Gap Year Guide Part 4: Pack

You’ve read the first three parts of our Gap Year Guide, then planned, plotted and prepared in style. Now there’s only one more P to go before embarking on your big adventure.

Gap Year Guide Part 3: Prepare

Piggy bank: Check! Plane ticket: Check! Place to stay: Check! Looks like you're almost set. But don't rush off just yet. There's still some final preparations to go.

Gap Year Guide Part 2: Plot

Following on from Part 1 of our 2010 Gap Year Guide, it’s time to start plotting your overseas adventure. Here are some hot tips on four ultimate gap-year destinations.

Gap Year Guide Part 1: Plan

Planning a gap year? This guide covers everything you need to know, from organizing your route down to those pesky details on calling abroad.

Best Beaches in Croatia

For many, a summer holiday just isn't a summer holiday without a swim in the big blue or feet sinking in soft white sand.