Your Guide to the Midwest States

Heartland States

Written by Alexia Dellner

A lot of travellers to the United States will head to either the east or west coast, and explore lively metropolises like Los Angeles or New York City. But in the middle of this enormous country lies the Midwest, also known as “America’s Heartland” for its important farming industry.

Here there are exciting cities in like Chicago, Indianapolis and Cincinnati, but the beauty of the Midwest is in the gaping spaces, the scenic lakes and the wide-open road.

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Travellers come to Illinois to explore Chicago’s museums, architecture, restaurants and beaches. The Windy City is also the starting point of America’s legendary highway, Route 66. But a trip away from the big city is worth it for sights like Abraham Lincoln’s hometown and Great Rivers Country – filled with historic nineteenth-century towns, steamboats, and vineyards.

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Chicago, Illinois

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Largely rural, visitors to Indiana can explore Amish country in the north, sand dunes along Lake Michigan and the bustling Indianapolis. The state capital, Indianapolis, is home to superfast car race Indy 500 as well as the largest children’s museum in the world. Indianans are known as ‘Hoosiers,’ although why no one really knows.

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Beautiful Indiana


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Surrounded by Four Great Lakes (Huron, Erie, Michigan and Superior), and with more miles of coastline than any other state except for Alaska, it’s no wonder that Michigan is nicknamed “Water Wonderland.”  Sports are a big thing here, so try to catch a game if you can. Michigan is also where Motown was born, and the state’s biggest city Detroit was once the capital of the automobile industry.

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Michigan sports

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Ohio is a lot more fun than you might think. There’s the world’s largest indoor water park, Lake Erie beaches, coastal islands, and the famous Cedar Point amusement park. Kids will have plenty to see and do, but three large cities (Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland) offer museums, restaurants and culture for adults too.

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Ohio waterfall

Ohio bay

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Don’t even think about visiting Wisconsin without sampling some of the artisan cheese, juicy brats, or craft beers. Wisconsin’s food traditions come from the strong German and Scandinavian heritage. Other must do’s in ‘America’s Dairyland’ include discovering Wisconsin’s outdoor activities like fishing and hunting, and exploring the city of Milwaukee.

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