Guaranteed Whale Sightings: How to Make the Most of a Trip to Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay Whale

By Archie Ward

Hervey Bay is located on the Fraser Coast and is a delight for tourists and locals alike. It never fails to impress with an endless amount of fun activities to choose from. Hervey Bay is also renowned as Australia’s Whale Watch capital.

To get to Hervey Bay, you can hire a car for a scenic drive to the north of Brisbane. The journey only takes about three and a half hours.

For water lovers, Hervey Bay is an absolute paradise because you can fish, swim, snorkel, sail, kite surf, windsurf, canoe, jet ski and kayak all year round. The Bay’s Esplanade is 14km long and there are various picnic areas, piers, marinas and park lands dotted along it for you to enjoy.

You can see a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean’s coastline, which makes it a perfect spot. There are many nice restaurants on the beach too and after having all the fun, you can shop in the arcades and shopping centres and let your hair down.

The weather is subtropical with little to no rainfall. The following are a few things you can enjoy in this water playground…

Whale Watching

Hervey Bay Whale

The best thing you can do is go for a whale watching cruise which would cover everything. It’s possible to book tours that include:

  • Your morning tea and lunch.
  • Expert commentary on various features of the Fraser Island and whales that would make your trip more educational.Rainbow Whale
  • Most of the cruises provide guaranteed sightings and even give refunds if the whales don’t show. However, this is usually between August and October.
  • Almost 4 -5 viewing decks with multiple levels so that everyone can comfortably watch the whales from the perfect spot.
  • Hydrophones are provided so that you can hear to the whales singing underwater.
  • Underwater viewing rooms to look at the whales as they sail peacefully.
  • On board TV and TV screens which display various sightings using whale cameras.
  • Fast boats so that you can spend as much time as possible with the whales.
  • Activities for kids.
  • Catamaran that is stable, comfortable and luxurious.
  • Whale DVDs to take as souvenirs.

All you need to bring for your whale watching experience is your own camera, sunscreen (advisable to get a sunscreen with good SPF), hat, Polaroid, sunglasses and jacket. It is also advised that you wear flat shoes and bring enough money to buy the drinks and various beautiful souvenirs. The luxury cruises are a treat for people of all ages and are usually pretty affordable as well.

For adults, the fares are usually between € 55 and € 65. For kids below 3 years of age, it is free and for children in the age group 4 to 14 years, the rates are around € 35. If you are going there with your family, you could get a family offer which costs around €170 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children. For every additional child, you have to pay €35 extra.

For more info, you can check out the local whale watching site.


For scuba diving, there is no better location than Hervey Bay with its pristine waters and beautiful marine life. For experienced scuba divers, it is necessary to have a current diver’s license. Beginners can check out Dive Hervey Bay for everything you need to know.

Hervey Bay Beach

Usually, the trip is 4 hours long and the departure would be from Urangan Harbour. Most tours depart at least 1 or 2 hours before the tide begins. The first dive would be from a moon ledge, usually 10 to 22m and the second dive is on a sunken shipwreck at around 14 to 18m.

The pricing is pretty straightforward. If you want the weightless belts and tanks to be included, it would cost you around € 75 and if you want all the equipment to be included, it would be around €100, minimum 2 people. Prices are subject to change but on an average, this is what a good scuba diving experience would cost you.

Many diving courses are also offered, both for beginners and advanced learners. They last for a week and the work towards a globally recognised qualification. The minimum age is 10 years for basic courses and 12 years for advanced courses, and equipment plus study material is included in the price charged. For basic courses, it costs around € 100 to € 375 and for advanced courses, it costs around € 375.


Hervey Bay has calm waters that attract sailing enthusiasts from all over the world. A yacht cruise will set you back about €30 to €40 per person.

Sailing Hervey Bay

For more information on Hervey Bay and sailing cruises, you can click here.

The Fraser Island is listed on World Heritage and is just one of the beautiful wonders of Hervey Bay. There is also the Great Sandy Strait, wetlands, marine park, pristine beaches, brilliant water sports and of course, the ancient rainforest. The Coast is huge and picturesque, extending into the mountains, native woodlands, Mary River and many national parks.

Just book your accommodation, hire a car, get your tickets and get packing. This trip might just be the rejuvenating holiday experience you need to escape daily life. Get to Hervey Bay and forget your worries.

Author Bio: Archie runs Skedaddle Car Hire, one of Australia’s top car hire comparison websites. Check out their Hervey Bay page for more ideas on what to do in this part of down under.

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