Japanese Earthquake: Emergency Contact Information


JAPANESE EARTHQUAKE NEWS: An 8.9 magnitude earthquake today struck north-east Japan and there is a tsunami warning in place across the Pacific.

The Japan earthquake struck at 14:46 (05:46: GMT) 250 miles from Tokyo on 11 March and there is a continued risk of aftershocks and also a tsunami warning. The Japanese earthquake today is believed to be one of the largest to have hit the country in many years.

Japanese authorities are advising people to stay away from low-lying coastal areas and to find high ground.

On AnyTrip, our sister site, find out how to help the Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief effort.

Tsunami Warning

A tsunami warning is in effect for the following territories:

American Samoa / Antarctica / Australia / Belau / Chile / Chuuk / Colombia / Cook Islands / Costa Rica / Ecuador / El Salvador / Fiji / French Polynesia / Guam / Guatemala / Hawaii / Honduras / Howland-Baker / Indonesia / Japan / Jarvis Is. / Johnston Is. / Kiribati / Kermadec Is. / Kosrae / Marshall Is. / Marcus Is. / Mexico / Midway Is. / Nauru / New Caledonia / New Zealand / Nicaragua / Niue / North Marianas / Palmyra Is. / Panama / Papua New Guinea / Peru / Philippines / Pitcairn / Pohnpei / Russia / Samoa / Solomon Is. / Taiwan / Tuvalu / Tokelau / Tonga / Vanuatu Wake Is. / Wallis-Futuna / Yap

Japan Earthquake Emergency Contact

The following offers emergency information for US, UK, Australian and New Zealand residents or tourists currently in Japan. There are also contact numbers for friends and relations who are concerned about someone currently in Japan.

If you are concerned about someone in Japan who may be in the affected area, foreign embassies recommend you try emailing, phoning, texting, using Facebook or Twitter to contact them before calling the relevant embassy. You could also try the Google Person Finder App.

For those in the affected areas:

  • Check your immediate surroundings for fire, gas leaks, broken glass and other hazards. Open doors and/or windows to avoid being locked in if there are after-shocks.
  • Radio stations in the Tokyo area that have emergency information in English include the US Armed Forces station at 810AM and InterFM (76.1FM).

UK Citizens

Website: British Embassy Tokyo
Emergency contact British nationals in Japan: +(81) 3 5211 1100/+(81) 6 6120 5600
FCO helpline in the UK: 020 7008 0000
Twitter updates: @britishabroad

US Citizens

Website: US Embassy Tokyo
Emergency contact: 1 888 407 4747 / 202-501-4444
US Overseas Citizens Services: 1-888-407-4747

New Zealand Citizens

Warnings have been issued for a possible tsunami in New Zealand.

Website: New Zealand Embassy Tokyo
Emergency contact from New Zealand: 0800 432 111
Emergency contact from overseas: +64 439 8000
More information: http://www.safetravel.govt.nz/

Australia Citizens

Warnings have been issued for a possible tsunami in Australia.

Website: Australian Embassy Tokyo
Within Australia: 1300 555 135
Outside Australia: +61 2 6261 3305

South Africa Citizens

Website: South African Embassy Tokyo
Emergency Contact: +81 (0)3 3265 3366

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