The #7links Project: 7 Posts From our Archives

HostelBookers was recently nominated by @backpackingmatt to take part in the #7links project started by Tripbase. We thought it was a brilliant idea and loads of bloggers have taken part, helping us to unite and reminisce over some blog posts we might have forgotten about. I always love looking back so welcomed the opportunity to be involved.

So, after much thought here they are, our 7 posts for the #7links challenge.

1. Our most popular post

The Best of Eastern Europe

Every week we get great numbers on this post. It’s a toss up of whether to put this one in most popular, or most helpful. Thousands of travellers have used this post to help plan their trip to the cost-effective and amazingly historical Eastern Europe.

2. Our most controversial post

Bullfighting: A Bloody Tradition

This caused a bit of a furore among the traditionalists and animal-rights activists. As of 2010 bullfighting has been banned in certain areas of Spain but there are still many more that defend it as an important part of Spain’s culture and say that it should continue. A bullfight lasts around 20 minutes, during which the bull is stabbed numerous times before the fatal blow is delivered with a sword between the shoulder blades. Bulls are also often put at a disadvantage – check out the post to see how, it’s grim.

3. Our most beautiful post

10 best TV commercials to inspire travel

Ok, so the talent might not be ours, but it took a lot of racking of the brains to call to mind our favourite commercials of times gone by. How can you not love a beautifully shot advert that gives you the opportunity to lust after another destination – or even better, to say, ‘I’ve been there!’

4. Our most helpful post

Travel to Spain on a budget

This was another very popular post helping backpackers to navigate their way across Spain. For those who are tight on time, we’ve recommended the top 3 things to do in each major city – San Sebastian, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Seville. We’ve also found the train and bus times and prices between each and sought out some fun places to stay and eat.

5. A post whose success surprised you

The 10 Best Clubs in London

Obviously it’s a popular subject, but there’s also huge competition. After a good few years trying out London’s nightlife I felt now was the time to pass on my knowledge. My own personal favourite would have to be Proud club in Camden, but I’ve also taken into consideration the different types of clubbers and recommended a club to suit all types.

7. The post that you are most proud of

Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo on a Budget

I spent a brilliant few weeks last year staying in Nice for the Cannes Film Festival. Accommodation in Cannes was just too expensive, but from Nice it was an easy and cheap bus journey that allowed us to experience a different city too.

While we were there it was also the Monaco Grand Prix – I have no interest in this – so we went the week after it had all finished to check it out. Again, the bus journey from Nice was cheap and cheerful. This post brings back some amazing memories and a few people have commented they didn’t know it was so easy to get to, so I hope I’ve inspired them to try out Cannes Film Festival in future years.

7. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

Weird World of Sports

This post was a bit of fun. World Cup Fever had finished and we were left with a hole in our sporting life. We attempted to fill this with a post covering some of the crazier competitive sports around.

Featuring the World Bog Snorkelling Championships in Wales and the Mobile Phone Throwing Championships in London, we just can’t understand why it didn’t get more views?

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