Your Guide to the Pacific Coast States

Pacific States

Written by Alexia Dellner

All three of these Pacific Coast States feature rugged coastlines and gorgeous sandy beaches. But they also have exciting cities from Washington’s coffee-loving Seattle, to Oregon’s funky Portland and California’s glamorous Los Angeles.

Sure the weather gets a little rainy in Washington, but these three states should definitely be experienced outdoors. Whether you’re hiking, sailing, or enjoying the famous wine regions – go outside and enjoy!

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Think of California, and thoughts of Hollywood and sunny Los Angeles immediately spring to mind. But the truth is that California has much more to offer than films and celebrity culture. Northern California with its old redwood forests, foggy San Francisco and Napa Valley feels completely different to the glitz and glamour of Southern California. Don’t just settle for sun-drenched LA –explore all that Cali has to offer!

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Dolores Park in San Francisco, California

Thanks Stuart for the beautiful California images.


Oregon has a reputation for tree-hugging granola residents, but the truth is that locals are just as diverse and interesting as anywhere else in the US, and they’re proud of their beautiful state too. With rugged coastlines and sandy beaches to the west, and desert land to the east, Oregon has something for everyone.  Be sure to hit up a microbrewery in Portland and the award-winning wine growing region.

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Beautiful Oregon

Thanks to Ben-voigts for the beautiful Oregon image.


Washingtonians like to live the good life. With its rugged coastline dotted with islands, dense forests and beautiful mountain ranges, Washington is for outdoor enthusiasts. Breathe in the crisp air and go sailing, hiking, kayaking, cycling, skiing and more. The San Juan Islands are particularly famous for outdoor activities, plus breathtaking sunsets. Don’t miss the state’s wineries or whale watching either.

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Seattle, Washington

Beautiful Washington State

Thanks to City Hostel Seattle for the beautiful Washington images (seen above and also in our hero shot). 

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