5 Exciting Ways to Spend Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving Pilgrims

Guest blogger and budget travel expert Aldo Singer from CheapOair offers some alternative ideas for Thanksgiving Day…

The best of all traditional holidays is almost here for us Americans – you know, the one where you eat so much you have to take a nap in the middle of the day? Thanksgiving Day is on November 28th this year so instead of vegging out in front of the TV watching the NFL game or Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, why not celebrate the holiday season with a mini break?

Here are some exciting ways to spend the holiday, rather than fighting with the family and stuffing your face with turkey.

1. History of Thanksgiving

If you’re a history buff, then head to Plymouth in Massachusetts. This charming city is where Thanksgiving first started, so try and re-enact the very first meal with some friends. Plymouth’s scenic beaches, local wineries, and sights such as the Mayflower II are also worth checking out.

Plymouth Massachusettes Thanksgiving

2. Hit the beach

Thanksgiving is normally a little bit on the cooler side. Why not pack up the family or grab a couple of friends for a road trip and head for some warmer weather? You shouldn’t have to be stuck inside your house on your time off.

The beaches of California would be an exciting way to spend your Thanksgiving holiday. Why not try a drive along the Big Sur and stop off at Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara with bustling university life, boutique shops and of course the beautiful vintage board walk where you can watch the surfers out on the ocean.

Big Sur California

3. A Thanksgiving hike

If you don’t mind brisk weather and you’re not looking after any children, then get out of the house and go hiking!  It’s perfect for a newlywed couple and could be turned into a romantic picnic once you finish the hike.

You’ll still be able to enjoy the usual Thanksgiving traditions of cranberry sauce and juicy turkey meat, but in the great outdoors. A couple of good day hikes include the Panorama trail in Yosemite national park which starts at Glacier Point and passes by the Illiouette Falls before looping back. This hike covers a hefty 16 miles.

Alternatively, in southeast New York, Breakneck Ridge starts from the Hudson River and lets you catch a glimpse of the Bear Mountain Bridge and finishes with a bracing climb up Mt Beacon. Here you can see a number of Manhattan skyscrapers.

Hiking Thanksgiving

4. Extreme Thanksgiving

Sky-diving is the perfect escape for thrill-seekers. Even if you’re not looking for a rush, some people just aren’t into spending time with the family. What better way to vent your frustrations than jumping out of plane thousands of feet above the ground? You’re up between 9,000 and 18,000 feet, cruising with a spot of free-falling for a minute or so, easy. You’re looking at anything between $170-$300, but it will certainly be a Thanksgiving to remember!

Skydiving Thanksgiving

5. Thanksgiving NFL Live

Chances are you’ve seen the traditional NFL games that play every Thanksgiving on TV. But why not go see it live for once? It’ll be a lot more exciting than slumping on the sofa.

This year the games are taking place in Dallas, Texas, where the Dallas Cowboys play and in Detroit, Michigan, home of the Detroit Lions. If you look for your cheap flights online now, you may be able to get an affordable trip to either of the games. Hotel prices skyrocket during the games, so look online for a Detroit hostel or a Dallas hostel, for somewhere affordable to crash afterwards.

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