Top 10 Travel Tips – The Winners!

Lovely job on the competition everyone. But these tips below really caught our eye on Facebook so check out the competition winners below, oh and pick up some useful travel tips too! Congratulations, if you’re on the list, you’ve won a copy of Rough Guides’ Extreme Adventures!

Bauk Eisma

Vitamin B complex! In South America they give it to their cattle so they do not get bitten by mosquitoes, and if they do bite it is a tiny bite. You can use it too. Best travel buddy ever! It helped me survive the Amazon.

Kathryn ‘Rubisa’ Arbuckle

Never refuse anything apart from a slap in the face! Eat the snails in France or watch an animal sacrifice in Nepal! Relish the culture, take advantage of what you can and enjoy it… remember not everyone gets those opportunities!

Kylie Plester

Take a pillowcase with you because if you get stuck somewhere without a pillow you can stuff your clothes in and you can be a little bit more comfortable. Plus it’s great if you find yourself at hostel with a dirty pillow case.

Danny Brown

If travelling for a long time I set up two bank accounts and have one pay my monthly budget into the other on a set day each month. Good way to manage your finances and also that’s all that will go missing if someone gets your card.

Lindsey Clausen

Stay longer in each place than you think you ‘should’, spend more money than you think you ‘should’, take more pictures than you think you ‘should’, and eat far more than you ever ‘should’, this combination will take out any possibility of you getting home and saying ‘I should have…’

Eric Tietz

When travelling through multiple countries, always bring extra passport-size photos. Many countries require these when applying for visas. It’s also easy to make your own and costs about 10x less then doing it in a store or in a different country. There are several websites that tell you exactly how to do it yourself. I saved at least $30.00

Chris Maloney

Before you pack your bag, lay everything out on a bed then halve it. It is better to travel light, you can buy anything you need there.

Brita Bevis

Fed up with the cost of drinks at airports and on flights – I bought a reusable foldable bottle (from outdoor/camping shops), which I fill up with water after clearing customs. When empty, I keep it rolled up with an elastic band in my pocket. It’s saved me a fortune, is convenient when out and about and there’s no need for disposal.

Ollie Sheppard ‎

My great travel tip is always have a roll of toilet paper. When you are carrying one of these you are actually carrying Kleenex, napkins, a towel, a plate, a notebook, band aids, a shoe cleaner, ear plugs, nose plugs etc… and toilet paper! Many public toilets in the world might not have it!

Kim Higgins

Prior to leaving, spend a few hours on Google Earth to ‘map out’ your trip. Great way to locate your hotel or hostel, locate metro stations, look at train routes, gauge walking distances, and check out beaches and other local sights, and the street views and photos give you a great preview of what you’ll see!

Thanks to Abdessamad, gorriti, Anne Norman and Terry Johnston for the images off Flickr!

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