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Partner Terms and Conditions

HostelBookers Partner Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions that are in force as part of becoming a travel Partner with Limited. This agreement allows you to gain access & earn revenue to our database of accommodation, either through our call centre, API integration or by adding links on your site directing traffic either to the domain. For API & real-time connections please see other terms.



HostelBookers process online confirmed reservations at accommodations worldwide. By using the HostelBookers partner agreement you have access to our inventory of accommodations through our call centre, an PAI or a variety of links, banners & search facilities.

You will earn a revenue share of the commission we receive for each confirmed reservation.

You agree to use the facilities provided on your Backoffice affiliate area, such as affiliate links & feeds, to process reservations through the HostelBookers affiliate product. You must always use the tracking URL that we provide.



We take care of the processing of reservations direct with the accommodation. We take care of after sales customer care that are not related to your own site, but are questions and situations arising out of the booking confirmed by us.

Deposits are non refundable. You should advise your customers clearly before entering our booking engine. We will also advise this prior to processing the booking, after booking and in the email confirmation.

We also advise our customers of other terms that you should be aware of. Please read as these may affect you.




We offer a variety of agreements to suit all agents, operators, OTA’s & travel affiliates. You can benefit from either net rates or a tiered commission agreement that improves according to volume. We will contact you to discuss this further.


If we are paying you a commission, you will be paid monthly, and when you have reached a set target of 200 U$D in commission owed to your company. Should you not reach the 200 U$D mark in a month you will not be paid and this amount will carry over to the following month(s) until you do reach the target.


All sales will be recorded in our database and an e-mail confirmation for every sale will be provided to your e-mail address, tracked by your unique URL provided to you by our technical team. You can login to view statistics relating to bookings in your secure BackOffice area.

HostelBookers operates a non-refundable deposit policy meaning you earn commission, even in the event of cancellations. Commission is added to your account at the time of booking.

From time to time however we may act to refund a deposit of a customer. A reason for this, but not limited to, may be that the customer has had a booking refused by the hostel. In this case your commission will be deducted from your balance owing.


You will earn commission for sales made via all our direct contracted suppliers

We may offer external links to white label products, for example Tours, where you do not qualify for commission share.



We do not allow you to copy material from and our other family of websites to use in your own presentation of accommodations and destinations (other than that information available in our product feeds).

We do not accept direct competition on brand terms from our affiliates in the area of PPC/PFP/CPC. You are not free to bid on the HostelBookers, HostelBlogger, HostelBlogging or PowerHostels brand names, or misspells thereof. You may not run your affiliate scheme with HostelBookers using any domain including the afore mentioned brand names, or misspells thereof.

You agree to use only the banners and search boxes that are supplied.

You must not use your links provided for the following reasons:

-Promote sexually explicit materials

-Promote violence

-Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age

-Promote illegal activities

-Breach intellectual property rights

-Include HostelBookers or variations or misspellings thereof in their domain names




Full terms will be provided on agreement of a partnership.

Restricted Nations

The PARTNER confirms that it is not a national or controlled by a national of Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, or North Korea (each a "Restricted Nation") and that the PARTNER'S services are not located in a Restricted Nation. reserves the right to add or remove countries from the list of Restricted Nations from time to time with written notice to the PARTNER. can immediately terminate this contract if the PARTNER is in violation of this term.