Loveparade 2010: Free Love Reigns in Duisburg

Update: Did you come here looking for info on this year’s Love Parade? Due to the tragedy at the 2010 event in Duisberg, where 19 people lost their lives in a stampede caused by over-crowding, the Love Parade has been permanently cancelled.

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Have a happy summer.

This July, love is most definitely in the air. It’s also in the parks, beaches, phone boxes, motor ways, swimming pools, mobile toilets, bus shelters, supermarket aisles, and pretty much everywhere else. In fact, those who aren’t feeling that loved up vibe better get out of Duisburg quick smart, because come July 24th it’s going to be pretty damn hard to escape.

That’s right Romeos, the Loveparade is back again. After a brief hiatus in 2009, this year’s event is set to be one of the biggest yet, with confirmed main stage performances from Anthony Rother, Tiesto, David Guetta, Booka Shade, Fedde Le Grand, ATB, Boys Noize and many more headline acts.

So what exactly is Loveparade?

A no-holds-barred celebration of (not quite so) unadulterared love, lust and everything in between, Loveparade has grown to be one of the world’s largest free music festivals. Theevent attracts a host of top techno music acts and an audience of more than one million people drinking, dancing, parading, partying and…err…demonstrating their love in a very public manner. Forget city authorities, for one day only, love has no boundaries.

A Brief History of Love

Over the past 20 years, Loveparade audiences have grown from one hundred to more than one million revelers.

It all began mildly enough, when DJ Dr Motte gathered a group of raver friends to celebrate his 1989 birthday with some techno music on the Kurfürstendamm avenue in Berlin. Four months later came the demolition of the Berlin Wall, and the spirit of free love grew strong. By July 1990, what was once a private party had grown to a celebration of two thousand people assembled under a Loveparade flag. In 1995, that number had hit the three hundred thousand mark, and by 2008 it was breaking 1.5 million.

After some rocky times, overcrowding, and cancellations in 2005-2006 and 2009, Loveparade organizers removed the party from its Berlin roots to tour across different German cities until 2011.

2010 Parade: The Art of Love

This year’s love event of the season will be held on Saturday 24th July in the west-German city of Duisburg. All the epic festivities are set to kick off at 2pm when loudspeakers on all 16 floats blast out the official 2010 Loveparade anthem – Anthony Rother’s ‘The Art of Love’.

Over the following hours, creatively designed floats from Brazil, Russia, the Netherlands, Australia and Germany will circle Duisburg’s freight depot warehouses as they pulsate with techno beats.

At 5pm comes the epitome of love revelry, with a seven-hour musical rally on the main stage featuring performances from Tiesto, David Guetta, Booka Shade, Westham, Fedde le Grande and deep black. New this year is also a second stage on the south end, where DJs including Moguai, Moonbootica and Felix Krocher will be blasting tunes from 3pm until midnight.

After the Love Has Gone

Although the official party may end at 12am, don’t for one second think this is the end of the free love celebrations. Quite the opposite. Rather than going home to bed, all that sexual energy is merely uprooted and squeezed into the official Loveparade after party celebrations at Privé club. Here, more than 15 DJs, will provide 12 hours of electronic entertainment headlined by Felix Kröcher and DJ Pearl.

Where to Stay

Looking for cheap accommodation with fellow love revelers? Your best bet is booking a room at the Dorms and Dorm City Hostel. Just a fifteen minute walk from the railway station and central parade celebrations, you won’t have to deal with any of those pesky curfew issues here. Plus, there’s free broadband, allowing you to instantly upload all those crazy Loveparade photos – just don’t forget to bring your camera!

If you’re keen on staying for a longer period, it may be worth checking out our wider range of hostels in Germany. You can never go wrong with a visit to Loveparade’s Kurfürstendamm birthplace in Berlin. The other option is to pay a quick trip to Munich, which will no doubt still be buzzing from recent Christopher St Day celebrations.

Thanks to AveryCloseCall and t_masterb for the images off flickr.

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