Easter Offer: Last chance to win a free stay at a top hostel

Last chance to win a free hostel stay- Easter Offer competition ends on Sunday!

No, this isn’t an April fools joke, this really is the last chance to take part in our amazing €50,000 offer and win a free stay in one of 92 top hostels from our top 30 destinations this Easter!

To put yourself in contention for a free stay at one of the 92 featured hostels, you need to make a booking at one of the participating hostels before 00:00 GMT on 3 April, Easter Saturday, when the competition closes.

If you manage to make your booking before the closing date you will be automatically entered into our daily prize draw, which will give you the chance to win your stay for free. If you are selected at random as one of our finalists and correctly answer the qualifying question (via email), you’ll receive e-mail confirmation of the free stay, which must be presented to the property on arrival.*

We’ve given away free stays to 186 customers so far in some top hostels in some of our most popular tourist destinations including Dublin’s Jacobs Inn and Marlborough Hostel, Edinburgh’s Merith House Hotel and St. Christopher’s Inn in Berlin.

So what are you wating for? Get yourself online and make a booking now to put yourself in with a chance of joining our ever growing list of winners below:

Michael Huber- Euro Hostel, Glasgow
Peng Hock Heng- Mama’s Hostel- Main Market Square, Krakow
Thomas Ng- Inner Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Hang Tran- Explorers Hostel-Upper Westside, New York
Rebekah Miller- Generator Hostel Berlin, Berlin
Anna Hardin- Smart City Hostels Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Anže Kavčič- Generator Hostel BerlinBerlin
Pavan Mankal- Good Morning BudapestBudapest
Olivia Stitt- Caledonian Backpackers, Edinburgh
Mauro Small- Home Plus Hostel, Budapest
Bas van den Elsen- Lafayette Guesthouse, New York
Peck Tien Tan- Good Morning BudapestBudapest
JING ZHAO- Euro Hostel, Glasgow
Anthony Bhalla- Inner Amsterdam, Amsterdam
karsten suess- RIXPACK Hostel, Berlin
Francois Chabot- Gli Arlecchini B&B, Pisa
Cassia Collini- Smart City Hostels Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Juan David Estevez Castillo- AAE Mosquito Hostel, Krakow
colton Long- Inner Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Sara Doyle- Inner Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Karin Lejon- Hostal Salamanca, Madrid
Wendy Swain- Marlborough Hostel , Dublin
MIKA KOBAYASHI- 2Night Privates, Budapest
Rosanna Francis- Generator Hostel Berlin, Berlin
kelsey Cary- Villa Saint Exupery, Nice
Julia Quitmann- Sir Toby’s Hostel, Prague
IDIL MESE- Caledonian Backpackers, Edinburgh
Olubunmi Arogunmati- Flying Pig Beach Hostel, Amsterdam
Claire  Teitelman- City Hostel Berlin, Berlin
Regina Schmidpeter- Barcelona Sound – Be Hostels, Barcelona
Julianna Oliveira- Journeys London East, London
alison marshall- Isaacs Hostel, Dublin
Lewis Cavanagh- Nomads Westend Backpackers, Sydney
Kristen Carbone- Lucky Youth Backpacker Apartments Hostels, Paris
Brittany Brannon- Villa Saint Exupery, Nice
nigel coelho- Il Ghiro, Florence
Annie  Cornu- Marlborough Hostel, Dublin
Margarita Mikhailova- United World International Hostel, Madrid
Melanie  Barnes- Caledonian Backpackers, Edinburgh
Thi Ha Thanh Nguyen- The Walrus Waterloo, London
Claire Finnie- St Christopher’s Inns – Paris, Paris
Lee-Anne Reddey- Mama’s Hostel- Main Market Square, Krakow
Pamela Verville- Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
jenric ng- Mama’s Hostel- Main Market Square , Krakow
Paul Franz- Explorers Hostel-Upper Westside, New York
Eryn Correa- Six Beds, Rome
Alexander Neubauer- The Merith House Hotel, Edinburgh
Xiaolin Zhang- Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Julian Reidy- Il Ghiro, Florence
Carmen  Chiu- Villa Saint Exupery, Nice
Jovilly Donna Vertulfo- Good Bye Lenin – Let’s Rock, Krakow
Florian  Kemmer- Marlborough Hostel, Dublin
Natalie Dodd- St Christopher’s Inns – Paris, Paris
Chris Simpson- Victoria Hall Accomodation, Melbourne
Carlos Marin Chavarria- Lucky Youth Backpacker Apartments Hostels, Paris
Lisa Sheppard- Hostel One Sevilla, Seville
Wai Yee Shum- Ciao Hostel, Florence
Luke Murray- Wake Up Hostel, Sydney
John Carvajal- Wake Up Hostel, Sydney
Tom Mulroney- Wake Up Hostel, Sydney
Natalie Williams- Hotel Beauty, Rome
Inga Reimane- Athens House Hostel, Athens
Zhenwei Lai- Hostel Hütteldorf, Vienna
Hoi Tin Ng- Alberguinn Youth Hostel, Barcelona
Samantha Barker- The Walrus Waterloo, London
Darren Taylor- AAE Mosquito Hostel, Krakow
Julia Kraft- Hotel Panizza, Milan
KEMAL BAGZIBAGLI- The Merith House Hotel
Katherine Kamola- Hostal Salamanca, Madrid
caroline le corre- ChiliBlue Backpackers, Sydney
YUANJUN WANG- Hotel Panizza, Milan
Katherine Rizzolo- Hostel One Sevilla, Seville
Clothilde Bonnal- AAE Mosquito Hostel, Krakow
Luanxia  Yang- Hotel Panizza, Milan
Sarah de Valle- Villa Saint Exupery, Nice
Luiza Oliveira- Lucky Youth Backpacker Apartments Hostels, Paris
gustavo vita mendoza- Caledonian Backpackers, Edinburgh
Burchert Johannes- Flying Pig Beach Hostel, Amsterdam
Caroline Humphrey- USA Hostels Hollywood, Los Angeles
Izabela Sikorska- Hostal Salamanca, Madrid
steson stephen muprappallil- Hotel MarianoRome
Mackenzie Perino- Helter Skelter Hostel, Berlin
Theresa Amrhein- Athens Backpackers, Athens
Lola Pak- Ciao Hostel, Florence
michele filippo- fontefrancesco- Four Courts Hostel, Dublin
Sara Cousineau- Black and White Hostel, Porto
XXX NARISU- Athens House Hostel, Athens
Mark Doyle- Ciao Hostel, Florence
Bartosz Piechowicz- Hostel Hütteldorf, Vienna
Fern Smith- Hotel Beauty, Rome
Lauren Tundervary- USA Hostels Hollywood, Los Angeles
joseph mclaren- Sir Toby’s Hostel, Prague
Emily McHugh- Barcelona Sound – Be Hostels, Barcelona
Neringa Jasmontaite- Helter Skelter Hostel, Berlin
David Sidel- The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel, Amsterdam
PETER EHSMAN- The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel, Amsterdam
Johannes Hiesinger- Good Bye Lenin – Let’s Rock, Krakow
aini shazwani luey- St Christopher’s Inn – Berlin, Berlin
Sylvia Fox- The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel, Amsterdam
Louise Bootten-  Edinburgh Central Hostel, Edinburgh
Louise  Robarts- St Christopher’s Inns – Paris, Paris
Erin Sullivan- Lucky Youth Backpacker Apartments Hostels, Paris
EDA KRKMAZ- Six Beds, Rome
Sharon Couillou- Journeys London East, London
HaoFang Cheng- Home Plus Hostel, Budapest
María Eugenia Bava- Hotel Beauty , Rome
Miguel Miranda- Barcelona Sound – Be Hostels, Barcelona
JUNGHEE PARK- Suite Hostel, Budapest
Cate Blackmore- Ciao Hostel, Florence
Janessa Sproles- Journeys London East, London
Bettina Goellmann- Victoria Hall Accomodation, Melbourne
Elson Montibon- Hotel Beauty, Rome
Joel Speyer- Flying Pig Beach Hostel, Amsterdam
JEAN LUC PICOT- Edinburgh Central Hostel, Edinburgh
mark francis- The Walrus Waterloo, London
Jessica Battams- Athens Backpackers, Athens
Fabienne Schütz- Sir Toby’s Hostel, Prague
Michael  Summers- Hush Hostel & Gallery, Istanbul
rachael kinlan- Nomads Westend BackpackersSydney
carmine federico sansone- United World International HostelMadrid
Louise Richardson Self- Victoria Hall Accomodation, Melbourne
Lisa Bitacola-  The Walrus Waterloo, London
Karel Kral- Alberguinn Youth Hostel, Barcelona
Nathan  Kosmina- Victoria Hall Accomodation, Melbourne
irving gilbert- The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel, Amsterdam
sarah lockley- Nomads Westend Backpackers, Sydney
shaw monaghan- Sydney Beachouse YHA, Sydney
Diana Petraityte- Inner Amsterdam, Amsterdam
HWEE CHIN LEE – Victoria Hall AccommodationMelbourne
Sharon Claire O’Ehley- Ciao Hostel, Florence
Lingjiao Yu- Black and White HostelPorto
MS. VIOLETA  ALSAYBAR- Nomads Westend Backpackers, Sydney
Melissa Szeto- Hostel Hütteldorf, Vienna
Kristian Nedeltchev- Flying Pig Beach Hostel, Amsterdam
ZHEN YUAN- Suite Hostel, Budapest
Frans van Hartingsveldt- Travel Joy Hostels, London
arnaud lejeune- Suite Hostel, Budapest
Krzysztof Rudzki- Isaacs Hostel, Dublin
Nguyen Xuan Huong- St Christopher’s Inns – ParisParis
Karina Silva- Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
tara macdonald- Generator Hostel BerlinBerlin
LUIS ALBINO DA  ROCHA- Hostel Hütteldorf, Vienna
Iryna Kyzyma- Generator Hostel BerlinBerlin
karen yun qiao feng- USA Hostels Hollywood, Los Angeles
Hoi Tin Ng- Edinburgh Central Hostel, Edinburgh
Louis Inglewood- ChiliBlue Backpackers, Sydney
Sebastien Lecoeur- Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Thomas Halstead- Hotel Panizza, Milan
Louise Winberg- Hostel One Sevilla, Seville
QIU JIANG- Helter Skelter Hostel, Berlin
Nina  Boen- Black and White Hostel, Porto
lifang HUANG- The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel, Amsterdam
Marcel Müller- Alberguinn Youth Hostel, Barcelona
Jason  Hagland- AAE Mosquito Hostel, Krakow
Merete Gjerde- Six Beds, Rome
Bayarjargal Sodbaatar- The Walrus Waterloo, London
Fredy Alexander  Giraldo- Mahecha- Home Plus Hostel, Budapest
Sallamaari Lohi- Caledonian Backpackers, Edinburgh
Elisa Silva- United World International Hostel, Madrid
Lindsay Gerrard- USA Hostels Hollywood, Los Angeles
Christine Hustus- 2Night Privates, Budapest
Vlastimil Fiala- MEININGER Hotel Vienna City Center, Vienna
Vikram Goel- Flying Pig Beach Hostel, Amsterdam
seung soo kim- Victoria Hall Accomodation, Melbourne
Ana Afonso- Hillspring Lodge, London
Daphnie Teo- Generator Hostel BerlinBerlin
Chia Wei Phan- The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel, Amsterdam
Jennifer Immel- Jacobs Inn, Dublin
Sandra Feliselda- Good Bye Lenin – Let’s Rock , Krakow
Teena Aickareth- Athens Studios, Athens
Jennifer Estologa- Good Bye Lenin – Let’s Rock, Krakow
Nicolas Ibanez- Four Courts Hostel, Dublin
stefan  krajcik- Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Imee Salim- MEININGER Hotel Vienna City Center, Vienna
EMMA ELOISA ESPERANZA- Good Bye Lenin Hostel, Krakow
Zitong Wu- Mama’s Hostel- Main Market Square, Krakow
Nicola Krapf- City Hostel Berlin, Berlin
Maelig Viargues- Nomads Westend Backpackers, Sydney
gregory seneca- ChiliBlue Backpackers, Sydney
alessandra  armetta-  Isaacs Hostel, Dublin
Yau Chung Lam- Suite Hostel, Budapest
Katerine  Muller- United World International Hostel, Madrid
makiko  miyamoto- Good Bye Lenin Hostel, Krakow
Marissa Tolero- Alberguinn Youth HostelBarcelona
Brittany Heinrich- Alberguinn Youth Hostel, Barcelona
Mackenzie Keller- Palace Hostel SchlossherbergeVienna
amiya goswami- ChiliBlue Backpackers, Sydney
Costas Protopapas- Hotel Panizza, Milan
CHEN-CHI YANG- Helter Skelter Hostel, Berlin
Mauricio TORRES- Lucky Youth Backpacker Apartments Hostels, Paris
Natalie Summers- The Walrus Waterloo, London
Tahir Abid- St Christopher’s Inns – Paris, Paris
Anna  Horton- Generator Hostel Berlin, Berlin
Miwa Mizutani- Black and White Hostel, Porto
Daniel Arellanes Ortiz- Mama’s Hostel- Main Market Square, Krakow
Chander Viswanathan- Relais Firenze Stibbert, Florence
Katherine Schultz- Ciao Hostel, Florence
Seren Moran- Athens Backpackers, Athens
Duangporn Wattanasukchai- Hostel One Sevilla, Sevilla
Amanda Green- Athens Backpackers, Athens
Bradley Kilsby- Four Courts Hostel, Dublin
Lavinia Coxi- Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Armand Sorribes- Hotel Panizza, Milan
Andrew Dewar- Villa Saint Exupery, Nice
NAIXIN KANG- Athens Backpackers, Athens
Katherine Fitzpatrick City- City Hostel Berlin, Berlin
Annette Bulka- Sydney Beachouse YHA, Sydney
Augusto Chicatun St Christopher’s Inn – Berlin, Berlin
Maria Oliveri- Euro Hostel, Glasgow
Rajan Pragani- Home Plus Hostel, Budapest
Elizabeth Ross- Hostel CaliforniaLos Angeles
Estelle  Fichou- United World International Hostel, Madrid
Kristin Chen- Six BedsRome
Mijal Lebel- Alberguinn Youth Hostel, Barcelona
giampietro pascasi- Lafayette Guesthouse, New York
Elaine Devaney- The Walrus Waterloo, London
Zoltan Varga- Travel Joy Hostels, London
mercedes reynolds- City Hostel Berlin, Berlin
Chun Pu Lin- Athens House Hostel , Athens
Kimberly Lindberg- Athens Backpackers, Athens
Katrin Blümling- St Christopher’s Inn – BerlinBerlin
Peter Norgaard- Explorers Hostel-Upper Westside, New York
Alejandro  Garrido- United World International Hostel, Madrid
Kara Zola- Black and White Hostel, Porto
Huilin Su- Caledonian Backpackers, Edinburgh
bilge ötüken- Six Beds, Rome
Chelsey Dillard- Travel Joy Hostels, London
Michael Macaulay- USA Hostels Hollywood, Los Angeles
Aranzazu Vallez- Zamarro- Hotel Panizza, Milan

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