Christmas Giveaway – 24 Days of Prizes

You have all been such good boys and girls this year! We have put in a good word with Santa, and there are some extra special gifts in his sack for you! In the spirit of a traditional advent calendar, HostelBookers has fantastic prizes to win every day between 1-24 December.

We can’t promise everyone a white Christmas but we can offer some fabulous prizes including an iPad2, free accommodation, a Kindle, InterRail tickets, Round-The-World Expert flights and much more…ding dong indeed!

To Enter

1. Go to the HostelBookers Facebook page.

2. ‘Like’ us.

3. On the left, click on the ‘Christmas Giveaway‘ tab and answer the question.

  • A new question will be posted daily at midnight 00:00 GMT up to and including 24th December.
  • Winners will be notified by email and announced on the blog once they claim their prize.
  • Answers will be posted on our Facebook wall and on the blog.
For more information and terms and conditions click here


Answers and Winners

We will begin announcing the answers and the winners to the questions on 2 December right here on the blog. Please note, we will only announce the winners once they have claimed their prize in accordance with the competition terms and conditions.

Day 1. In the popular American TV show Friends, what animal costume does Ross wear to teach his son about Hanukkah? And the answer is an…armadillo. Congratulations, Vanja Wagner has won an iPad 2.

Day 2. What song did astronauts Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra sing in 1965 to become the first song ever broadcast from space? And the answer is…Jingle Bells. Congratulations, João Miguel Magalhães has won free accommodation worth €200.

Day 3. Which B&B in Rome on shares its name with an Abba hit? And the answer is…Mamma Mia B&B. Congratulations, Amandine Zampaglione has won a Canon PowerShot SX220 HS Digital Camera.

Day 4.  At midnight on New Year’s Eve, how many grapes do the Spanish eat to bring them good luck? And the answer is…12. Congratulations, Sabrina Turci has won a Kindle – 2GB & Wi-Fi.

Day 5. What is the name of the annual 1,000-mile sled dog race between Fairbanks in Alaska and Whitehorse in Canada? And the answer is…Yukon Quest. Congratulations, Jonnie Mse Clare has won the iPod Touch 32GB.

Day 6. On what date does Russia celebrate Christmas Day? And the answer is…7th January. Congratulations, Anke Kästner has won free accommodation worth €200.

Day 7.  Visit the HostelBookers blog and watch our London video guide on the right-hand side. What is the number on the front of the red bus? And the answer is…15. Congratulations, Rob Proietti has won an Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect.

Day 8. Who wrote the popular children’s book How the Grinch stole Christmas? And the answer is…Dr Seuss. Congratulations, India Barco Bernal has won a Flip Ultra HD 8GB Video Camera.

Day 9. Which all-male band released the Christmas single Little Saint Nick in 1963? And the answer is…The Beach Boys. Congratulations Jacob Blecher who has won free accommodation – up to the value up £200.

Day 10. If Santa had to deliver presents to all of the destinations on, at least how many destinations would he need to visit? And the answer is…3,500. Congratulations, Jennifer Duc has won the iPhone 4S 16GB.

Day 11. What essential ingredient would you add to orange juice to make a Buck’s Fizz cocktail? And the answer is…Champagne. Congratulations, José Manuel Blanco Rodríguez has won a Nintendo 3DS Plus 2 Games is.

Day 12. In the first Bridget Jones’s Diary film, what animal is on Mark Darcy’s jumper at the Christmas party? And the answer is…a reindeer. Congratulations, Carsten Rubel has won a Sony HDR-CX130EB Handycam Camcorder.

Day 13. Which church in Sandringham does the British Royal Family attend for the Christmas Day service? And the answer is…St Mary Magdalene. Congratulations, Alex O’Brien who has won free accommodation – up to the value up £200.

Day 14.  I have a carrot for a nose but I don’t last long, when the sun comes out I melt and I’m gone. What am I? And the answer is…a snowman. Congratulations, Elisa Pieralisi has won 2 x Eurail tickets.

Day 15. Which hostel in Amsterdam on is named after a famous post-Impressionist painter? And the answer is…Van Gogh Hostel. Congratulations, Cris Saccoman has won a Canon PowerShot SX220 HS Digital Camera.

Day 16.  If you want to steal a kiss from someone at Christmas time, what plant should you stand under?And the answer is…mistletoe. Congratulations, Fabienne Bridy has won free accommodation – up to the value up £200.

Day 17.  In what year did Oslo start sending London a Christmas tree to say ‘thank you’ for its help in the Second World War? And the answer is…1947. Congratulations, Lynsey Buchanan has won a Kindle – 2GB Wi-Fi.

Day 18. What is the name of Bob Dylan’s Christmas album? And the answer is…Christmas in the Heart. Congratulations, Jennilee Claasse has won an iPad 2 – 16GB Wi-Fi.

Day 19.  If Santa decided to treat Mrs Claus to a Hawaiian beach break with an extra bed for Rudolf, what would HostelBookers’ booking fee be? And the answer is…free/nothing/zero! Congratulations, Mercé Oriol has won free accommodation – up to the value up £200.

Day 20. What is the name of the indigenous people in northern Europe known for their reindeer herding skills? And the answer is…Sami/Laplander. Winner tbc

Day 21.  In our blog post 50 Gorgeous Hostels for Design Lovers, which hostel has a bright pink courtyard?And the answer is…Bonita Ipanema. Congratulations,
Diana Almeida has won a Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II 16GB Smartphone.

Day 22. ‘Julmust’ is a traditional Christmas drink which originated in what country? And the answer is…Sweden. Winner tbc.

Day 23. If the North Pole elf community sent HostelBookers a group travel enquiry form, within how many hours would our Group Travel Team respond? And the answer is…24. Congratulations, Manuel Ángel Chao Rodríguez has won a Kindle 2GB.

Day 24. We be three gifts for a special baby boy. Shiny, smelly and oily but we are not a toy. What are we? And the answer is…gold, frankincense and myrrh. Congratulations, Florian Cailliaux  has won round the world flights.

Did you have fun? Thanks to everyone who entered and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Love from HostelBookers.

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