Your Guide to the Mountain States

Mountain States

Written by Alexia Dellner

Known for stunning landscapes, the diverse terrains of the Mountain States encompass high mountain peaks, vast desert lands and great plains.

Outdoor enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with an array of year-round activities including skiing, hiking, boating and climbing. From vice fuelled Las Vegas and the roaring rivers of Idaho to the impressive Yellowstone National Park, each of the six states has something to offer the curious traveller, but what they all share in common is striking scenery.

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From the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains to crystal clear lakes and lush National Parks, don’t plan on staying indoors in this sunny state. Skiing is the major attraction but other highlights include a lively gastro scene in Denver, a college vibe in Boulder and a touch of glamour in Aspen and Vail. Dinosaur enthusiasts will also find plenty of dino themed attractions.

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Beautiful Colorado

Beautiful Colorado

Thanks to Talon for the beautiful Colorado images.


Rugged terrain and harsh winters make Idaho somewhat of an overlooked destination, but the beauty of the ‘Potato State’ is blindingly obvious.  Attractions include white-water rafting rivers, glacier lakes, fishing and mountain wildlife. Moose, sheep, goats, deer, elk, bears, and lions can all be found here, so for a real trip into the wild, head on over to Idaho!

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Beautiful Idaho

Beautiful Idaho

Thanks to Nancy for the beautiful Idaho images.


Nicknamed ‘Big Sky Country,’ Montana is famous for gorgeous vistas and serene surroundings. A mix of tall mountains (ideal for skiing) and vast plains, the greatest attraction is Yellowstone National Park, showcasing some of the incredible wildlife the state has to offer. Other highlights include the laid back vibe, the Wild West atmosphere and copious local sustainable food.

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Beautiful Montana

Beautiful Montana

Thanks to Melanie for the beautiful Montana images.


Think of Nevada and gambling in Las Vegas inevitably springs to mind, but Nevada has plenty more to offer than slot machines and black jack.  Shimmering Lake Tahoe is popular in the summer for water-based activities and winter is the perfect time to hit the slopes.  Nevada’s vast Mojave Desert is reminiscent of the old cowboy days and the Black Rock Desert is the setting for the trippy Burning Man festival.

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Beautiful Nevada

Beautiful Nevada

Thanks to Dani for the beautiful Nevada images (seen above and also in our hero shot).


Known for its beautiful rugged terrain, Utah offers an array of year-round outdoor activities. Proudly claiming to have the ‘greatest snow on earth,’ winter sports are common, but hiking, rock climbing and biking are also popular. Salt Lake City is a bustling metropolis with stunning views over the Wasatch Mountains and is also the headquarters of the Mormon Church.

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Beautiful Utah

Beautiful Utah

Thanks to Allison for the beautiful Utah images.


Wyoming is known as America’s ‘Cowboy State’ and with its wide open plains, vast forests, numerous ranches, and popular rodeo shows, it’s not hard to see why. Native American culture is important in Wyoming and in fact the state’s name derives from an Indian word meaning ‘the big river flat.’ Don’t miss the nation’s first national park, Yellowstone.

Beautiful Wyoming

Beautiful Wyoming

Thanks to Mike for the beautiful Wyoming images. 

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