Christmas Giveaway – 24 Days of Prizes

Christmas Giveaway

You have all been such good boys and girls this year! We have put in a good word with Santa, and there are some extra special gifts in his sack for you! In the spirit of a traditional advent calendar, HostelBookers has fantastic prizes to win every day between 1-24 December.

We can’t promise everyone a white Christmas but we can offer some fabulous prizes including free accommodation, InterRail tickets, digital cameras, Kindles, Round the World flights, and much more.…ding dong indeed!

To Enter

1. Go to the HostelBookers Facebook page.

2. ’Like’ us.

3. On the left, click on the ‘Christmas Giveaway‘ tab and answer the question.

  • A new question will be posted daily at midnight 00:00 GMT up to and including 24th December.
  • Winners will be notified by email and announced on the blog once they claim their prize.
  • Answers will be posted on our Facebook wall and on the blog.
For more information and terms and conditions click here

Answers and Winners

We will begin announcing the answers and the winners to the questions on 2 December right here on the blog. Please note, we will only announce the winners once they have claimed their prize in accordance with the competition terms and conditions.

Day 1. In the first Die Hard film, John McClane is taken hostage on Christmas Eve. What’s the name of the building he’s held in? And the answer is … Nakatomi Plaza! Sébastien Vullioud has won an Apple New iPad 3rd Generation.

Day 2. In Spain, what is the name of the Christmas lottery jackpot prize? And the answer is… El Gordo / The Fat One! Sergey Khaustov has won free accommodation up to the value of £200.

Day 3. What popular North American Christmas drink is made with egg whites and bourbon? And the answer is… Egg Nog! Stefania Romano has won flights to value of £300.

Day 4. In the first Simpsons episode of season one, what job does Homer get to buy the family Christmas presents? And the answer is… Mall Santa! Danny Kührlein has won a Kindle Fire.

Day 5. What do German children clean and put outside their door on the night of December 5th-6th? And the answer is… Boots or shoes! Marianna Tomaz has won an Apple iPod touch.

Day 6. In The Nutcracker ballet, who is the Nutcracker’s biggest enemy? And the answer is… The Mouse King! Omar Verdejo Moliner has won free accommodation up to the value up £200

Day 7. Where in the world is Christmas Eve dinner at KFC a popular tradition? And the answer is… Japan! Roberts Punka has won Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD On-Ear Headphones.

Day 8. In the film Gremlins, Billy gets a new pet for Christmas. What does he call it? And the answer is…Gizmo! Jack Gallastegui  has won  a Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera.

Day 9. Which top fantasy author also wrote a book called The Father Christmas Letters? And the answer is… J.R.R. Tolkien! Charline Baubet has won free accommodation up to the value up £200.

Day 10. Balthazar and Caspar are two of the Three Kings from the Nativity story. Who’s the other one? And the answer is… Melchior! Claudia Di Ciero has won a  Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Day 11. What do Polish families put under a white table cloth during Christmas Eve dinner? And the answer is… Hay! Nicole Dieling has won a LG 8″ Portable DVD Player.

Day 12. Which arctic animal has been in Christmas adverts for Coca Cola since 1922? And the answer is… Polar Bear! Sophie Capewell  has won a Battery Powered Backpack.

Day 13. What hot alcoholic drink is traditionally served at German Christmas markets? And the answer is… Mulled Wine! Izabela Viegas de Oliveira has won Free Accommodation – up to the value up £200.

Day 14. What country does Christmas cake Bûche de Noël originate from? And the answer is… Mulled wine! Rocio Sanchez Rivas  has won InterRail/Eurail tickets to the value of £500.

Day 15. Which country does traditional Christmas flower the poinsettia orginate from? And the answer is… Mexico! Floriane Germanier has won a Flip Video Ultra Camcorder with 4GB Memory

Day 16. Who played Scrooge in the 2009 animated version of A Christmas Carol? And the answer is… Jim Carrey! Inga Meiere has won  Free Accommodation – max value £200.

Day 17. In Spain, what do you use to make traditional Christmas treat turron? And the answer is…Honey, sugar and almonds! Neza Sladic Mewanda has won flights up to the value of £300.

Day 18. On Christmas Eve, families in which country hide the brooms in their house to stop witches taking them? And the answer is… Norway! David Pearson has won a Garmin Sat Nav.

Day 19. In the Christmas movie Love Actually, what nationality was Jamie (Colin Firth)’s love interest Aurelia? And the answer is… Portuguese! Alexander Genschur has won free accommodation up to the value up £200.

Day 20. In the TV show Friends, which city does Chandler have to work in one year over Christmas and New Year? And the answer is… Tulsa! Filipe Xavier has won Canon PowerShot A4000 IS Digital Camera.

Day 21. If you prepared a turducken for your Christmas feast, what would you be serving? And the answer is… A chicken inside a duck inside a turkey! Alli Kett has won an Apple iPhone 5.

Day 22. In the first Home Alone movie, where do Kevin’s family go for Christmas? And the answer is… Paris! Elena Marsili has won free accommodation up to the value up £200.

Day 23. In Ukraine, what means good luck if you find it in your house on Christmas morning? And the answer is… A spider web! Ingrid Moragas Margarit has won a Kindle Touch.

Day 24. Which famous Christmas singer was also born on Christmas day? And the answer is… Shane MacGowan, The Pogues (Song: Fairy Tale of New York). Esther Gallois has won RTW Flights to value of £1,000.

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