locals, delicious food and a rich history. Sadly many parts of the state incurred the wrath of Hurricane Katrina, but the rebuilding has begun in the state famous for its cotton fields, giving birth to the blues, and good southern home cooking like fried chicken, catfish, barbeque and cornbread.

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Beautiful Mississippi

Beautiful Mississippi

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South Carolina

Palm tree studded Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head Island make South Carolina a top holiday destination. When not exploring the beaches, other activities include driving through quaint small towns, strolling through lush forests, visiting the beautiful old Colonial port city of Charleston and enjoying some sweet tea and tasty barbeque.

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Beautiful South Carolina

Beautiful South Carolina

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