Why You Should Discover America Now

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We’re happy to have Discover America’s support for our shiny new interactive map of the USA, the United Sharing Adventure.

As well as being able to find travel tips from locals for all 50 states, you can add your own tips and photos to the map. The more that’s shared, the more we’ll uncover the real USA.

We had a chat with Discover America / Brand USA CEO Chris Thompson about why you should visit the USA now…

1. Why should travellers discover America?

The United States is a land of awesome possibilities!  Whether you’re exploring a larger-than-life city or wandering off the beaten path, your experience will be memorable. America is more than a destination; it’s a land of dreams.  It’s not about seeing and doing, it’s about experiencing and feeling – the exciting contrasts, the diversity of people, collective culture that is only as robust as the stories and personalities that contribute to it.

2. What’s changed in recent years to make it even more enticing?

Brand USA is constantly working with our travel providers and government agencies to improve our visa and entry processes to ultimately make the USA a more welcoming environment for travellers from around the world. The United States is always evolving to add to and improve existing travel options across our 50 states. If you have been here before, we encourage visitors to explore the land less travelled and experience new destinations that are to sure delight even the most seasoned traveller.

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3. What’s something that surprises visitors about travel here?

People are very surprised by the vastness and the diversity of the United States. Many travelers remark on the idea that the USA is truly a “melting pot” of different cultures and traditions.

4. What’s your top travel tip for people visiting the USA?

Give yourself enough time! As mentioned before the United States is large and diverse. There are many destinations to uncover and it might take some time to get from place to place especially if you are going from the East Coast to the West Coast (about a five hour flight).

Elk in Colorado

5. Tell us a little more about Brand USA and Discover America.

Brand USA is the public-private partnership responsible for promoting the United States as a premier travel destination and communicating U.S. entry/exit policies and procedures. Discover America is our identity in the marketplace and a resource for travellers to find out travel information, interact with us through social media, learn about exciting destination developments and ultimately inspire travellers to visit the United States.

6. How can Discover America help you plan trips (we love the Tune Your Trip function)?

The Tune Your Trip function is a great tool and allows travellers to customise their USA holiday. It pools our various destination characteristics and allows the travelers to adjust the settings to create a trip that meets their specific taste, activity levels and desires for their USA holiday. Our website offers users a library of resources for travel information, states and city level information, as well as experiences and special promotions allowing them to better discover their version of America. Users can also save experiences to their “suitcase” by logging in to plan their holiday.

South East Alaska

7. What’s your favourite USA trip?

Tough question… that’s like being asked your favorite child. Each destination I’ve visited provides a unique experience but I’d have to say that wherever I go, travelling with my family is the best.

8. What’s the most underappreciated travel destination in the USA?

The USA is filled with hidden gems that truly showcase the authentic American experience. I encourage visitors to get out and explore.

Black Canyon hot springs

9. How easy is it to travel across the country on a shoestring budget?

Easier than you think. While the United States does offer the ultimate in luxury travel, it also offers many free or low cost travel options. We are home to many low cost air carriers, affordable hotels and hostels, affordable online travel websites, and low-cost or complimentary attractions. As an example, many travellers don’t realise that in our headquarter city and national capital of Washington, DC the majority of the museums and cultural attractions are free to all visitors.

10. Can travel bloggers participate in the Travel Journals section on your site?

We welcome participation from travel bloggers and other content creators on all of our digital platforms.

For information about travel to and around the United States, please visit Brand USA’s consumer website at www.DiscoverAmerica.com. Connect with Discover America in your area. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @DiscoverAmerica.

Thanks for speaking with us, Chris.

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