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Written by Chris from Backpacker Banter

I’ve always been a bit of tech geek at heart – and ever since I studied photography at university I’ve been immersed in the world of Apple.

For me Apple represents the perfect balance of style and function – as a result my life has very much become and iLife.

Backpacker BanterThis love for tech has also transferred over to my backpacking travels – and you’ll rarely find me on the road without my iPhone, iPad and Macbook Air in tow. They help me out with everything from keeping in touch, blogging and listening to music through to booking hostels and even taken pictures.

Because I value them so much on the road what better way to celebrate the 2nd birthday of my travel blog Backpacker Banter and launch of my new site Top 5 Travel – than to giveaway one of these shiny toys to help someone utilise it on their travels?

Best travel appsSo I’ve teamed up with the lovely guys at to giveaway an iPad Mini to one lucky reader. You can find all the comp details over on my site here.

If you’re lucky enough to win it, or are simply buying an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad yourself, the first thing you’ll want to do is cram it full of apps to personalise it and make it part of your life.

I’ve download a whole heap – both good and bad – so I thought I’d pass on My Top 10 Apps For Backpackers to help get you started…

1. Instagram

If you’re travelling you’ll be shooting heaps of pics, and what better way to show them off to the world than through instagram. You can easily configure it to push through to your Facebook account oo, so you can annoy everyone from the beach!

2. Camera+

If you want to make those pics just that little bit nicer then Camera+ offers a whole array of editing tools to spruce up your pics and make your memories that much prettier!

3. Facebook

You’ve gotta keep in touch on the road, with home and your fellow backpackers so the Facebook app is a must.

4. Skype

Sure your iDevice comes preloaded with Facetime (which is a great tool for free calls) but Skype allows you to cheaply call landlines and mobiles too, perfect for getting hold of not so techy family or making calls to unblock your bank card for the millionth time!

5. Whats App

Free text messaging to pretty much any smartphone device?! Yes please! Whats App is great for group chats, sending pics, the whole array – and its FREE!

6. Track My Tour

I love this app. It easily allows you to GPS your entire journey, submitting check ins and sharing the map to all your friend and family. Amazing if you want to visually see everywhere you’ve been!

7. Skyscanner

If you’re bouncing around a lot and don’t have a whole heap of plans then Skyscanner allows you to easily see the best flight deals, although the “fly anywhere’ option can be rather dangerous and result in heaps of spontaneous adventures!

8. XE Currency

Again if you’re covering a lot of countries, currency can become a nightmare. XE gives you an easy way to translate an amount into numerous currencies in one hit.

9. Touchnote

One of my personal favourites. Touchnote allows you to take your iDevice pics and turn them into an old fashioned postcard. It also includes postage and at around 99p per card it’s a heaps easy way to send some love home!

10. Hostelbookers

Of course if you’re on the road you’re going to need somewhere to sleep! Technically more a web app but the Hostelbookers app allows you to easily search and book a place to crash, easy as!

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