10 Cheap Things to Do in Sharm el Sheikh

Life in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is well known as a great autumn sun destination. The average October temperature is 27C/81F while highs hit 31C/88L and lows stay pretty sweet at 23C/73F. There’s also no rainfall meaning days spent out on the beach soaking up the sun is the norm, not the dream. So what else is there to do apart from park your bum on a sun lounger all day?

1. Deep sea diving

Scuba diving is what Sharm el Sheikh is most famous for and you’d be crazy not to sample the waters while you’re there. The fabulous Red Sea is home to the Ras Mohamed National Park where you’ll find shawls of fish and hundreds of coral types. You might even find Aerial, Sebastian and Flounder – who knows?!

From €45

2. Go off quad biking

The Sinai Desert in Egypt

Book onto a quad biking trip in Egypt and you’ll be taken out to the incredible Sinai Desert. Trips are usually 2 and a half hours long and can be timed to explore the sunrise at sunset, if you want a really romantic or visually exciting experience, or you could go at sunrise. Pay for a doubles experience and you can explore the beautiful crags and dunes of the Egypt plains.

From £25 for a single bike and £35 for a double

3. Go stargazing at a Bedouin dinner

Another trip out to the desert, but this time you’ll meet with some of the Bedouin folk and go stargazing. Checking out the constellations is a must in Sharm el Sheikh – out in the desert and away from the city they’re brighter than ever. As well as looking up you’ll also be looking down at your authentic Bedouin dinner complete with a taste of the unique Bedouin bread. The trip lasts around 4 hours and 30 minutes.

From €30

4. Ride a camel across the desert

Riding a camel in Egypt

You can’t go to Egypt and not ride a camel, surely? Enjoy a camel safari and your bum might not have to good a time, but your mind will. This is the best way to explore the Sinai Desert, like the way they used to. The camel ride will be around an hour long and after you can sample a Bedouin tea with habak or an authentic dinner with some of the local people. Youc an also smoke some shisha, if you like.

From £43

5. Glass bottom Boat Cruise with Coral Reef viewing

Head out on the waters for a 90-minute boat cruise with a difference. From the comfort of your seat you can enjoy the magical underwater world while staying clean and dry too. Look down and you’ll see the incredible Red Sea coral reefs and look around and you’ll see you’re out on the beautiful ocean.

The boat ride costs from £12.50pp

6. Shop in Dahab

Things to do in Sharm el Sheikh

The Bedouin village of Dahab is a great spot for shoppers. You’ll find the best value prints, lamps, jewellery, perfumes, leathers and boxes and get some great presents for everyone back home. Dahab’s also well-known for its windsurfing opportunities, scuba diving and St Catherine’s Monastery.

Free, just depends on what you spend on shopping! 

7. Go kitesurfing

Companies like kitejunkies.com line the waters ready to take you out on the open sea attached to a surfboard and clinging on to a kite. You be careful now.

From €85

8. Alf Leila Wa Leila (Fantasia)

The Amazing Arabian Night Life “Alf Leila Wa Leila” (One Thousand And One Nights Show) Sound & Light Show is a must on your list of things to do in Sharm el Sheikh if you really want to get in the spirit of Egypt. You’ll be picked up from your hotel and transferred to Hadaba, Um El-Sid, to enjoy your Arabian night. The show starts at 10pm so you’ll enjoy a tasty dinner and then invited to watch the show and learn more about the Egyptian culture. At 11pm the belly dancing and folkloric show starts – show finishes at midnight when you’ll be driven back to your hotel.

From €20

9. Explore The Coloured Canyon

Things to do in Egypt

Take a 4-wheel drive adventure through the desert along 120km of sandy track. You’ll arrive at Sinai’s coloured canyon that’s formed over millions of years to form the natural phenomenon that’s now a firm tourist attraction. Enjoy an hour-long walk through the canyon and explore colourful natural maze and steep walls. On the way back you’ll have time to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea or shop in the local market.

From £30

10. Enjoy a drink al fresco

Most hotels and hostels will have bars where you can sup on a cocktail in the bar. Or you could try the Camel Bar roof terrace – here you can enjoy Shisha pipes, bar snacks and the largest nightclub in Sharm. Pacha and Space are always good fun if you want to carry on the party until the early hours. Viva Beach, Hard Rock Café and Terrazine are all good fun too.

From €3

Where to stay in Sharm el Sheikh

Our highest rated hostel in Sharm el Sheikh is Sinai Old Spices. It’s just a few minutes from the beautiful Naama Bay and close to the bays of the coast. Double rooms include air conditioning, satellite TV, a kitchenette and a large bathroom. There’s also a relaxation area with sofas in the shade.

Sharm el Sheikh accommodation

Or try more places to stay in Sharm el Sheikh.


In doing my research for this article I found greatly differing prices for the same trips, so make sure you shop around before you commit to a company.

Thanks to WomEOSAlkan de Beaumont Chaglar, Claus Rebler,  AdaminaWomEOS for all the images from Flickr. Please note, all images were used under the Creative Commons License at the time of posting. 

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