Uncontacted Tribes: The Evidence

It is hard to imagine a corner of the world that man has not trampled all over. Advancements in technology mean we are now able to survive, in relevant comfort, both on and off the planet in many extreme environments. But Peru’s President Garcia is one of many government officials to deny the existence of uncontacted tribes, claiming them to be an invention by environmentalists opposed to oil sourcing in the Amazon. Well, what more proof do we need than one of a hundred uncontacted tribes in pictures…

Taken by Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department, these aerial photos show an uncontacted Indian tribe living in Brazil near the Peruvian border. Concerns for the tribe have recently escalated when illegal loggers moved into the protected areas and threatened the welfare of the Indians.

The purpose of these images is to bring to people’s attention the existence of these tribes and their fundamental right to live in these forests. The campaign hopes to put pressure on authorities who have failed to take decisive action and stop the invasion of the illegal loggers.

If the loggers persist, they will destroy this healthy and thriving community. They risk introducing diseases which could wipe out the Indians. Lessons were learned during the ‘rubber boom’ when many tribes were killed or died from disease over 100 years ago when wild rubber from these areas became a valuable commodity.

Brazilian authorities have been monitoring the group with over-flights and gathering evidence of invasions in the protected areas. Other organisations campaigning for the preservation of these uncontacted tribes include FUNAI (National Foundation of the Indian, a Brazilian government protection agency), COIAB (Coordination of Indigenous Organisation of the Brazilian Amazon), Survival International and Peru’s Amazon Indian Organisation AIDESEP.

Join the campaign to force the Peruvian government to expel loggers working illegally on the land of uncontacted Indians in Peru. For more information about uncontacted tribes, Survival International is a fascinating resource of images, videos and offers the latest information about their campaigns.

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Images courtesy of FUNAI from http://www.uncontactedtribes.org/brazilphotos

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