WIN a bike and cycle accessories of your choice worth €350!

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Congratulations to Stephen Devincenzi for the winning fantasy accessory…

My bike would be music-intelligent; creating it’s own theme tune to fit it’s surroundings. For example, if I were cycling through French countryside it would create some gentle piano and accordion harmonies; if I were in New Orleans it would serve up some deep-bass rhythm and blues; and if I was in the Reeperbahn it would play some dirty alternative underground industrial music. Oh, and if I was cycling past a group of girls it would slow down and play ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder.

We love it!

A big shout out to our other favourite entries which gave us the giggles…

Alex says: Automatic breadcrumbs dispenser on the back wheel.

Lynne says: An ice cream van detector – it can be hot work pedalling!

Toryn says: I’d have a holographic projector so that white van men would think I was a hummer and give me some space (and respect) on the roads!

Caroline says: With a push of a button, a sign comes out stating a comment after an incident i.e. “Really?” “I’m here, too, ya know.” “Thanks for looking out.”

John says: a seat that hugs but doesn’t kiss

Kathryn says: Hamster wheels attached to each side. Stabiliser stylee….so my hamsters could accompany me on my travels. They’d love it!

Mel says: My bike would repeatedly say: “Keep pedaling and you will get skinny, stop pedaling and you will stay fat…..

Paramitha Sulistiaji Prabowo says: I want a mini dany de vito attached on my bike that keep talking and mocking people or whatever around me sarcasticly. That thing would keeps me laughing all the time while biking and give the ultimate joy ride every time I ride my bike.

Well done everyone and please have a giggle at some of the other entries we received in the comments below!


Calling all townies, tourers, beach bum cruisers and BMX tricksters! In our latest competition you could win €350 worth of Amazon vouchers* to put towards a bicycle and accessories of your choice!

How about a folding Brompton for the daily commute? Or being seen on a slick single speed? Alternatively, blow the whole lot on some beautifully crafted Brookes accessories. Whatever tickles your fancy, with €350 you can kit yourself out with some new wheels and top cycling gear. Look good, be safe, have fun…

How to enter

Go to the bottom of this blog and in the comments section, tell us…


The answer that makes us giggle, jaw drop, drool or go ‘OMG!’ will be the winner!

  • Answers must be left in the comments section and be under 100 words
  • Competition closes Wednesday 31st Aug 16:00GMT (17:00BST)
  • *Terms and conditions apply

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Terms & Conditions

  1. This Competition is open to anyone aged 18 and over
  2. This Competition is not open to employees of HB, their family members, HB’s agents, or anyone professionally connected with the competition.
  3. The competition will run from 9.00 GMT Wednesday 17th August 2011 until 16.00 GMT Wednesday 31st August 2011.
  4. Participants enter the competition by commenting “What accessory or feature would your fantasy bike have?” on the competition blog post. The answer should be under 100 words.
  5. Any entries received or processed after the closing date will not be accepted. By entering the competition the participant agrees to participate in such promotional activity, including automatic subscription to our newsletter.
  6. No responsibility is taken for entries which are lost, delayed or misdirected, or cannot be delivered or entered for any technical or other reason.
  7. Only one entry is allowed per person.
  8. Each participant will be required to provide full name and email address. E-mail addresses will not be published on the blog.
  9. The winner will be chosen by HostelBookers based on the most creative and interesting bike accessory.
  10. The winner will be announced via our blog and contacted by email on Thursday 1st of September 2011
  11. No cash or other alternative is available to the prizes.
  12. The usual privacy policy terms of HostelBookers apply to all personal information we gather.
  13. The prize must be taken by the prize winner and may not be transferred to or taken by any third party.
  14. If HostelBookers cannot contact the winner within fourteen days of the prize draw, HostelBookers reserves the right to conduct another prize draw to determine a new winner.
  15. By entering this competition, entrants agree to be bound by these terms and those imposed by Amazon.
  16. HostelBookers reserve the right to refuse entry to participants.

199 Responses to “WIN a bike and cycle accessories of your choice worth €350!”

  1. Andrea Smrckova Reply

    I am dreamimg about a black bike signed by Dave Gahan 🙂 Depeche Mode forever and everywhere!

  2. Ha, mine’s pretty simple – safety wheels, since I’m 24 & still don’t know how to ride a bike.

  3. A front shield. I know insects are a great nutrition source but enough with having the ones on the go, last time i had some inbetween my teeth, i found out after quite a savory kiss with my girlfriend.
    Oh and, just throwing it out there.. A perfect seat. The only reason why i don’t bike everyday is because each time i get on that bike i feel i’m being felt up by the seat.

  4. We have three daughters under the age of 8 and have chosen not to have a car for ethical/environmental/financial reasons. We also live in rural Ireland, and it is a significant challenge to transport the whole family…anywhere!! We have a twin buggy with a bike attachment, but that still leaves us with a third child to transport, and crazy Irish drivers are notoriously oblivious to bikers. Ultimately, my Dream-Machine Bike would have some sort of Rickshaw attachment that could accommodate my 3 kids for drives into town, and have mad reflectors and flags up the wazoo so all the selfish turds in SUVs would have no choice but to see us!! Alternatively, I’d settle for a front-mounted baby seat for my husband’s bike, but I’d still REALLY love a rickshaw ;o)

  5. My bike would come equipped with an invisibility shield, rodeo lasso and side car so that I can live out my dream of being a bike riding super ninja. I’d sneak up on the bad guys with my invisibility shield, lasso them and then cart them off to the police station in the side car. It’s the ultimate crime fighting machine. I reckon they’d make films about me and my bike.

  6. Suzannah Toulmin Reply

    What greater cycling accessory than an invisible waterproof bubble/cloak? There will no longer be a need for donning bulky, ugly waterproof trousers and a rain coat; I will no longer get caught off guard by an unexpected summer shower. Instead, I will be the envy of all cyclists, looking cool and fashionable in my summer outfit as I cycle, dry, through the drowning streets of Edinburgh. Above all else, the waterproof cloak will keep me (and my belongings) dry when my greatest cycling fear comes true, and inevitably, I skid out of control and tumble into the Union Canal.

  7. Yvonne Armstrong Reply

    Fantasy bike accessory five minutes ago would have been an automatic sweat/road-grime/bike grease remover so I would be more presentable after a dusty ride in 33 degreesC and 80% humidity! Stop trip-no drip ?

  8. Marlene Martins Reply

    I want a front basket to put my E.T. on my bike. Then I would be able to fly above the moon while escaping from FBI agents.

  9. I wish for my bike to have a teleportation device, just to jump half a mile by itself. I enjoy cycling to work in the summer, I live in the countryside without much traffic. The ride is twenty minutes long, although its uphill it’s not too bad. On the way back, it’s thirty!! There’s an awful hill where the gradient is so steep that cars can only go up it in first gear! That’s right, embarrassingly I often walk up that hill, I wish I could teleport to the top instead, to get all the way up without stopping!

  10. Speakers which you can connect a USB MP3 player, which are shaped in a way that they can be used to lock your bike and helmet to a pole!
    And when someone tries to cut them off it will trigger the alarm sirens!
    So you can be cruising through the city streets with your music, go to work, and not have to worry about some mindless London rioters stealing your bike and stripping them off this gadget!
    And you wont look like some silly manga figure as you go to work with your helmet!

  11. Roman chariot spikes on the wheels!!

    To stop cars getting so close and squeezing me into the kerb.


  12. Christine Bray Reply

    Cappuccino from the left handle and tea from the right! Bacon butties from the rear Whoop! On yer bike!!!

  13. I’d have a holographic projector so that white van men would think I was a hummer and give me some space (and respect) on the roads!

  14. I would like to have camera holder attached to my bike to take pictures of the interesting sites with my LOMO Diana F+ camera without getting off the bike or risking a fall 🙂

  15. Biking is healthiest sport! But i am not the professional one :P…. Mostly i used for it to reduce my beer tummy … ha ha… my location is a hilly region~ Always early morning starts with bit of exercise, most importantly slope to begin with which brings first smile of the day~ after few minutes of ride most annoying ride would be crossing the steep hill which really makes me sad to paddle.

    this made to realised biking is part of ‘cycle of life’ which has two faces happiness and sadness. So i changed my bike’s forward rim with smily face and the backward with a sad face~ 🙂 🙁


  16. Normally I would be very positive….but the last time I rode my bike, I was majorly sweared at by a carload of jerks for not moving out of the way. I want an uzi.

  17. Imagine pedalling amidst the clouds! Did you know the Wright Brothers made and repaired bicycles? Many of the original experiments in flight were bicycle/flying machine hybrids. Despite the failure of these early aircycles, with the strong and lightweight modern materials around today, it could be perfectly feasible to build a bicycle with folding wings, that could take to the air like a hang-glider, land on any paved road and function as a normal bike on land. A small windcharger propeller might also collect energy from the wind while cycling downhill and turn it into motive power in the air!

  18. It would be great to make electricity while I pedal and put a little TV infront so I can watch my game when I’m late home 🙂 /Inspiration- Barca playing tonight/

  19. Vivian Aguilar Reply

    I would love to take my bike on adventure trips. For that, it would be perfect to accessorize my bike with invisible wings so it can fly and glide like an eagle and an invisible floater so it can travel on water, too. Aside from those I mentioned, it would also be nice to for my bike to have at least 4 passenger seats so I can take my husband and my 3 daughters with me riding the bike of my dreams.

  20. I would like a tank of bubble solution and an array of bubble wands attached to the rear of my bike. The faster I pedal the more liquid would be pumped to the wands…I would leave a trail of iridescent bubbles blowing in the wind behind me.. a sight sure to inspire smiles everywhere I go!

  21. sheila howard Reply

    I think……a pair of Tardis-like panniers so I would need to make only one trip per week to the supermarket. That would be brilliant!

  22. Hi! I bike everyday to go to work and really Love it! He’s about 16 years and start to fall apart here and there sometimes. (o: You wanna be impress? Well, a fantasy accessory for me might me a magical compass just like in the pirates of the Carabean that indicates the place where I want to go when it’s not clear. Also, many crazy and soft lights can be safer the night and entertain people. :oD And, something to drive in the snow when winter comes. THANKS!!!! (o:

  23. A basket that can hold a bottle of wine and baguette in it!!! I would love to bike to a park for a romantic picnic with my husband!

  24. With a push of a button, a sign comes out stating a comment after an incident i.e. “Really?” “I’m here, too, ya know.” “Thanks for looking out.”

  25. My bike would have a turbine powered coffee warmer attached to the pedals, so as i pedal it would charge the turbine and heat the coffee warmer that is attached to the handlebars. It have a special flask attached with (long) heat proof straw so i could have my morning caffiene fix on the commute to work without it going cold or spilling everywhere. 🙂

  26. Hi everyone!
    My bike’s quite old and it’s hard to go uphill. So I need a bike-voice generator which could repeat “We can it! We’ll do it!” while getting to next picturesque village on the Alsace Wine Road 😉
    Good luck!

  27. I am 5ft tall and my legs are super super short. Because of this my bike is so tiny that I can only fit one water bottle, my seat post has been sawed down to nothing so the seat sits directly on the post. And I have a harder time climbing than most people, so my fantasy accessory would be leg extensions that would give me the extra power, allow my bike to fit perfectly and feel stronger. Until then though, I will keep on pedaling.

  28. My bike is…..
    A saddle of worn, burnished tan leather, a metallic green painted frame, chipped, and specked with rust, holding misplaced stickers and decals from 80s cartoons, like the Snorks. A quaint, woven cane basket, still robust enough to hold things, but somewhat coming apart at the seams. An oversized black rubber and chrome nozzled horn, which leaves your hand smelling of tennis balls post use, and produces a comic, slightly forlorn honk. Large, 21 inch chrome gangsta cruiser wheels laden with a mix of florescent and plain coloured spokey dokeys. Large chrome covered lights, connected to a intermittently functioning dynamo. Carbon coloured, plastic pedals, with orangey yellow reflector strips on the long edges, a loose, but well oiled chain, glistening and sludgey. A characterful 12 gears that click and chug when too much torque is applied to the pedals. Sleek comfortable chrome handlebars, covered with slightly sticky electric blue grip tape. A functional metal parcel carrier on the back, with vicious spring laden clip. Long white splash-guards, spattered with dusty grime

  29. Avocadoinparadise Reply

    I would get an automated bubble blower to attach to the back of my bike. It would blow bubbles as I ride around, spreading joy and LOLs. This summer when I was in San Francisco for the Pride Parade I saw a person with this setup riding in the parade and it really made me happy. I’d like to spread that kind of positivity as I ride around Washington, DC, on my commute, for errands, to my community garden plot, etc. It is a place that could use more light and laughter.

  30. I just had my wonderfull carbon MTB stolen, which I need for getting around in the city:-( I dream of a GPS tracking system built into the bike frame (of course combined with a bomb which I could release when the theft is riding my bike:-) I imagine a very small unit with a SIM card which turns on twice a day, and to which I can send a text message asking for its position in case of theft.

    I hate all you bike stealers!!!!

  31. My fantasy bike would have wheels that allowed it to go over water, climb walls and even fly! It would also include a weatherproof shell that would still let me enjoy the breeze on my face and some magic accesory that would stop sweat and get me spotless when commuting. =D

  32. Well, my town has really bad conditions for bikers – sidewalks occupied by parked cars, zebra crossings – what zebra crossings?, bike paths like they were designed in the 1820’s… But we also have really obnoxious policemen, who show up out of nowhere and fine you for riding a bike on the pavement, hoping to escape death by being run over by a humvee, or for riding in the opposite direction on the path, because the next zebra crossing is WAY over there and you’re turning left here anyhow…. you get the point.

    So my dream accessory is a doughnut gun. When I see the police with their horrible little STOP sign, I just press a button and *FTOOM!* a bunch of doughnuts fly from the basket and distract the police while I cycle nonchalantly past. No more tickets for me!

  33. A reverse osmosis water filtration system that collects and delivers fresh cool water from the moisture in the atmosphere. No more water bottles or hydration packs to weigh you down, just a funky colored silly straw to get a cool drink whenever you want.

  34. jenna russell Reply

    Fantasy bike would have two seats but one set of pedals and a magazine stand in front of the pedalless seat.

  35. I would like trailerwith a fold out tent with a gas cooker and an inverter that is charging up while riding for a radio ect ect… It would have everything you need for camping and more built in including sleeping bag and Pillows.

  36. I´m thinking something possible…

    so i´ll need a place to put mu mobile phone…an GPS and a conection to google maps that gave information where I can change the tires, or put some air in it, and off course a anti roubery system that indicates where are my bike……a place to put the things: sports material, like clothes, shoes, bath suit, towel…
    I device that said to me how many km I had made, how I spent in energy, but specially my opportunity cost: If i use a car to do the same distance how much gas I had spent, money and environment costs…

    …and at least but not last…the possibility to change my bike to a “mobilete”…..but an electric one that i can charge at home or in electric public place with a card for that….

    More lighter but more visible at night….and a litle place for things for first aids…remember you have a bike…
    To end a special key that permits block the bike…just only with a turn on and turn off…

    sorry my english…i hope you understand all my ideas…

  37. i love all these great ideas! for me it would be a light-weight rain cover that is permanently stowed in the frame. I couldn’t leave my bike in my apartment and we don’t have a bike room, so the poor thing (if i had one) would be outside all year…

  38. Stephen Devincenzi Reply

    My bike would be music-intelligent; creating it’s own theme tune to fit it’s surroundings. For example, if I were cycling through French countryside it would create some gentle piano and accordion harmonies; if I were in New Orleans it would serve up some deep-bass rhythm and blues; and if I was in the Reeperbahn it would play some dirty alternative underground industrial music. Oh, and if I was cycling past a group of girls it would slow down and play ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder.

  39. Jacob Cunningham Reply

    Well naturally I’d apply my newly patented gyro/smootie making device to the pania rack on the back. By connecting the turning of the crank to the turn of the smoothie maker blades I’ll be getting my five miles as well as my five a day.

  40. In the winter my hands are freezin. I need a bike with a heated handlebar. It gets warm when driving. It works like the lights on the bike with a dynamo.

  41. My future bike will have a vibration function, so that I could wake up. The fact is that I go daily to work by bike nd wake up on the way…

  42. Well of course gizmo gadget go feature. So when the snow comes you say “Go gadget go” and voila you have skis for the incredible snowy winters in this grand country called Canada.

  43. Light weight power assist system that is as a feather ! If it will be with my road bike, It will help me climbing steep hill so faster.

  44. julie lambert Reply

    a mini-reactor ! in order that from time to time I can have the possibility to go faster 😉

  45. The High Velo-city (*TM)

    *** The Extraordinarily Impossible becomes the Ordinarily Possible ***

    Imagine a bicycle that combines the everyday slow, yet peaceful, jaunt of the pedalling cyclist with the dynamic speed of a traveller through time and space. In my idyllic world – a cross somewhere between ‘The Good Life’ and ‘Doctor Who’, the theory of general relativity would not be theory alone.

    A traversable wormhole does not involve the acceleration of one end of the wormhole to a high velo(!)city relative to another for nothing if not to allow you to travel both efficiently and in such a fashion as to combine the ‘old-school’ cool of the tootling pedaller with the ‘new-age’ cool of the restless future that results in something so ultimately and outrageously cool it would probably blow your mind.

    In this fantasma-reality, I would sit down on my mint-pastel-shaded dutch bicycle, adorned with large handle bars (made of turned and smoothed beech from a fallen tree, struck by lightning, to mimic the antlers of a large stag) and a thatched basket, brimming with my hedgerow bounty, and as I started to pedal through sepia-toned scenes of the countryside on a warm summer’s evening I would enter an accelerated traversable wormhole.

    Relativistic time dilation would begin, leading the accelerated wormhole mouth to age less than the stationary one, which would create a sort of twin paradox. As synchronized clocks positioned at each end of the wormhole mouth remain synchronized to the kook cycling through the wormhole itself, I would exit the stationary mouth at a point in time prior to entering the wormhole in the first place.

    So long as all of the clocks were synchronized at each polar end of the wormhole to 2011, this would allow me to go on a trip of relativistic velocities, starting in 2011, cycling back to 1963 to take part in all of the hippy fun in full fringed, swinging regalia amongst 1960s split-screen VW Camper Vans, resisting the need to pay for taxes and to work for the ‘man’ just for long enough to feel at one with my new zen-like self before losing my grip on reality and my mind entirely. To return to normality I would hop on to my High Velo-City (*TM), which would complete the cycle through the wormhole to bring me back to 2011, with the vague hazy sense that I’ve had the most epic and beautiful of dreams.

    No one would believe you so you’d have to keep it to yourself like a really wonderful secret… until it’s discovered by your granddaughter in years to come and like the Peter Pan and Jumanji’s of this world – the adventures will would start all over again…

    Or something to that effect. 🙂

  46. musical pedals.

    as you pedal the music starts to play, think ice cream van on two wheels, or beating out your favourite tunes as you commute into work on a monday morning… won’t everyone wanna cycle next to you!

  47. ting-a-ling-ling Reply

    I want my bike to be a music making machine – complete with drum machine on crossbar, handlebar xylophone to the left, teeny tiny keyboard to the right, and a microphone to both record samples of the sounds I hear while riding along, and be able to sing, sing, sing to fellow travellers at every traffic light. Some will love me, others will want to kill me, but it will prove entertaining either way 🙂

  48. I reckon an on-board entertainment centre would be really cool – TV & iPod connectivity via an electric bike.

  49. Paramitha Sulistiaji Prabowo Reply

    My fantasy bike… Um.. I want a mini dany de vito attached on my bike that keep talking and mocking people or whatever around me sarcasticly. That thing would keeps me laughing all the time while biking and give the ultimate joy ride every time I ride my bike. 😀 ;p

  50. Hamster wheels attached to each side. Stabiliser stylee….so my hamsters could accompany me on my travels. They’d love it!

  51. WOW!! Some awesome ideas, especially all you music buffs, but check this out. I’m a longtime downhill mountainbiker, but recently began doing long roadbike trips, which I LOVE, but two reasons I often need to stop, (Checking the Map and adjusting my IPOD shuffle) will be eliminated with the invention of the HANDLEBAR DASHBOARD!!!

    The app. possibilities are for the handlebar dash are endless, speedometers, trip-meters, calorie-burners…etc..BUT, the BIG PITCH for this triangular shaped/clip-on to the handlebar and gooseneck device, is the central view GPS and the two side speakers with IPOD adjustments, (vol, fwd, bckwd…).

    These two primary functions of the Handlebar-Dash not only eliminate two reasons to stop peddling, but greatly increase the safety of riding by; 1) eliminate the foolish temptation of IPOD adjusting or map-checking whule riding 2) Eliminate headphones which are unsafe and I venture to guess, maybe Illegal? 3) Only an IDIOT could get lost.

    TM Handlebar-Dash

  52. I would love a bike that i could ride with my three toddlers attached that way i could go for a ride and always keep an eye on them … preferably seats that aren’t close maybe around the bike so that they cant slap eachother upside their head lol

  53. I would love a bike with a built-in power source, Ipod deck, speakers in the handles and a refrigerator in the back! Thanks!

  54. Allyson Nobles Reply

    My bike would have a great sound system so I could ride with style and a two cup holders, one for my starbucks and the other for my smartwater

  55. Antoine RJ Wright Reply

    A feature that would suit me would be a combination umbrella-engine. The umbrella would fold into a rear case when not needed but the engine would be used to help pick up the speed to get out of bad weather moments.

  56. Mike J Anderson Reply

    A strobe light would be so cool and it would give me a sense of added safety. Drivers could see you much easier with a strobe light and that’s a good thing.

  57. I want a second seat for Lance Armstrong and I want him to be available any time I want to take a ride.

  58. A GPS or attached app that tells me the closest place I can lock up my bike, closest bike trails, and bicycle repair shops, etc.

    Also- a device that makes it safer to bring your dog along on his leash somewhow without getting pulled down so easily!!

  59. tina lagrotteria Reply

    My bike would have a Speedometer because it would let me know the mileage that I travel each day, each week, and month. I believe in taking responsability for my well-being which means exercising taking into account the distance I travel.

  60. Jeannette Laframboise Reply

    A massage machine to continually massage as I ride. The more massages, the better I feel and the longer I can ride…;0)

  61. I’d have a jetpack that I can activate on steep hills, or whenever I can’t be bothered to pedal. I’d also have a button that I can press to instantly lose 5kg from whichever part of my body I feel needs it at the time…

  62. I would like a real wicker basket in front of the handlebars, painted white, and filled with flowers. 🙂 It would rot out every summer, but it would be soooo pretty! 🙂

  63. I would love a bike that could fly! I live in the city and sometimes it gets busy, trying to weave through pedestrians, other bikes and cars. I’d love to hover over all those people to get where I need to go! An automatic squirt gun would be another feature I’d love for those “road raged” people I encounter along my ride….it would squirt green slime, so much fun 🙂

  64. Mary L. Espinosa Reply

    I used to bike everywhere, but now I am a bit older and on oxygen 24/7.
    I want a recumbent bike or a tricycle for adults. I have been practicing on a stationary bike and am getting stronger. It has been a life long dream to bike across Holland in tulip time. It is flat land should be easy. My sister, who is a bit younger has agreed to come with me. All we need are the bikes, prayers, and a little financial help from our grand kids.

  65. My bike would be pink in colour, with a large pink seat(to cushion my ample bottom) and would have a pink basket on the front. Can you tell I love pink? My brother often took my bikes apart or rode them into the ground as a child and then I would be without one…this one would be my very own!!

  66. camesha cummings Reply

    the fanatsy accessories i would want on my bike,would be a sensor that sounds when a car is to close to the side or back of the bike when riding on the street in traffic.the sensor would make bike riders more aware of their surroundings and help with safety on the roads,but it would be acctivated with a switch on the bike so when the bike is parked it will not sound or if the owner of the bike wants he or she can leave the sensor turned on to act as a alarm system for their bike in unsafe areas when parked on a post,etc.i also would like a GPS system be installed into bikes so lost or stolen bikes can be found.i also would like a chain be installed in the bike so you just pull it out from the body of the bike to secure it to a post,tree, or bike rack,which u would have a code to enter on the bike to release the lock, so people don’t have to twist chains on the body of their bike which damages the paint job,so the chain would pull into the body of the bike and pull out when required.

  67. mine would definitely have an engine on it and air bags for when the silly drivers oversee me on my wonderful bike!

  68. Could you please put a little trailer with a couch and sleeper TV airconditioner on the back with a bathroom its bad when us girls has to stop on the road side. That way I could bike forever no hotels just camp out in the trailer .

  69. A pink & lavender bike with a basket on the front, a bell, and a huge bow on the front!!!! also a very heavy duty lock so it wouldn’t get stolen like my bike did :'( I can’t bike anywhere!

  70. I would love to have a rocket booster attached to the back of my bike and a windshield to prevent me from eating bugs (even though that may help my protein intake). LOL!

    Aliya D.

  71. i would like a pink super light bike with lots of gears and a removable basket woop woop it comes in handy

  72. My bike would have two minature Arnold Schwarzeneggers inside my wheels running like hamsters for my power.

  73. Angelo Middione Reply

    My bike would come equipped with an invisibility shield, rodeo lasso and side car so that I can live out my dream of being a bike riding super ninja. I’d sneak up on the bad guys with my invisibility shield, lasso them and then cart them off to the police station in the side car. It’s the ultimate crime fighting machine. I reckon they’d make films about me and my bike.

    Oh but wait…A USB Port…done

  74. Of Course my ideal accessory would be the most comfortable and adjustable seat ! It would be covered in the most appropriate material and adjustable to keep certain body parts from being chaffed and circulation cut off. With a seat like this I could travel in luxury all over Europe. It would be like a recliner on wheels, and my rump would love me for it.

  75. vanessa dixon Reply

    I would just love to have a bike agin. I have not rode one since I was a kid. I want one that has three wheels with a big basket on the back. A large seat for me to sit on. I would like to have two flashing lights on the back so people could see me and a head light on the front. I would also like made like a double bike so my neice and nephews could ride with me on the bike but also I could take the back bike off when I wanted to ride it by myself. The color of the bike would be purple and pink.

  76. my boyfriend and i dont have a car and use our bikes to do everything. even grocery shopping. this gets very difficult trying to fit groceries on a bike. i would love more storage. thanks

  77. Automatic Tea Maker – No more flasks or searching for a Tea Shop/Cafe. Fresh steaming tea, just the tonic for when you reach the top of that hill!

  78. Otilia Wegerman Reply

    I would have a little package in the frame for a raincoat as no sky ever remain clear for more than ten minutes once I’ve gotten up on a bike. There would be a little red note reminding me of wearing a helmet because I always forget it and then feel like death is just around the corner for my whole trip.

  79. A onboard camera for taking still and video shots while on the move, a somewhat different perspective on life!


    I need a fan/airconditioning unit! I am a sweataholoic and could really use a nice breeze!!!

  81. I would have a back scratcher released froim under the seat just in case an itch hits you and we all know that you can’t reach back 7 scratch the middle of your back while riding a bike 🙂

  82. nicole coffman Reply

    I would like a camera mount to put my video recorder on so I can tape just how many cars try to kill me a day, post it for mass viewing on the internet and create awareness that no, us bikees, arnt the bad guys here! Just enjoying some wind and rays!

  83. Remember the good ole’ days when every sweet ride had spinners on their wheels (where did they go)? I would have my bike come with hydraulics and spinners so I could be a low rider and start a bicycle gang.

  84. elizabeth doucette Reply

    Go for a long ride on a summer day and you’ll find that when you get off you’ll have a sweat soaked backside. My husband a has a name for this, (excuse my language) “swamp ass”. So how about a fan that sits at the back of the seat and aims down your ‘crack’.

  85. My ideal bike would have a built in GPS that always takes you to the right destination, lol. It would be able to see traffic built up in front and save you time.

  86. I would like to have a system to fry thieves and a litle basket to store the dead ones. This would replace a good bike lock.

  87. I’d love a bike that looked classy, adorned with the classic bell and basket(big enough to carry my stuff for class in), and of course some ribbons on the back. Also wouldn’t mind if it had a built in electric griddle so I could plug in and whip up some pancakes or even crepes where ever I go.

  88. Pauline Milner Reply

    Instead of the ‘Mile High Club’, perhaps it is time to start the ‘Never left the ground, but was travelling on two wheels club’.

    Of course, then the bike would have to have a set of perpendicular handle bars, to make things a little easier on the participants (think, people, think!).

    Thanks for the great contest! ~Pauline (

  89. Sanjay Noronha Reply

    A penis awakener.

    Now I do not wish to be gross here but spend 10+ hours on a bike in the scorching heat of India and you will know what I am talking about.

    At the end of the day, taking a wee is a task in itself.

    Would be great if the seat had a little something to tap Johnny once in a while and prevent him from going off to la la land.

    My (sincere) 2 cents.

  90. I would like a Magic Fingers bike seat that massages the rear while you ride (in similar fashion to the Magic Fingers beds in some hotels).

  91. I always wished I could have just a big Giant plow on the front of my bike. I go to school at a pretty big university and there are so many people walking on the side walks that if your on a bike you have to cut into the grass or just ride really slow and dodge all the people (people are also not friendly to bikers at all). It gets really frustrating so if I had a big GIANT plow I would swoop up some poor suckers that get in my way.

  92. Riding the bike makes the bum sore, so I would like to have a Shiatsu type devise in the seat that would make the bum feel better in advance of the pain the bum will feel the next day.


  94. A solar powered engine and a reflective windscreen so I could see out but no one could see my red, sweaty face or look down my t shirt.

  95. glenda van wart Reply

    the feature would be an automatic robotic option that would pedal and ride for you, safely, – taking the best route and monitoring the oncoming traffic so that you could even sleep while the bike does the work.

  96. My bike would have button that would deploy wings so I could fly. Oh yes, flying bike.
    Now we are talking!!!

  97. i have to suggest something that we actually need: a triage bike safety system: both wheels easily removable, which (important!) mesh completely to save space, plus a steel bike lock in the shape of a telescoping helix. a very strong, complex shape, much like your childhood brainteaser puzzles! and it unlocks when you call it with your phone number and submit a secret code! bike theft is rampant in the bay area. :/ peace.

  98. My bike would repeatedly say: “Keep pedaling and you will get skinny, stop pedaling and you will stay fat…..

  99. I would love to have a apple green bicycle to ride to work here in the Netherlands. Besides a lovely green bike, I would wisely invest a part of the budget in buying some extremely sturdy locks as my beloved carbon neutral two-wheeler recently got stolen….

  100. A flux capacitor – if I ever developed the strength of will to get the bike to 88 mph I would be rewarded with a trip to the time of my choice! Great motivation!

  101. My fantasy accessory would be a pedal-powered ghetto blaster. That’s right, I’m going retro on your ass! Imagine cycling down the street with music blaring out of your bike. Brilliant! Bystanders can have a bit of a boogie as you cycle on past, and on top of that it will motivate you to keep on pedaling sister. As soon as you stop, so does the music. Although for safety’s sake it’s probably best if there was a giant warning sticker reminding you to stop at crossings!

  102. Adrian Delgado Reply

    An Andy’s Copenhagen Wheel hehe No, seriously, my dream bike is any bike since I am moving to Berlin and I really need one.

  103. Wouldn’t it be super fantastic,
    If your bike had arms like inspector gadget..

    Go-go-gadget map would be cool,
    And a gadget brolly would be a handy tool,

    But the go-g-gadget copter is my favourate accessory,
    so me and my bike could fly over the sea!

    To cylcle round in the sunshine,
    and leave this English weather behind…


  104. Lucy Wright-Booth Reply

    A massive horn so that when I’m riding along the promenade I can scare all the pedestrians out of the way!

  105. I would definately have to have a time travelling, time stopping badboy of a bike! All the power would be in my bling bling bike bell. 3 rings to stop time (if running late commuting to work) and when up to good speed I’d ring 5 times whilst thinking what era I want to travel to and boom! A time portal opens up and I cycle through. I would be kitted out in appropriate attire as part of the magic too…of course.

  106. A bike powered shower. Biking is sweaty work; especially if you live in city of many steep hills and arriving at ones destination looking and smelling the worse for ware not good. Also a levitation devise to get up those hills without traffic beeping at you.

  107. I don’t need much, but maybe my bike would be programmed to automatically find flea markets, thrift stores and coffee shops. It’ll help me find my fellow hipsters!

  108. my bike would have high beam lights with a fog horn to alert drivers that im around maybe even magnetic laser beams incase they get too close

  109. A device whereby the bike would appear to be a car or even a lorry if other traffic was getting too close to me.

  110. OO I am dreaming for a world of bikes and clean environment in my town…i am also dreaming for a beautiful bike that cant be stolent ( i live in Romania ) so i dream a bike with a really good heat mechanism that i will turn maximum in the night against thiefs, i will make it just warm in the autumn and sping to warm up my sexy ass and in the summer i will make it make ice cubes for cocktails at the picnics and parties alll in the bike body ( pipes and handle bar ). At the back of the bike it will have a place where can take out steam as a abadass motorcycle :D. Cheers for the perfet bike!

  111. Due to the fact that my immensely beloved blood-red racing bike got stolen just the other day, I am A) heartbroken and B) very much in need of a new bike to attach a fairly simple but nonetheless important accessory to it, in fact there are two: a blue/white chequered bell with the image of a crown representing my nationality: Bavarian. And secondly, an electronic shock device that is built into the seat and that recognises if the bike is driven by someone not being myself, and shocks him or her off the seat immediately – so my bicycle won’t be stolen again. That’s it. Fingers crossed now.

  112. Lucy Brownless Reply

    I love my bike to have illumanise yellow Handle bars and yellow tyres,also a bright blue frame,i would of course wear matching sport wear,yellow gloves,yellow sun glasses,yellow helmet,I like the world to be a brighter place.

  113. well, I wouldn’t mind having KITT (yeah, the one from Kight Rider) installed in my bike! Having Turbo Boost, Ski Mode, a Laser… etc. would be awesome 😉

  114. A pegasus cape and a pair of (clip on) wings. Crashed my old BMX too many times, would be great to actually enjoy a liftoff moment without worrying how nasty the landing is going to be.

  115. Doreen Harvey Reply


  116. Some sort of mechanism that would iron my clothes as I cycle around the countyside. Pure heaven!!!!

  117. An ice-cream maker, powered by my peddling, so I have fresh home made ice cream when I get to my destination.

  118. My bike would have orange accessories. It would be orange. Orange would be the colour to honour a great Canadian, Jack Layton. Jack Layton was a great humanitarian who believed in social democracy and the advancement of our world for all. Jack himself biked through the cities he lived in. Jack died last Monday, August 22nd, in the prime of his life fighting cancer; he had just brought the country together in the last election with a majority of Quebec seats as the official opposition. His final words written words were in aa open letter were :

    My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.

    All my very best,
    Jack Layton

  119. Much as I’d love an inflatable Mark Cavendish to take over when I’m feeling too tired/lazy (OK, most of the time) and to chat with while at traffic lights (better than talking to myself!), I really, really want something to deal with my pet hate: potholes. So my super gadget would spot potholes in my path and squirt instant setting smooth concrete into them. When I invent this (next week hopefully) I’ll make enough money from it to be able to hire the real Mark Cavendish as the daily engine for my new tandem 🙂

  120. My dream accessory is jewelry with integrated front and rear lights. Safe + Fashionable = cycling dream.

  121. Mine would be a blue tandem with time traveling capabilities, and would have Doctor Who riding with me.

  122. I want a road sensor that will see the road in front of the bike and make it smooth as glass. Well, not glass; that could be a bit slippery. Smooth as really smooth pavement.
    Potholes and broken road? Bam! Repaved!
    Broken glass? Removed!
    Streetcar tracks? Covered!
    Snow and ice? Sublimated!

  123. Here is my dream bike:
    fire-resistant bike with solar powered mini fan & super mini fridge for my drinks & meat, also a solar powered charger for smartphone (so I can enjoy music, make a call, use GPS, go online, etc conveniently while cycling), solar powered induction stove, a compartment for a compact set of clothes, another compartment for sleeping bag or tent. A projector to the street so I can watch TV/DVD/etc on the street in front of me while riding the bike.
    But, all those are still ‘normal’ additions. I want more!
    Apply anti gravitational tech to the wheels, a rotor system so the bike could fly like helicopter & when not being used it can be folded automatically into the bike’s frame, jet engines, a parachute, body air bag, then I’ll be ready to travel by air with my bike!
    With a helmet filled with oxygen connected to a face mask I’ll be wearing + automatic retractable paddle wheels, I’ll be able to ride my bike under water.
    But the wheels could also turn horizontally, the tires will expand, then the rotor system will move to the back, and the bike will be able to move on water like a hovercraft!!
    But there’s more, push a button then strong iron will cover the tires so they’ll form into sharp spikes to climb flat surfaces and mountains!
    Push another button & the iron covering the wheels will change into pointy drills which can be moved to any angle to change direction. With the oxygen helmet on, I’ll be ready to drill & ride my bike into the depth of the Earth!
    It will become a super bike, able to travel anywhere!!

  124. Jeremy from Idelish Reply

    I’d love to have one of those jet cockpit covers that appears out of nowhere when I press a button on my bike and it “slides” into place, covering me in a cockpit bubble, protecting me from rain (I live in Seattle!) and comes with auto-pilot so I can take pictures for my blog while riding!!!

  125. At a fast-first-sight, everything looks normal on my ideal bike… But this isn’t the case, as by a more attentive look a small, weird device well connected to each of the 2 pedals, is easily noticed on the front low side of the bike. It’s a Multiplier of Speed.
    The faster you pedal, this tiny thing multiplies the forces applied, gaining, thus, a greater speed.
    With such a device, I could reach faster the other side of the world, find that person who is traveling in my thoughts… And when I will have finally found him, I would give my bike to sb else, for they could also make true their own dream.

  126. Well i am a bigger woman that sometimes has trouble keeping up with her fast 8year sometimes i get the toots, would be cool for my bike to be able to have a modulator that chnged my farts to turbo boodt whoo hoo bye my love as i shoot by faster than a speeding bulet padt my boy..boy would his eyes pop out lol

  127. Nishanthi Sivanandanayagam Reply

    My bike retracts the wheels’ treading for a frictionless ride, shoots an umbrella from its stem on rainy days, releases rotary blades when I want to fly, springs itself up and flips back when I want a kick, and directs air into, across and down the frame where it mixes with stored hydrogen to pump into my bottle 16 oz of baby water. Shazam! I need only press a single button for it calculates its output from my intention. A remote activates an additional function: in folds the handlebars and back swings the seat post, effectively dumping robbers. Poof!

  128. Dragon wings and tail so I could soar above the clouds and get across the motorway rather than having to cycle up that long ramp to the bridge!

  129. I want a bike who can be a bike AND a man… not sure how straight i could ride on it but it would be much more fun!

  130. It would give an electric shock to remember for anyone who tries to steal it! Yes, I’m tired of bike stealers. Lost 3 bikes this summer already :/

  131. An iPAD2 attached to the back showing a powerpoint type presentation with random inspirational messages, or short sketches, for all those stuck in traffic. It would have to make people smile, inspire them and make them feel less stressed. 🙂

  132. A storage compartment reminiscent of Mary Poppins’ handbag, where I could store my Uni books, laptop, softball gear etc.

  133. My bike will have a solar panel/ so it could be truly sustainable / it would make me go faster / I’ll be a bike Master!
    I wouldn’t use my pedals / because I could ride for free / energy would be offer by the sun/ to ride until the moon.
    My bike would release frequencies / to raise people’s vibrations / People would be so happy / And would release all their frustrations.
    I would ride around the world / sponsored by Amazon/ Hostelbookers would help me too /Providing accommodation 🙂

  134. Definitely a bike cape!

    Remember the feel of your superman cape flying out behind you when you were a kid, as you went racing around the yard?

    Love that feeling

  135. A built in inner compartment under the saddle (a sort of trap door saddle) for er those little emergencies when stuck in the middle of nowhere without a public facility in site!

  136. A time machine so i can visit all the cities i love in their prime time – ancient rome, athens, paris during hausmann, new york in the seventies and manchester in the eighties! i’m daydreaming of a trip around the world in different ages with my new bike! 🙂

  137. A sausage machine! What can be more fun than cycling round awesome cities whilst producing sausages? I cant think of anything…

  138. GavinDublin76 Reply

    I would Love a HostelBookers Voucher Printer so I could Spread Holidays Around My Town, I would even give some to People in Cars, SUVs etc as they have to pay so much to keep there Machines on the road, Then they would be converted and look out for us Cycleists when Driving:}
    It would Be Great to see so many people smile as “It costs Nothing too Be Nice” well i`ll Leave You Now and Hope You Spread The Love if Not The Vouchers:}Xx

  139. I would love to have a totally decked out dash er… handlebars with a bug shield, ipod holder and a water bottle holder and maybe a sweet basket so I can go to the grocery store and back.

  140. Elaine Derbyshire Reply

    Double padded seat, with a chocolate dispenser. I would able to cycle round the world twice!!!

  141. I’d like some “language translating googles” as I am an American living in Germany. Just got here and read *some* German. I know I’ve already ridden down a road that was for farm equipment only (but looked like a bike trail). I’d like to prevent future mishaps. It’s hard to read and translate while riding! 🙂

  142. Congratulations to Stephen Devincenzi for the winning fantasy accessory! We will be in touch via email shortly.

    Thank you everyone else for your wonderful ideas, but alas, it is back to the real world of getting wet, dirty, not flying up hills or having any assistance from rocket booster *sigh

  143. Alonso Ricci Reply

    Hello everybody ! I`m driving since nowember 9th 2011 with my mountainbike around spain. Now is the winter in Spain, and at times it was very cold. Has lived in a tent, hotels, rental apartments, and by new friends etc. The journey continues forward`s with Malaga, Almeria, Cartagena, Alicante, Valencia, Tarragona, Barcelona ! All the best to all and see you on the road !!!

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